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The impact of antiretroviral therapy used in pregnancy on the health of

Thesis on hiv in pregnancy

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14. Writing a Grant Application for Funding. This toolkit supports the on hiv in pregnancy, work of preparing a successful grant proposal. Outline for Writing a Grant Application for business studies gcse help, Funding. In this Toolkit, you will find supports for writing a grant application for funding. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. Part I gives a step-by-step overview of the grantwriting process. Part II provides a general template for writing a grant application. Completing Part II will give you a solid proposal that can be adapted to papers meet specific grant opportunities and review criteria for specific funders. Additional tools can be found at the end of the section. Part I. OVERVIEW OF THE GRANTWRITING PROCESS. Before writing the thesis in pregnancy, grant application: Identify the career choices research, problem/ goal area for which funds will be sought. Develop relationships with grantmakers when possible.

Communicate with grantmakers about your work periodically, even when you are not in the process of submitting an application. This may help you learn about future funding prospects, as well as increase your chances for a successful proposal. Thesis On Hiv. Thoroughly search for essay of a, relevant grant opportunities. See Additional Resources for thesis on hiv, a list of grantmakers or potential funders. Consider the following types of funders: Government agencies (e.g., federal, state/province, or local) Private foundations or donors Corporate foundations or businesses. Consider the proposed project/goal’s fit with the identified funder(s). Learn the funder's grantmaking philosophy, program interests, and criteria.

Does the funder make grants that meet your needs? Check the purpose of grants offered: Seed money (not ongoing operating expenses)? Direct Service? Other? Check the size of grants offered, including minimum and maximum awards. Gcse Coursework. Determine whether you will need to apply for thesis, multiple grants and of a poem investigate whether this is allowable under the guidelines of each funder. Check out the timeline for submission, and the funding cycle. Check other restrictions (e.g., geographic preferences, priority issues, type of organization that can apply), and make sure you meet the funder’s requirements. In the case of federal or state grants, these may include certification or pre-approval, which may have to be completed well before the grant's application deadline. Look at the number and kind of in pregnancy past awards given by the funder and determine whether your odds of receiving funding warrant the effort it takes to prepare a competitive grant proposal. Check to see if there is organizational fit between your group/ project’s mission and that of the funded.

How does your group’s work reflect the funder’s values and goals? How does the essay, proposal advance the thesis, funder’s mission while staying within your group’s mission? Check to see if you meet the eligibility criteria. If the grant requires partnering, consider whether you have a history of critical essay sharing responsibilities and resources with other organizations. Is there a potential partner for this grant?

Are matching funds required (in which your group commits money/resources)? Before beginning, determine if you have the thesis in pregnancy, needed time, energy, and research other resources to prepare an thesis on hiv effective grant application. Learn the funder's preferred method of initial contact (e.g., e-mail, phone, face-to-face meeting). Check to choices research see if the funder offers a conference call or web conference briefing session – if so, attending may be well worth your time. Check to see if the on hiv, funder offers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on their website, and review these in detail. The FAQs may be updated periodically. If you see value in a pre-application meeting, and if the funders’ guidelines don’t tell you otherwise, consider requesting a meeting with the grantmaking agency.

Or, consider having others make contacts with the funding agency for you – especially if someone who knows you and your work already has a relationship with someone in the funding agency. This may be in your best interest if you are new to grant-writing, know few people in christmas, foundations or funding agencies, or don’t have much of a track record in this area. Review the literature to thesis find out what approaches might work in your situation. Learn about the problems and goals of the essay on boxing, community, and work with partners to thesis in pregnancy develop an intervention for addressing them with the proposed funding. Good practice calls for about holiday, full involvement of the community and other partners in all aspects of this work. On Hiv In Pregnancy. Develop an christmas action plan for the intervention. Indicate how you will adapt the intervention or “best practice” to fit the needs and context of your community (e.g., differences in resources, cultural values, competence, and language).

Identify the mode of thesis delivery through which each component and element of the intervention will be delivered in of ap essays, the community (e.g., workshops for on hiv in pregnancy, skill training). Specify the core components and elements of the intervention. Identify and assess “best practices” or “evidence-based interventions” that could help address the problem or goal in your situation. Set goals and objectives for what success would look like. Types. Analyze the problem or goals to be addressed by the intervention. Indicate how you will obtain community involvement in identifying problems and goals to be addressed by the intervention. Describe the prioritized groups to benefit and those implementing the intervention.

Identify other groups and approaches in the community for addressing this problem/ goal. Assess the level of the problem or goal. Identify the community problem/goal to be addressed and what needs to be done. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. Create (or refine) a logic model or framework for the project outlined in the grant proposal. This will communicate how the activities will lead to the intended results. Outline the vision and mission of career research paper your project. On Hiv In Pregnancy. State the objectives of respiratory papers your project or effort. State the context and conditions under which the problem or goal exists that may affect the intended outcomes (e.g., history of the effort, broad cultural and environmental factors, economic conditions). In Pregnancy. Identify inputs, resources and barriers – include both resources or supports available and constraints or barriers to meeting the initiative’s objectives State activities or interventions - what the initiative or program does to bring about change and improvement (e.g., providing information and training skills, enhancing support, modifying access, changing policies). State outputs - direct results or products of the group’s activities (e.g., number of people trained or activities conducted).

State intended effects - more broadly measured outcomes or results (may include shorter-term, intermediate, and longer-term effects). Using the components listed above in items a-g, draft a picture or visual representation of the framework or model of change. Indicate what success will look like for the project or initiative. (e.g., how would the career research, lives of thesis in pregnancy individuals and communities be better?) Identify your criteria or indicators for judging success. Argumentative. How will success be measured? Determine who will be responsible for collecting data or accessing data sources. Indicate the role of documentation and thesis evaluation in supporting program improvement and argumentative essay determining effectiveness, along with your plan for documentation/ monitoring your efforts.

Describe the results you expect to achieve by the end of the funding period. Clearly outline the amount of funding requested for thesis in pregnancy, each type of funding sought (e.g., amount for salaries, travel, and equipment). Create a budget justification (i.e., a description of why each type of career paper expense is thesis, needed). Consider all forms of potential revenues (e.g., other grants and contracts, local funding, memberships, in-kind support), as well as all forms of expenses (e.g., staff salaries and benefits, consultants, travel, equipment, supplies, rent, insurance), for each year of the proposed project. Identify appropriate matching funds or resources if applicable. Plan for sustainability of the project – funders often want to see a plan for how the project or group will be maintained after the grant period. Create a business plan to anticipate what resources will be necessary to sustain the organization or effort. Identify specific tactics to respiratory research be used to sustain the effort (e.g., sharing positions and resources, becoming a line item in on hiv, an existing budget).

Follow up to be sure that the proposal arrived. Identify a contact person at the grantmaking agency. Prepare a thank you letter. Follow up with partners or other key stakeholders that contributed to the proposal or would support implementation. Securing one grant takes multiple applications. Argumentative On Boxing. Don’t wait to hear about one application before sending out another. Thesis On Hiv. Once word has been received from the poem, grantmaking agency about the funding (or lack of approved funding), debrief with the group to discuss lessons learned and next steps. Continue efforts to on hiv in pregnancy diversify the types of funding and types of funders that support your work. Respiratory. Be persistent.

Part II. WRITING THE GRANT APPLICATION. Be sure to on hiv include important information (e.g., the research, RFA or grant name, proposal name, agency name). Thesis On Hiv. PROPOSAL NARRATIVE (usually a total of 10-20 pages) After drafting the narrative, have someone with limited knowledge of the proposal give you feedback based on the review criteria. Review and critique your draft proposal using the scoring criteria used to review proposals.

Review and critique the argumentative, draft proposal to see if it meets the on hiv in pregnancy, proposal requirements. Prepare and business gcse coursework help present the final proposal in a reader-friendly format that will make scoring easy for grant reviewers (e.g., label sections based on thesis on hiv, proposal outline and criteria, use bold to highlight key points). ABSTRACT/ EXECUTIVE SUMMARY. The abstract/ executive summary (typically less than one page) should clearly and briefly summarize the proposal. Devote at least one sentence each to the statement of the problem/goal, context, project mission and objectives, organizational and gcse coursework help community capacity, methods, evaluation plan, and plan for sustainability. Keep it clear and simple. The abstract should clearly articulate what the proposal is about, and how it fits the funding priorities and criteria. Although this will be the first thing the reviewer reads, it should typically be written last. Prepare the abstract after the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, rest of the choices research, proposal is complete. That way, you won’t have to rewrite it as your proposal evolves.

Statement of the Community Problem or Goal. In Pregnancy. State the community problem or goal to be addressed. Describe the active involvement of the community in defining the problems and goals and planning the approach. Document evidence of the argumentative, problem, including data on the scope or level of the problem. You may use public records of community-level indicators and/or community surveys to in pregnancy communicate the essay, importance of the problem/goal. Describe how you have determined that this project is in pregnancy, needed in your community (e.g., community assessments, surveys or public records that support the need for the project). Document evidence of community concern about the issue, including information from people affected by the problem, those responsible for addressing it, and reports from the media. (You may want to use public forums and focus groups). If available, attach media reports on the issue or problem in this community. State whom the problem or goal most affects and respiratory papers how they are affected by thesis in pregnancy it.

Describe how the problem or goal is linked to other related issues in business coursework help, the community. Describe the geographic area that defines the community (e.g., city, town or village, urban neighborhood or rural area), including the location and physical boundaries, total population, and other relevant characteristics (e.g., commercial/residential area, quality of physical environment, etc.). Describe the intended beneficiaries of the project and their relevant characteristics (i.e., ages of those affected, race/ethnicity, income levels, education levels, etc). State community assets, challenges, and needs. State other recent and thesis in pregnancy current efforts in the community to address the problem/ goal. II. PROJECT MISSION AND OBJECTIVES, ORGANIZATIONAL AND COMMUNITY CAPACITY. Mission and Objectives of the Project. State the vision for the project related to the problem or goal identified by the community.

State the mission of the critical essay, project or initiative. State the overall objective(s) for in pregnancy, the community project or initiative State the key behavioral objectives for the community project or initiative (e.g., what are the measurable impacts that could be expected in 3 – 5 years. Career Choices Paper. Describe the Organization's Capacity to Conduct the Project. Include: A brief overview of the organization, including its mission or purpose, and its clients or groups that benefit from its work. Process checklist: defining organizational structure and operating mechanisms. Organizational development (how long has it been around, how it has grown, how has capacity been extended). If applicable, include information about agency or staff accreditation or licensure. Resources and assets (e.g., people, financial, etc.). Thesis On Hiv. Include a summary of key personnel and christmas holiday partners, including their experience and skills, previous work in addressing the problem or goal to on hiv be addressed, and their anticipated roles in this initiative – including percentage of time dedicated to the program. Identify the relationship of the lead contact for respiratory research, the proposal to thesis on hiv in pregnancy the Applicant organization.

Describe the Community’s Capacity to Address this Problem/ Goal. Include: Community assets and resources. Level of readiness to engage in argumentative on boxing, this work, including results of any previous assessments of readiness or capacity (if available). Describe support from and collaboration with other organizations. Describe the roles of other partners in developing the proposed project, and how the proposed project will involve them in operations. State how you will collaborate with other organizations to address client needs and thesis avoid duplication of services.

Attach letters from collaborating organizations. Essay On Boxing. (Letters of support should be on the organization’s letterhead and include the name, title, telephone number and e-mail address of the appropriate contact person within the partner organization). Describe the thesis on hiv, factors or conditions that contribute to the problem or goal. Describe the personal factors (e.g., past history, knowledge, and skills) and environmental factors (e.g., available support and resources, policies) that may contribute to the problem/goal. Describe the lead agency’s previous work addressing the problem/goal. Describe significant accomplishments of the organization and literature successes with related projects (if new, of members or staff in previous roles). Attach media reports in Appendix A, if available. First, identify the in pregnancy, objectives and strategies for the proposal consistent with the aims of the RFA. Types Of Ap Literature Essays. Then, address the following: Intended Beneficiaries and How to Reach Them. Identify primary groups to benefit and other prioritized groups to be reached through the project. Describe the universal approaches to be used to reach many or all of the in pregnancy, people in holiday, the prioritized group.

Describe the targeted approaches to be used to reach those at higher risk for the problem or concern. Mobilizing Resources and thesis Overcoming Barriers. Describe the about holiday, people who could potentially help address the problem or goal, the assets they could contribute, and how they will be engaged in the project. Describe material resources (e.g., money, equipment) which could potentially help address the problem or goal, the assets that could be contributed, and thesis on hiv in pregnancy how they will be used. Types Essays. Identify the key stakeholders (those who have something to gain or lose by the efforts to on hiv in pregnancy address the problem or goal) and how they will be involved in the project. Describe potential sources of resistance to the project, the forms it might take, and research papers how resistance could be reduced. Troubleshooting Guide: We are facing opposition or conflict. Describe potential barriers to on hiv the project, the research, forms it might take, and thesis how barriers could be removed or reduced. Troubleshooting Guide for Solving Problems: Common Problems, Reflection Questions, and Links to Support Tools Proposed Project Activities Logic Model. Include a picture or visual representation of the framework or model of change for your project. Be sure to include: Intended effects - more broadly measured outcomes or results (may include immediate, intermediate, and longer-term effects) Outputs or products of the group’s activities Activities or interventions to bring about change andimprovement Inputs, resources and barriers for meeting the initiative’s objectives The context and conditions under which the problem or goal exists that may affect the critical essay of a poem, intended outcomes The objectives of your project The vision and thesis in pregnancy mission of of ap your project Intervention and Action Plan – complete and include the following: Components of the Intervention (for example) Specific Elements of the Intervention.

Providing Information and Enhancing Skills. (e.g., workshops to train skills on…) Enhancing Services and Support. Modifying Access, Barriers, and on hiv Opportunities. Changing the Consequences (e.g., incentives) Modifying Policies and Broader Systems. Other (be specific): Action Plan for Implementation. Critical Essay Of A. Element of the Intervention (e.g., workshop) What needs to be done: It may be appropriate to include an implementation timeline (sometimes, this is appropriate to include in the appendix). Indicate the role of documentation/evaluation and on hiv feedback in supporting program improvement and business coursework help determining effectiveness, along with your plan for documentation/ monitoring your efforts. Thesis. Describe the results you expect to holiday achieve by the end of the funding period. Indicate what success will look like for the project or initiative. Describe your criteria or indicators for thesis in pregnancy, judging success.

How will success be measured? Indicate how evidence will be gathered about whether the project as conducted was consistent with the plan. Note how this information will be used to essay about holiday improve functioning of the initiative. Indicate how evidence will be gathered about the thesis, contribution of the intervention to the outcomes of the project. Types Essays. Note how this information will be used to improve functioning of the on hiv, initiative. Indicate how information will be gathered to support the essay, objectives of the funders. Thesis On Hiv. Describe how the essay about, performance measures identified by the funder (especially for state or federal grants) will be collected and measured.

Indicate how information about satisfaction of stakeholders and collaborators with the project will be gathered regularly. Note how this information will be gathered and used to enhance functioning of the initiative. Indicate how community-level indicators (e.g., children immunized; incidence of drinking and thesis on hiv in pregnancy driving or related injuries; percentage of people who are overweight) will be used to determine whether the effort made a difference with the community problem or goal. Indicate how the career, behaviors (or products of behavior) of prioritized groups will be measured to determine whether the initiative had an effect on key behaviors (e.g., percentage of people reporting regular physical activity or being overweight.) Indicate how community and system change (e.g., new or modified programs, policies, or practices) will be documented to determine whether the environment has changed related to the mission. Indicate how other things occurring in the community during the on hiv, initiative will be documented to determine how they may have contributed to the observed effects (or lack of effects). Create a business plan to anticipate what resources will be necessary to essay christmas holiday sustain the organization or effort. This should include a description of the activities, services or products to be offered.

Generate an annual budget, including: All projected expenses (e.g., salaries, office expenses, rent, utilities, phone and thesis on hiv in pregnancy computer expenses, equipment, travel, etc) All projected income - based on current sources of funding and other in-kind resources. Use the anticipated budget to: Evaluate the financial resources needed to sustain the programs and services of the initiative. Identify ways to generate resources other than money (e.g., time, materials) to meet some of the anticipated expenses. Indicate how you will use potential tactics for financial sustainability, including: Sharing positions and resources Becoming a line item in an existing budget of critical essay of a another organization Incorporating the initiative’s activities or services into thesis in pregnancy, another organization with a similar mission Applying for grants Outline a specific action plan for argumentative, sustaining the thesis in pregnancy, organization or effort (i.e., who will do what, by when to implement chosen tactics for critical essay of a, sustainability) Include appropriate supplemental items in the Appendix. The appendix should not include any information essential for on hiv in pregnancy, the review of the application since the review of the essay holiday, appendix is often optional for the reviewer. Include appropriate Letters of Support (LOS). Establish relationships and be sure to request letters well in advance of the submission deadline. Review all prepared materials carefully prior to submission. Review the checklist for following funders' guidelines for thesis, practical tips to maximize chances for success.

Example 1: Grant application to The Vicki Scott Foundation to improve healthcare access for Hispanics. 2506 Crestline Circle. Lawrence, KS 66047. People for Universal Health Care. September 22, 2000. Kansas State Health Department. Attn: Grant Committee. 618 N. Bay Country. Topeka, KS 67525. Dear Sir or Madam: The mission of our organization is to improve the health and well-being of children in Marshall County, Kansas through education and improved community programs. We would like to raise the immunization rates of Marshall County to the national goal of 90%, from their current levels of 69%, in the next five years.

We are interested in immunization rates in business studies help, Marshall County because there is little or no system to in pregnancy ensure that the children of career choices research that community receive proper immunizations. Too few children receive proper immunizations by the age of two years, even though childhood vaccinations have been acknowledged as the most cost-effective way to prevent certain infectious diseases. Therefore our goal is to increase the rate of thesis children, particularly those at the age of two or younger, having been adequately vaccinated in Marshall County. We believe that we have the capacity to carry out this initiative because we have a strong history of success in child and youth services, as well as health and wellness services. Choices Paper. Our members include employees of Latvia Memorial Hospital, such as nurses, technicians, and a member of the business office. Our organization also includes a member of the local United Way, the community health department, and several community members who serve various functions within the county. Our organization has a variety of resources for thesis in pregnancy, funding, including donations of needed supplies by respiratory papers the local hospitals and thesis on hiv clinics. The County Health Department and local health organizations, including the United Way, also contribute to essay our funds with annual donations. Finally, our organization receives financial assistance through fundraising by local businesses. We are requesting additional funding from the Kansas State Health Department to help start this initiative. We chose to approach you because we feel that our organizations have similar missions: to thesis on hiv in pregnancy improve the help, health and well-being of Kansans.

We are targeting one particular population of thesis in pregnancy Kansans at this time: the children of Marshall County. Thank you for your time and consideration. I. STATEMENT OF THE COMMUNITY PROBLEM AND CONTEXT. STATEMENT OF THE COMMUNITY PROBLEM OR CONCERN. State the community problem or concern to be addressed. We are concerned about the growing number of essay uninsured/underinsured Hispanic workers in the Durham, NC community.

This community has issues of thesis on hiv access related to language barriers, the choices paper, lack of health insurance, and the lack of transportation to the clinics currently available in the area. It is also noted that many area clinics such as the Lincoln Community Health Center are overwhelmed by the increasing number of Hispanics in need of health care services. Document evidence of the problem, including data on the scope or level of the problem. You may use existing public records of community level indicators and/or community surveys. Document evidence of community concern about the issue, including information from people affected by the problem, those responsible for addressing it, and on hiv reports from the media. State who is affected by the problem or concern and how they are affected by it. The immigrant population is primarily affected by the problem of lack of access to adequate health care. The area health clinics and hospitals are overwhelmed by the influx of the growing Hispanic population and are finding it difficult to meet the needs of this community.

DESCRIPTION OF THE COMMUNITY. Describe the geographic area that defines the community including the location and physical boundaries, total population, and research other relevant characteristics. Durham, North Carolina is a medium-sized city, and thesis in pregnancy (along with Raleigh and business gcse coursework help Chapel Hill), it is one of the three towns comprising what is commonly known as The Research Triangle. Known as the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, City of Medicine, Durham is perhaps best known by outsiders for the Durham Bulls minor league baseball team and for Duke University and Medical Center. Durham is also home to two other colleges, North Carolina Central University (the nation's first publicly supported liberal arts college for about christmas holiday, African-Americans), and Durham Technical Community College. The town is very diverse, already boasting the same racial diversity that America will have in 2050. It is also a city that is growing very rapidly. On Hiv. In 1999, the estimated population of Durham was 204,097; that figure represents over a 10% increase from the estimated population in 1990 (181,835 people). While the town was founded primarily with money from tobacco over a hundred years ago, it is now a major center for research and development, with major corporations such as IBM and career research paper Glaxo Wellcome having a home in Research Triangle Park, most of which is on hiv, a part of the city of Durham.

Indeed, trying to cope with the booming growth that has hit the area is one of the largest challenges facing area planners. Describe the community people who are the intended beneficiaries of the argumentative, project and their relevant characteristics. Our project is in pregnancy, being developed to serve the needs of Hispanic residents of Durham County, including those who have come to argumentative essay this country illegally. In 1996, the official figure published by the Census Bureau for Hispanics was a population of 3,466, or 1.8% of the population. However, local Hispanic advocates estimate the true figure is thesis on hiv in pregnancy, closer to 8,000 residents. As Katie Pomerans, the Hispanic ombudsman in the Office of types of ap essays Citizen Services puts it, [The Census figures definitely don't] have anything to do with reality. They're grossly undercounting, and it makes no sense. Any way you count it, the number of Hispanics in the county is on the rise.

The Census Bureau states that the Hispanic population of Durham grew by 11% from 1995 -- 1996, and the number of Hispanic children in schools jumped by 25% during the same time period. This increase in population has been noticed in in pregnancy, the medical community as well. Lincoln Community Health Center, a low-cost clinic that charges a sliding scale, is seeing its Hispanic clientele grow markedly. For example, in just the two years from 1994 and 1996, the percentage of the respiratory research, patient population that was Hispanic tripled, from 2.7% to 7.1% of the clinic's visitors. This increase shows no signs of slowing down, and is severely straining the clinic's resources. As a whole, Hispanics in the United States have a myriad of problems that make them less likely to seek and obtain health care. Nationwide, only thesis in pregnancy, 11% of Hispanics have at least a Bachelor's degree, as compared to 28% of non-Hispanic whites.

They are three times more likely to career choices live in on hiv, poverty than non-Hispanic whites (26% vs. 8%); 34% of Hispanic children live in poverty. Critical. Hispanics are also much less likely to have health insurance, even if they do have full-time jobs. A recent study done by The Commonwealth Fund found that 37% of Hispanics who work full-time are not covered by insurance, compared with 20% of blacks and 12% of whites. The Hispanic community in Durham, as is the case with Hispanics throughout the country, have unique health care needs.

Not the thesis on hiv, least of these is actually having the resources to get them in essay on boxing, the door of a medical office. As The News and Observer, one of the local newspapers, reported last summer, The number of on hiv in pregnancy immigrant Latinos seeking medical attention is growing, but several barriers -- including a language gap and lack of critical essay poem transportation -- haven't made it an easy trip to the doctor's office. Even in the face of adequate medical care, Hispanics still, as a whole, are affected by thesis on hiv in pregnancy many medical problems to a much greater extent than are members of essays other racial or ethnic groups. For example, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and tuberculosis are all health concerns which occur in Hispanics more frequently than in in pregnancy, other populations. The recent rubella epidemic among area Hispanics is another example of the need for paper, culturally appropriate health care in our community. Clearly, this population needs more medical assistance than it is currently receiving in Durham. ANALYSIS OF THE PROBLEM OR SITUATION.

Identify the basic conditions or root causes that may contribute to the problem or concern. Include which behaviors of whom need to change to address the problem or concern. It is ironic that in the City of Medicine there are residents who cannot get adequate health care. Unfortunately, that irony exists; and it is growing to such an extent that this irony is quickly becoming a tragedy. The booming Hispanic population is at the root of this problem. The rate of immigration, both legal and illegal, into the city is unprecedented in the area's history. Existing resources, including the Public Health Department and thesis in pregnancy Lincoln Community Health Center, are being strained beyond capacity. And quite simply, in essay on boxing, many cases Hispanics in our community cannot afford to go anywhere else.

In Durham in 1990, for example, 285 households headed by Hispanics had incomes below $24, 999; and 157 had incomes below $14,999. In addition, in many cases, barriers of language and knowledge are difficult to overcome. While some clinics have Spanish-speaking personnel or interpreters, many do not. Additionally, the in pregnancy, very people who do not regularly seek medical care in the community are the same people who are unaware of the essay, resources already available in the community (for example, STD hotlines in Spanish and on hiv disaster assistance). ORGANIZATIONAL CAPACITY TO CONDUCT THE PROJECT.

Describe the nature, depth and continuity of the organization's leadership. Our board of directors is christmas, made up of dedicated, passionate medical and non-medical personnel. They have shown continuous dedication to their community through past fundraising and thesis in pregnancy volunteer efforts. Our current Board is of ap literature essays, made up of in pregnancy physicians, physician assistants, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and community leaders, including members of the Latino community. Important posts in the clinic will be filled as follows. Medical Director: MD Executive Director: PA-C Clinical Manager: RN (paid position?) Describe other resources and assets of the organization. We have already 50 volunteers offering at least two hours per month to staff the clinic as follows, per night: Volunteers will be scheduled regularly as first Wednesday or second Wednesday, etc. Describe the organization's past history of success related to the proposed work. While we are new as a group, our many years of service to the community will prove invaluable in this endeavor. Members of our board have over career choices, 75 years combined experience in in pregnancy, medicine and over 100 years experience working in the Hispanic community.

We have chosen board members based on argumentative, their experience, proven dedication and commitment to this cause. Describe support from and collaboration with other relevant organizations. Our networking capabilities extend into local, state and national professional organizations such as the thesis on hiv, American Medical Association, American Academy of Physician Assistants, American Nurses Association, and American Pharmacists Association. We are working with some of the local professional groups and other local charitable groups to form partnerships for the clinic. Types Of Ap Literature. Partnerships could include financial and in-kind support, dedicated volunteer hours, and leadership and administrative support. We also receive guidance and support from Volunteers in Healthcare, the in pregnancy, Public Health Foundation and the Free Clinic Foundation. II.

PROJECT VISION, MISSION, AND OBJECTIVES. State the positive vision for the community related to the problem or concern. Helping the Latino community will pay for itself many times over in the future. Critical Essay Of A. A community is only as successful and productive as each of its citizens. By helping some, we're helping all. State the mission of the project or initiative. To provide culturally-appropriate free primary health care services to individuals who lack access to care, especially those of Hispanic origin.

This will be accomplished through a culturally-diverse, volunteer-based organization with emphasis on education and outreach. State the overall objective(s) for the community project or initiative. The overall objective of on hiv this project is to improve the health of the essay about christmas, Hispanic population of Durham. III. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION/ METHODS OF INTERVENTION.

TARGETS OF CHANGE AND HOW REACH THEM. Identify primary targets of change. Thesis. All members of the Latino community of essay about christmas holiday Durham, regardless of age, religion, country of origin, immigration status or ability to pay. Indicate how targets will be reached by the intervention. Our primary means of reaching the Hispanic population will be through the local Spanish-language media. On a secondary level, board members will be expected to meet monthly, and receive feedback from community leaders quarterly. Information received from these meetings will be evaluated and acted upon accordingly. On Hiv In Pregnancy. MOBILIZING HUMAN AND MATERIAL RESOURCES. Describe the people who could potentially help address the problem or concern, the assets they could contribute, and types of ap literature how they might be engaged in addressing the problem.

Any members of the community who are willing to donate their time and thesis in pregnancy help improve the health status of the Latino community. This volunteer pool can include community and religious leaders, trained healthcare workers, administrative personnel and members of the media. Describe material resources which could potentially help address the problem or concern, the assets that could be contributed, and how they might be used to address the problem. We will be looking for in-kind donations of new and used medical equipment including exam tables, medical supplies and argumentative pharmaceuticals. We will also be in need of office and record-keeping materials.

The local media will be called upon to donate advertising space and general support. Identify the key stakeholders and thesis how they will be involved in the project. Types Of Ap Essays. There are many people who will be affected by this project. Those most affected of course will be the recipients of the in pregnancy, clinic's services, primarily the Hispanic population. We are anticipating they will have better access to basic health care services and their overall state of health will improve through this increased access. They will be involved not only as patients of the clinic but also through their feedback they will help to organize and plan services. We are hopeful that these same patients will become advocates of essay good health practices and peer educators in their community. Another large group which will be affected through the institution of this project are the local hospitals and clinics which serve this same population.

These institutions are overwhelmed with the large influx of this population in the area and will certainly benefit from a number of their patients receiving basic health services in our clinic. This will free up more time and resources for thesis on hiv, them to deal with the more complex cases. Essay On Boxing. They are also involved heavily as many of the volunteers for our clinic will come from these same health institutions. Finally the thesis on hiv, local community churches which serve this same population will also be affected by essay of a this project. We have collaborated with these organizations for some time now and they also are involved with the organizing, planning, and outreach educational services. The also serve as a valuable source of volunteers as well as patients and our collaboration is a key to the success of this clinic. TARGETS, BEHAVIORS, AND STRATEGIES FOR INTERVENTION. Outline the key targets of change, key behaviors that need to thesis change, and the strategies or intervention components to be used to change behavior. There are several groups we see as key targets of change. Broadly, the Durham health care community needs to argumentative essay on boxing address this overwhelming problem of the migrant Hispanic population’s difficult access to healthcare as a separate and more comprehensive issue.

Though each individual institution has taken steps to address the issues on an individual level, the numbers of these patients are becoming overwhelming and need to be addressed on the community level. On Hiv. Our clinic offers a wonderful opportunity for this issue to be addressed on a community level. Also this clinic tackles the issues of language barriers, the lack of health insurance, and the lack of transportation to christmas holiday the other health services currently available in the area. These institutions can address some of these issues through outreach programs at on hiv, our clinic as well as serving as volunteers and addressing the issue at a personal level. Secondly, the studies gcse help, Hispanic migrant community itself must change. With improved access to healthcare comes the individual responsibility to take advantage of these services in on hiv, not only the literature essays, treatment of illness but also in in pregnancy, the prevention of illness.

Many health issues can be not only prevented through immunizations, education, and lifestyle changes but can also be arrested in the earlier stages of illness if addressed at an earlier time. These issues can also be addressed throughout clinic, however the true work here must begin at the community level. Through individuals as well as the community churches those in the Hispanic migrant community must educate each other about healthcare maintenance preventative issues. This can be addressed in literature, a continual education and outreach network working closely with the clinic and in the local churches and surrounding community. Describe what success will look like for the project or initiative. Success can be defined as serving a desired volume of patients or by making an impact on one individual patient. On Hiv In Pregnancy. It will take about six to eight weeks to reach the anticipated patient volume, but a positive individual impact can be seen on the first night. We expect to see 500 patients in research papers, the first six months. As we are a new project, our original goals for success are modest. As we continue and grow as an organization, we hope to expand our focus, and to measure the effect of our project on the overall health of Hispanics in Durham. More specifically increased rates of immunizations and in pregnancy increased screening and treatment of; tuberculosis, diabetes, and hypertension.

We are also planning to address many basic primary care concerns such as upper respiratory infections and ear infections in children. What indicators or benchmarks can help detect improvements in the problem or concern. As addressed above one simple indicator we can follow in order to evaluate the respiratory papers, success of our program is the in pregnancy, immunization rates of career research both children and adults. It is also possible to measure or compare screening rates for tuberculosis, diabetes, and thesis on hiv in pregnancy hypertension through percentages within those at risk in the patient population. Argumentative. Even more specifically we can track the follow up visits for the treatment of those with these same diseases. We also must ask for the community leaders and churches to address their community for thesis on hiv in pregnancy, evaluation and business gcse coursework possible improvement of thesis on hiv in pregnancy our services.

Indicate how implementation of the essay christmas, intervention will be monitored. On Hiv In Pregnancy. Note how this information will be fed back to improve functioning of the initiative. The indicators mentioned above will be monitored on a monthly basis. Also monitored will be the business studies, number of thesis new and return patients. These measures of performance will be recorded by the nurses and providers in the patients’ charts at the time as reason for the visit and essay will be collected and recorded in a master document by the non-medical assistants helping that same evening.

For at least the first year following the implementation of the project the Board will meet monthly to discuss any problems as well as the progress of the clinic. On Hiv In Pregnancy. The community leaders will be asked on a quarterly basis to career choices hold meetings within the community either at thesis on hiv in pregnancy, churches or at local gatherings. This will be for both informing the people of the services available to essay about christmas holiday them as well as requesting feedback from the community, which will be presented at monthly Board meetings for evaluation and possible implementation. During the hours of operations, technical and/or administrative problems will first be fielded by thesis the Clinic Manager, to be followed-up by the Executive Director when necessary. Indicate how information about satisfaction of key stakeholders and with the project will be gathered regularly and used to enhance functioning of the initiative. As discussed above there will be monthly Board meetings to discuss any problems encountered as well as progress of the clinic on a monthly basis for at paper, least the first year of operation.

The community leaders will also be asked to reach out into their communities on at least a quarterly basis to both inform the community of the services available and thesis on hiv any changes implemented. Essays. Here they will primarily ask the community for thesis on hiv in pregnancy, any input they have concerning the gcse coursework, clinics operations. This information will be presented to the Board at the monthly meetings. Additionally, as patients leave, we will ask them to take part in thesis in pregnancy, an informal, oral interview that will remain anonymous (e.g., their names will not be attached to their answers). Those surveyed will be asked a short list of open-ended questions that have been reviewed by choices research paper an expert in Hispanic studies and an epidemiologist. NB: Although an oral interview is not ideal, due to the possibility of bias (e.g., a desire to thesis please the interviewer), we believe it is on boxing, necessitated by the large percentage of our population who may be illiterate. Indicate how possible (negative) side effects of the project or initiative will be detected and remedied. Note how this information will be used to minimize those side effects?

Negative side effects of this project will be detected at several levels. The most essential level that will be monitored as to side effects is the community, especially the patient population. Information from thesis on hiv, these oral interviews mentioned above, both positive and negative, will be reviewed by our Board of Directors on a monthly basis, and adjustments will be made accordingly. This will also happen through the career choices paper, help of community leaders and churches. Here the population will be asked to give their feedback concerning the clinic and improvements or changes that need to be made. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. This information will be channeled back to the Board, which will try to about christmas implement as many changes as possible to improve services. Another important group to be monitored will be that of the volunteer base which will help to run the clinic. The volunteers will be encouraged to express their concerns and ideas to both the Clinic Manager and the Executive Director who will express these concerns at the monthly Board meetings. On Hiv. We will also use suggestion boxes for volunteers who wish to make anonymous comments. These will be evaluated first by the Clinic Manager and presented at the monthly Board meetings for discussion. Indicate how community-level indicators will be used to determine whether the effort made a difference with the community problem or concern.

Most of our indicators of success will be in the day to of a day numbers of how many patients were seen daily. We will also track specific major public health issues, such as: The number of children immunized at our clinic The number of women receiving well-woman exams The number of patients screened/treated/educated for in pregnancy, HIV and of ap literature other sexually transmitted diseases The number of patients receiving screening and/or treatment for diabetes, hypertension and thesis on hiv tuberculosis The number of on boxing prenatal referrals that occur at our clinic. We will also work with other community health centers, most notably Lincoln Community Health Center and the Durham Public Health department, and attempt to determine if there is thesis, a difference in their utilization due to our clinic. In the future, we hope to correlate the numbers from our clinic with statistics from our community of critical essay of a poem overall health (e.g., the rate of STD's; the rate of in pregnancy immunization in critical poem, the community, et cetera). However, this information and work is outside of the domain of this original grant proposal. V. On Hiv In Pregnancy. PLAN FOR FINANCIAL SUSTAINABILITY.

List strategies that will be used to sustain the initiative and/or its successful components after this grant ends. While the startup grant which we are applying for today is crucial to get our program on respiratory research papers, our feet, it is our goal that the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, program will eventually be entirely sustained through the use of local resources. To that end, our financial sustainability plan includes all of the following: United Way funding. We are currently in negotiations with the literature essays, United Way of Durham County to receive a small stipend from on hiv in pregnancy, their annual budget. Funding from local churches. About Christmas Holiday. Our Lady of Guadeloupe, a local Catholic parish with a large Hispanic population, has pledged a small donation of $750 annually to help pay for some services. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. In-kind donations. We are lucky that the Triangle is home to several major pharmaceutical companies.

We are currently in negotiations with several companies to business gcse help have donations of medications and other medical equipment brought to our clinic on a semi-regular basis. Private, individual donations will be used to develop a core funding source to thesis on hiv help the center run in critical essay poem, perpetuity. Thesis In Pregnancy. We will also seek further grants from both public and private foundations to further our work. Christmas. VI. OVERALL SIGNIFICANCE AND PROSPECTS FOR SUCCESS. In one paragraph, state WHY this project should be done: a) at all, b) in this community, c) at this time, and d) by this organization.

The need for free, culturally sensitive health care for the burgeoning Hispanic population in Durham County, North Carolina is great. By all accounts, it will grow substantially in the coming decade. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. The recent rubella outbreak among area Hispanics offers us only a small taste of what the future could bring. By acting now, our proposal offers a chance for a group of seasoned, dedicated professionals to start a clinic that will be able to grow with the growing Hispanic population. We hope our clinic will contribute to a thriving, diverse, healthy community , and ask that you seriously consider our proposal. Thank you.

Appendix A: Attach Letters of Support and Commitment from Collaborating Organizations. Father Mark O'Reilly. Our Lady of types literature essays Guadeloupe Catholic Church. Thesis On Hiv. Durham, North Carolina 27704. Telephone (919) 477-6789.

I am writing this letter in critical essay of a, support of the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, new free Hispanic health care center that has been proposed in career choices paper, our community. I have been a priest in Durham for the past 15 years, and in my time here, I have seen my parish grow tremendously, primarily due to the large influx of Hispanic immigrants who continue to become our neighbors here in town. As a priest, I am privy to thesis on hiv in pregnancy many of their difficulties, and it strikes me time and respiratory research again how many of these problems are due to a lack of adequate health care. Many do not have money to go to the doctor. Of those who do, many are afraid to do so because of their immigration status, or because their English is not adequate to understand a clinician's directions or even explain their problems.

Many of these people I have accompanied to local clinics and served as their translator; but if I did this for every person who needed this in in pregnancy, my parish, I would no longer have time for anything else. I understand this letter will go to support a grant application, and will be read by those unfamiliar with this problem, with our community. Respiratory Research Papers. Please understand that while you see words on a page, I am watching children die because they did not receive the care that was necessary. The need is urgent, and the time to act upon it is now. I have the on hiv in pregnancy, highest confidence in those who are running this new clinic. Business Studies Gcse. They are extremely competent clinicians who are well respected by this community.

They can get things done. Most importantly, they are passionately dedicated to this cause. Thesis On Hiv. I have total faith in their abilities to get things done, and business studies help I and on hiv my parish are supporting their work completely. We have offered them a modest stipend of $750 annually (the amount our parish could afford), and many of our parishioners will be volunteering at the clinic. I urge you to essay support their efforts as well. If I can be of any further service, please do not hesitate to let me know. Yours in Christ, Human Relations Department. Big Drug Corporation. Research Triangle Park, North Carolina 27707. To Whom It May Concern: We are writing in support of the new free clinic that is being proposed in our area. As one of the nation's leading pharmaceutical providers, we believe it is thesis on hiv in pregnancy, important that the community in which we are based be one of the healthiest in our nation.

It is to that end that we have pledged our support to this new clinic. It is part of our mission to give something back to respiratory papers the community that graciously houses us. Although we have not yet finalized the specifics of thesis on hiv in pregnancy our donation to the new clinic, we hope to be a regular benefactor, probably through donations of of ap our products. We believe the clinic will do outstanding work and fill a necessary niche in our community. We hope that you will join us in supporting this worthy endeavor. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our office at (919) 383-1234. Julie R. On Hiv. Nielson. Human Relations Associate. Big Drug Corporation. Appendix B: Documentation of the growing Hispanic population in Durham.

December 21, 1997. Types. The News Observer. Thesis. Estimate alarms Hispanic advocates. By NED GLASCOCK; STAFF WRITER. Argumentative On Boxing. RALEIGH -- The U.S. Census Bureau says North Carolina's Hispanic population continues to thesis multiply. But Hispanic advocates say Uncle Sam still hasn't figured out how to count. New population estimates continue to choices research paper underestimate the in pregnancy, true scope of about North Carolina's recent wave of Hispanic immigration, advocates say.

They worry that the apparent underestimation could mislead policy-makers about the thesis on hiv, level of state and coursework help local resources needed to thesis on hiv in pregnancy address the influx. The Census Bureau estimates that 134,384 Hispanics lived in the state in July 1996, an 11 percent increase over 1995 and 73 percent more than in the 1990 census. However, the new figure falls far below the estimate of papers 205,000 made by state health officials in 1996, said Katie Pomerans, Hispanic ombudsman in on hiv, the Office of essay Citizen Services, a wing of the state Department of Health and Human Services. A lot is at risk, Pomerans said. The reason why they count population is because we're supposed to offer services to that population.

You plan for growth that way - for thesis in pregnancy, the number of schools you need, the number of parking spaces you need. But nobody knows the actual figure, even after they count it. Of Ap Essays. In addition, racial and ethnic counts are used to help draw congressional voting districts, and some federal agencies and other organizations rely on them for their formulas to allocate money. In the Triangle, the apparent discrepancy between official figures and reality is pronounced in Durham, where estimates by thesis in pregnancy local Hispanic groups put the business studies gcse help, population about 8,000. Thesis In Pregnancy. The bureau, in contrast, says 3,466 Hispanics called Durham home in choices, 1996, representing 1.8 percent of the county's population. It definitely doesn't have anything to do with reality, Pomerans said. They're grossly undercounting there, and it makes no sense. Although the Census Bureau says Durham's Hispanic population grew by 11 percent from on hiv in pregnancy, 1995 to 1996, the number of Hispanic children in the Durham public schools jumped by 25 percent over the same time frame, from 562 to 705, she said. Hispanic advocates also question the figures for other Triangle counties.

The Census Bureau reported: - 11,227 Hispanics in about holiday, Wake County, or 2.1 percent of the county's population. On Hiv. That figure is a 15 percent increase from the year before and a 103 percent rise since 1990. 2,508 Hispanics in Orange County, or 2.3 percent of the population. About Holiday. That number is in pregnancy, 12 percent higher than the 1995 figure and 93 percent higher than 1990's. Argumentative Essay. Overall, Hispanics make up a tiny fraction of the state's population - 1.8 percent of the state's 7.3 million residents in 1996, according to the bureau. Still, even that percentage is on in pregnancy, the increase: In 1990, Hispanics made up 1.2 percent of North Carolina's population.

Nationally, the Census Bureau has forecast that Hispanic people will represent almost a quarter of the U.S. population by the year 2050, up from one-tenth currently. The Census Bureau demographer who arrived at the new North Carolina figures was not available for comment last week. Agency publications caution that the new figures were produced using new methodology, were based on the 1990 census and should be used carefully. A number has a lot of critical poem consequences and can have a big impact, said Andrea Bazan Manson, vice president of El Pueblo Inc., a statewide Latino advocacy group based in the Triangle. Manson said the group often uses estimates of 250,000 to 300,000 for Hispanics in the state. The way that we base that is by taking into account migrant farm workers, she said. For years, Hispanic advocates across the on hiv, country have complained about what they regard as undercounting. Whether the census data for essay about holiday, North Carolina are accurate or not, the trend of growth in Hispanic numbers is undeniable and can still help guide policy-makers, said Susan Brock, a migrant health coordinator with the nonprofit N.C. Thesis On Hiv. Primary Health Care Association. [The numbers] are not without value, particularly if you know they're an undercount, she said.

I don't know that any data [are] perfect. Many factors contribute to the underestimation of Hispanics, Brock said. Among them are the language barrier and the fact that sometimes more than one Hispanic family lives in a house. Some of North Carolina's most recent immigrants, young men from Central and South America working construction jobs, bunk up at the rate of five, 10 or more per household. In addition, undocumented immigrants are reluctant to choices research paper come forward and be counted. Manson said the low estimate was expected, because advocacy groups in the state were not well-organized in thesis, 1990 and because the rate of Hispanic immigration was rapid. I am actually glad that people are learning and career paper beginning to realize the numbers are low, she said. Thesis. But we have a lot further to go in trying to research paper make sure we get an accurate picture of how many Latinos make North Carolina their home.

Pomerans acknowledged that it was difficult for any agency to track a tremendous surge in immigration such as the one North Carolina has experienced, especially over the past several years. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. We have to just hope that with the next census, it's better done, she said. A lot of that depends on of ap literature, the help of the community and educating people about the importance of responding to the census. February 22, 1998. The News Observer. Spanish lessons (Part A) (First of two parts) By Ruth Sheehan and thesis on hiv in pregnancy Ned Glascock; Staff Writers.

Lured by career choices paper the prospect of good jobs in thesis, a humming economy, Latino immigrants have flocked to choices paper the Tar Heel State in record numbers this decade, literally helping build the new North Carolina as they forge new lives. But this historic demographic shift is placing a large burden on state and local governments - a burden for which nearly every agency and in pregnancy branch of government is ill-prepared and under equipped. Holiday. Although Latinos remain a small fraction of North Carolina's overall population - about 2 percent - the on hiv, U.S. Census Bureau estimates their numbers have increased more than 70 percent since 1990. Hardly a town has gone unchanged.

Over the past six years, as Latino enrollment in the public schools has tripled and the number of Latinos receiving Medicaid has increased sixfold, the government response has remained piecemeal. Some agencies have begun printing pamphlets in papers, Spanish, hiring a few Spanish-speakers and holding crash courses to explain important cultural differences that can affect service delivery. Thesis In Pregnancy. But there is no coordinated strategy. It is not as if this wave of immigration is some big surprise at this point, says Katie Pomerans, a liaison for the Spanish-speaking community with the state Department of business studies help Health and Human Services. It's a fact. It's a reality. We are behind the curve, well behind the curve on this one.

Most of the difficulties revolve around language: schools struggling to teach children who don't speak fluent English; doctors and other health professionals who can't ask patients about their symptoms or explain medical procedures; police officers unable to complete a simple traffic stop with a Spanish-speaking driver, let alone question a crime victim or suspect. Latinos in in pregnancy, North Carolina represent a variety of Latin American countries and every economic class. But it is the types literature essays, wave of working-class migration mainly from poor areas of Mexico and Central America - and even other parts of the United States - that poses the biggest challenges for government. Adding to the problem in thesis on hiv in pregnancy, North Carolina is the state's inexperience with immigrants. Unlike many regions of the country, North Carolina has never been a significant destination for non-English-speaking immigrants. And the answers for how to deal with this unprecedented influx of new residents - some legal, some not - have proved elusive. Government agencies in North Carolina are playing catch-up, says Aura Camacho Maas, a member of the respiratory papers, state Human Relations Commission and thesis in pregnancy founder of the Latin American Resource Center in Raleigh.

I don't think anyone was prepared for the changes taking place in the region, she says. The first reaction from many different sectors was to ignore it. But I think we've evolved quite a bit from that. Career Paper. People are beginning to address those issues now. But it will take a while. It requires developing human resources, it requires training - for thesis, the new community and the existing community. Government's struggle to match the rapid pace of change plays out in the classroom, the courthouse and the health clinic in nearly every community in North Carolina. Of A. Here is a collection of snapshots from the front lines. Among schoolchildren: Mary Mason's specialty is language.

But these days, she's preoccupied by the numbers. As coordinator of the on hiv in pregnancy, English as a Second Language program at research papers, Athens Drive High School in Raleigh, Mason sees the demand arcing upward in what is perhaps the most crucial interface between new Latino immigrants and the state: the public schools. This year, Mason's program is home to thesis on hiv in pregnancy 206 kids, six teachers and two assistants. Statewide since 1990, Latino students' numbers have more than tripled, and the number of on boxing Latino kindergartners has almost quadrupled. The Wake County public schools have nearly doubled their ESL teaching positions in the past year, and the pace is so frantic that some new ESL teachers are sent into thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the classroom while they're still training for of a poem, certification. It's really breathing down our necks, says Tim Hart, Limited English Proficiency coordinator for in pregnancy, Wake County. Research. These children are here because somebody employs their parents, says Fran Hoch, who heads the second languages program for the state Department of Public Instruction. And they're not the children of migrants, she says. They're here to stay. We used to thesis in pregnancy be doing our best just to give them whatever kind of choices paper schooling we could for the few months we had them, Hoch said.

Now they are part of on hiv in pregnancy our accountability. If we don't serve them, they become part of our dropout rate. The state's answer, the ESL program, has been outmatched almost from the start. Choices Research Paper. In urban counties such as Wake, children are grouped by age and language proficiency. Thesis In Pregnancy. In rural counties, one ESL teacher might have to serve many schools, and classes can contain students from all over the world with a wide variety of ages and needs. The younger the coursework, child, the easier it is to thesis on hiv in pregnancy pick up English - and the easier to learn a new language in a normal classroom environment. For high school students, it's more difficult; they not only are learning a new language, but also must use that language to study complicated subjects such as science, mathematics and literature. Says Hoch: There's a big difference between learning 'See Jane run,' and help solving algebraic word problems. The state does not track dropout rates for ESL students.

But Mason, the on hiv, high school ESL coordinator, has kept an informal tally over the past few years. The boys, she says, have the hardest time. Of the last 26 she's taught, only two had graduated by May. The prospects are not good for these kids, she says. Consider the challenges facing Adriana Reyna, 15, who moved here a year and a half ago from Mexico. When she enrolled at Athens in August she could say only one word in English: Hi. Choices Paper. Now she spends two hours a day in ESL, and the rest of her time she is mainstreamed into courses where students are encouraged to discuss complex concepts. Reyna has no idea what her classmates are talking about. I say nothing, she says. I only listen. On the job: Inside the on hiv, cramped, concrete-block duplex in Durham, Tom O'Connor listens intently to the Honduran woman with the long brown hair.

In Spanish, she explains how her boss at a Raleigh fast-food restaurant has shorted her paycheck again. And although she's a full-time worker, she receives no health benefits. O'Connor asks whether these things have happened to any of her co-workers. Her face creases with an expression that's part grin and part grimace. Solamente a los hispanos, she says. Essay On Boxing. Only to thesis in pregnancy the Hispanics. Creo que es que somos hispanos. I think it's because we're Hispanics. O'Connor takes notes. He will look into it.

As executive director of the non-profit N.C. Occupational Safety and Health Project, O'Connor's job is to be an advocate for ill-treated workers. More and types literature essays more, his cases involve workers from thesis on hiv, Mexico and other countries south of the border. But truth be told, neither O'Connor nor the types of ap literature essays, state labor department has a handle of this segment of the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, work force. It is North Carolina's boom, its abundance of jobs, that fuels the choices paper, immigration surge.

And the new arrivals, many fleeing poverty back home, play a vital role in the state's growing economy. Anyone driving past a construction site need only look to confirm that Hispanics make up a large and growing percentage of the workers erecting the new subdivisions, office buildings and shopping malls that mark North Carolina as a player in in pregnancy, the New South. They take some of the choices research, dirtiest and most dangerous jobs - slaughtering chickens, paving highways, logging trees. But at the state level, O'Connor and others whose job it is to know whether existing labor laws and policies are effective are flying half-blind. They have little but anecdotal evidence about Latinos' work conditions. Thesis. They lack basic information about their numbers, their immigration status and the hazards they face on the job. Now, N.C. State University researchers - teaming up with O'Connor's advocacy organization, the career research, state Department of Labor, labor activists and others - are undertaking an ambitious study of the state's Hispanic work force. The preliminary results raise as many questions as they answer, says Jeffrey Leiter, a professor of sociology and anthropology at NCSU, who is helping lead the research. For example, Leiter says, he thought the team would find disproportionately high on-the-job injury rates for in pregnancy, Hispanics, partly because of safety issues arising from the language barrier. But an unexpected pattern emerged from the information on large work sites the team pieced together from federal and state databases: In certain job categories, a surprisingly low percentage of Latino employees reported workplace injuries.

In the category concrete work, for instance, Latinos made up 26 percent of the work force in 1995 but accounted for less than 8 percent of the reported injuries. If the reporting is not accurate, we have a big problem identifying who is at business, risk and why, O'Connor says. We can't understand what the problems are and thesis in pregnancy how to reduce injuries. Choices Paper. If the on hiv in pregnancy, data is respiratory research, telling us one thing and the reality is another, we have a big problem. Leiter's team of students and researchers will soon conduct field interviews to on hiv determine whether Hispanic workers are less likely to essays report injuries. Perhaps it's a fear of on hiv reprisals or, if they are in argumentative essay, the country illegally, a desire not to attract attention.

O'Connor says some of the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, apparent under reporting might result from employer pressure. Some companies encourage injured Hispanic workers not to file worker's compensation claims, promising the company will cover medical costs, he says. Unaware of their rights, many injured workers agree, he says, only to essay holiday be left without recourse later because they have no documentation of the injury. Appendix C: Documentation of health problems that face the Hispanic population. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. The News Observer. Critical Essay Of A Poem. Rubella outbreak hits Latinos hard Illness, fear twin foes in Chatham. By Ben Stocking; Staff Writer Page: A1. SILER CITY - An outbreak of rubella - a disease that had been nearly eradicated in in pregnancy, the United States - has spread with remarkable speed among Latin American immigrants in Chatham County. Public health workers have documented 50 rubella cases so far, compared with 146 in the entire nation last year. To contain the outbreak, health workers have been going from essay holiday, home to home, business to business trying to persuade immigrants to be immunized. Clinics have been held anywhere that Latinos gather, from churches to supermarkets.

Gaining their trust has been hard, said Maria Rangel-Sharpless, an thesis in pregnancy epidemiologist with the essay on boxing, state Division of thesis Maternal and Child Health. We've had to overcome a lot of obstacles. Nearly four weeks into the outbreak, state and business help county health officials are confident that it is almost contained. But new cases are still being reported, and teams of nurses and interpreters expect to continue their intensive immunization campaign for at least another three weeks. Rubella, or German measles, is a virus that causes rashes and flu-like symptoms that last for nearly a week. The disease is mild in on hiv, most people, but can be dangerous for pregnant women, especially those in argumentative, the first trimester.

Their children have a dramatically higher incidence of birth defects such as blindness, deafness, heart problems and mental retardation. The outbreak poses no threat to anyone who has received the rubella vaccine - usually administered in childhood - but those who have not are susceptible. Thesis In Pregnancy. The disease has spread primarily among Latin Americans because they come from countries that don't routinely vaccinate for rubella. Types Of Ap Literature. Many of the newcomers are unaware rubella can cause birth defects, and they are suspicious of government workers. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. Overwhelming majority: So far, 49 of the 50 documented cases have been Latinos, including four pregnant women. While most of the cases have been discovered in Chatham County, five have been reported in neighboring Lee County and two others in neighboring Randolph County. State health officials have told departments in nine other nearby counties, including Durham and Wake, to be on the lookout for additional cases. The first cases were spotted the second week of April by a nurse at the Perdue poultry processing plant in Siler City. She noticed that two plant employees had developed rashes. By the following Monday, 13 more employees had developed the same rash, Sharpless said.

The nurse called the papers, Chatham health department, which notified state officials. They ordered blood tests that showed the workers had rubella. Since then, the county has held clinics at nine Chatham businesses where the work forces range from 20 percent to 80 percent Hispanic. The first one began at 5:30 a.m. April 19, when health care workers vaccinated 650 people at the Perdue plant. Thesis. nantly Hispanic neighborhoods and trying to persuade everyone to get vaccinated.

Many Latinos have been receptive, said Melida Colindres, who has been helping the health department. But some have been fearful, especially those who come from rural areas where they had little or no contact with the health care system in their home countries. We have had to go to their houses two or three times and really convince them that this is a health issue and that they needed the vaccine and that their children needed the vaccine, Colindres said. It didn't take too long before the the county workers had exhausted themselves, as well as some of essay their medical supplies, according to Brenda Dunn, nursing supervisor for the Chatham County Health Department. They called on the March of Dimes, which agreed to provide syringes and other supplies.

They also requested assistance from the National Guard, which has sent in a team of medics to help give vaccinations. 8,000 vaccinations: The state is paying for on hiv, the immunizations, which cost $8 each, according to Stefanie Groot, a spokeswoman for respiratory research, the state Division of Maternal and Child Health. So far, about 8,000 people have been vaccinated. According to in pregnancy the 1990 census, Chatham has a population of about 43,000 people. But health department officials estimate that 7,000 to 8,000 Hispanics have moved to Chatham, most of them since the last census. With so many un-immunized people living in the area, and so many living and working in close contact, health care workers said conditions were ripe for types of ap essays, the rapid spread of the disease. In Pregnancy. Rubella passes through casual contact, as easily as a cold. Of Ap Literature. It's like a chain reaction, a domino effect, said Sharpless, the thesis in pregnancy, state epidemiologist who is tracking the cases. You just need one sick person and career choices a bunch of thesis on hiv in pregnancy susceptibles to start an epidemic. In one case, health care workers found 31 men living in the same house and argumentative as many as four families living in a single trailer. In such conditions, disease can spread very quickly.

Health care workers have also found that some Hispanics are working at two or three jobs, bringing the disease from one job site to the next. Thesis On Hiv. Tracking this outbreak has been especially difficult for health care workers because an unknown number of the Hispanics in types of ap, Chatham have come to the country without documentation. In Pregnancy. Many live in fear of being deported and are afraid to speak with any government representative. Health care workers have gone out of their way to reassure people that they aren't going to be deported if they get the vaccine. We can usually get to the bottom of each case, but it does take an awful lot of reassuring them that we are a helping agency and christmas not a threatening agency, said Dunn, the Chatham nursing supervisor.

The National Guard medics came in uniform the thesis, first day, but since then have been working in civilian clothes so that the Hispanics wouldn't be intimidated. Three-fourths Hispanic Dunn said roughly 75 percent of the people immunized so far by the Health Department have been Hispanic. With health care workers focusing their efforts on the Hispanic community, many have worried that Americans who are uneasy about immigration will use the epidemic as an excuse to justify discrimination. Critical Essay. The state has received two calls from North Carolinians who wanted to know why the state was paying to vaccinate immigrants. Groot, with the state Division of Maternal and Child Health, said people need to realize that the rubella outbreak is a public health issue, not an immigration issue. We're here to serve anyone who needs medical assistance, she said. Part of thesis on hiv in pregnancy public health is containing disease - no matter where it originates or how it crops up. About. We need to contain it to protect everyone.

For his part, Jesus Luna, a Mexican immigrant who has lived in Siler City for two years, appreciates the efforts that the health department has been making. He was vaccinated two weeks ago when a team of health care workers came to the Townsend chicken processing plant where he works. The health department has a good team working with the thesis on hiv, Hispanics, he said. They told us it was very important to get vaccinated. Research Papers. People weren't aware of the on hiv, danger. October 12, 1997. About Christmas. The News Observer.

Minority health concerns heard. By CATHERINE CLABBY; STAFF WRITER. More than 300 people took state officials up on their offer Saturday and came to Raleigh to propose ways to improve the health of North Carolina's racial minority residents. But they didn't talk much about medicine. Instead, in heated discussions in thesis, sterile meeting rooms at a Raleigh conference center they spoke long and loud about the research papers, social, economic and spiritual threats to people's well-being. They laid bare hostilities between races - especially African-Americans and Latinos - and in pregnancy voiced eloquent pleas to set them aside. And they filled page after page of about bright orange sheets with advice on thesis on hiv, how state officials could better help people struggling against odds that white North Carolinians do not live with. On Boxing. When they were done, they demanded action. I suggest we do this annually and check to see if the state follows up on the recommendations, Mary Beamon of the Wake County chapter of N.C. Fair Share suggested near the end of the day. If they don't, we can reiterate them.

Sentiment was strong because participants know that racial minorities are more likely to suffer from all sorts of health threats. Using an approach now popular in public health circles, staff members from the N.C. Office of Minority Health are seeking guidance from community leaders on how to do their jobs better. The men and women who arrived before breakfast at the Jane S. McKimmon Center and thesis in pregnancy left just before dinner offered them an earful, including feelings on the health threats posed by violence. Dr. Paul R. Research Papers. G. Cunningham, a surgeon and trauma director at the East Carolina University School of Medicine, has concluded that doctors must view violence as a public health threat.

That notion struck him after years of rushing mostly African-American and Latino young men into surgery to treat gunshot or knife wounds. Now he and other physicians are leaving the hospital grounds and volunteering in the community to try to thesis in pregnancy prevent this plague. For a while I had become desensitized, he said. We had failed. Luis Alvarenga, director of the community group La Casa Multicultural, said the research, recent increase in robberies of Latinos in Durham is on hiv in pregnancy, connected to other problems in the inner city. The street drug trade attracts armed thugs to poorer neighborhoods where Latino laborers live, he said. In every single neighborhood there is drug dealing going on, he said. That is bringing this viciousness in. At a session on environmental health risks encountered by people of color, Gary Grant, executive director of Concerned Citizens of essay about christmas Tillery, said poor towns and neighborhoods have become dumping grounds for polluting industries such as large-scale hog farms.

Caroline Whitehead Doherty of the N.C. Office of Rural Health said migrant workers are not the thesis in pregnancy, only people who don't have adequate access to clean water. Rural residents who depend on respiratory research papers, wells frequently find their water supplies contaminated by on hiv in pregnancy agricultural runoff. Not all of them can afford to buy water every month, she said. By the end of the day, conference organizers had piles of envelopes stuffed with the career research, orange sheets. Participants, who came from across the state, suggested everything from eliminating the food tax to putting counseling stations next to police substations in poor neighborhoods.

Some were concerned that Gov. Jim Hunt hadn't attended what was billed as The Governor's Minority Health Conference. Barbara Pullen-Smith, director of the state's minority health office, assured people that Hunt would see their suggestions. A troubling current running through the gathering was the thesis, animosity between some African-Americans and Latinos. Alvarenga, the Durham Latino organizer, didn't have to say that many of the robberies he was discussing were committed by blacks. Several people knew. Ava White, who farms with her husband in critical of a poem, Robeson County, said that some African-Americans resent that government funding might be used to provide services to thesis on hiv in pregnancy those Latinos who are not legal residents and don't pay taxes at the same rate they do. Respiratory Research Papers. In Spanish, with help from an thesis interpreter, he thanked state health officials for bringing so many people together. He said much was accomplished by so much talk. But there was more work to be done.

I think this is like a rising flame. The commitment you have made is a seed in our heart, he said, working his way to choices paper the challenge. It is thesis on hiv, important that tomorrow be different than today. The racial division must end. We don't do this for ourselves but for the future. Types Of Ap Literature. Then, perhaps because of Melendez' respectful tone - or perhaps because of the weight of everything they shared - people cried. White, brown and black.

Health gap: Some statistics showing the health risks facing minorities compared with whites in North Carolina: - Minority babies in on hiv in pregnancy, this state are twice as likely as white infants to die. The average life expectancy for minority adults is five years shorter. African-Americans and other minorities are six times more likely to develop AIDS. Minority men are 2 1/2 times more likely to of ap literature essays die from prostate cancer, and minority women are three times more likely to on hiv die of cervical cancer, which is essay about, easily treated when detected early. Minorities are 40 percent more likely to die from thesis on hiv in pregnancy, heart disease than whites. Appendix D: Documentation of the lack of argumentative access to appropriate health care faced by the Hispanic population in Durham.

The News Observer. Access to in pregnancy health care unequal in N. Carolina. Papers. By Ned Glascock; STAFF WRITER Page: A8. In North Carolina, the report from the Centers for Disease Control pointed to disparities among whites, blacks and in pregnancy Hispanics in access to health care in 1997. For instance, 12.8 percent of whites surveyed reported having no health-care coverage, compared to 20.4 percent of blacks and 21.4 percent for Hispanics. The percentage of all North Carolina respondents who lacked health care was 14.7 percent, slightly above the national median of 12 percent. The report also painted a portrait of Tar Heel health. A slightly higher percentage of North Carolinians surveyed were obese - 18.4 percent - than the national median, 16.6 percent.

About 16 percent of argumentative whites surveyed were considered obese, compared to nearly 30 percent of blacks and a quarter of Hispanics. Also, fewer North Carolinians in the survey exercised and drank alcohol than the U.S. median, but more smoked cigarettes. Nearly 41 percent of Tar Heels surveyed had not exercised in the past 30 days, compared to in pregnancy the national median of 28 percent. About 38 percent of North Carolina respondents said they drink alcohol, while the national median was 53.5 percent. And 26 percent of North Carolinians surveyed smoked cigarettes, with the national median pegged at respiratory research papers, 23.3 percent.

In North Carolina, the survey did not include enough respondents in two categories - American Indian or Alaska native and Asian or Pacific Islander - to tabulate statistically reliable results. On Hiv. For Hispanics, a category of ethnic origin that includes people of any race, only argumentative, 82 respondents were contacted in North Carolina, just above the cutoff of 50 required by the survey. The News Observer. FINAL WORD Page: A32. Falling through the cracks: We used to on hiv in pregnancy be able to access the career choices research, School Health Fund occasionally for certain medical needs of Hispanic children without Medicaid. But when the supplementary Medicaid program was funded, that money was rolled into the new program. So we now have no source of funds for these kids unless the doctor will donate his/her services. Some will, bless their hearts. On Hiv. But it is very hard to get dental care, glasses, lab tests this way. We hope the General Assembly will rethink the types, qualifications for the Medicaid supplemental program so that children in need can be served. Thesis. Migrant outreach worker Edgecombe County Schools.

The News Observer Report says Hispanics lacking in health care. By The Associated Press Page: A11. CHICAGO -- Hispanics lack medical coverage more than any other U.S. ethnic group, and the nation's fastest-growing minority suffers a higher share of ailments such as diabetes and career choices research paper AIDS, researchers say. Hispanics will comprise almost 11 percent of the population by the year 2010 and will be the nation's largest minority group, census figures project. Yet poverty, lack of medical insurance for many jobs they hold, and their minority status in health professions often effectively bar them from good medical care, researchers say. On Hiv. The situation gets even more bleak as Hispanics adopt U.S. culture -- including its smoking and eating patterns, said a report today in the Journal of the American Medical Association. The issue is devoted entirely to the topic of Hispanic health. Rates of diabetes among Hispanics run some three times higher than those among non-Hispanic whites, noted a journal editorial co-authored by Surgeon General Antonia C. Novello, the gcse, first Hispanic to hold that post.

Dr. Novello wrote with two staffers at the U.S. Public Health Service. Hypertension appears to be more prevalent, they said. Hispanic children suffer disproportionately from lead poisoning and measles. Injuries and violent death are also tragically elevated among Hispanic children.

Certain cancers also strike Hispanics at higher rates than non-Hispanic whites, as do tuberculosis, alcoholism, cirrhosis and infection with the AIDS virus, according to the editorial and a report by thesis the AMA's Council on Scientific Affairs. The impact of the AIDS epidemic in certain Hispanic communities has been alarming, the editorial said. Although representing only 8 percent of the total U.S. population, Hispanics constitute approximately 15 percent of all reported cases of AIDS in the United States. Essay. They said attacking the thesis on hiv, problem of intravenous drug abuse -- a major cause of AIDS virus infections in Hispanics -- was important. So is overcoming a well-known traditional resistance to business gcse coursework acknowledging homosexuality in Hispanic communities, they said, because homosexual men account for in pregnancy, a significant proportion of Hispanic AIDS victims. Also recommended were developing cooperative efforts on the U.S.-Mexican border to improve Hispanic health, collecting better data on the subject overall, and working harder to improve the essay of a, health of thesis on hiv in pregnancy Hispanic children. A bright spot in the Hispanic health picture was in research on respiratory papers, newborns, the editorial said. Despite relatively low family incomes, poor health insurance coverage, and low use of prenatal care, Mexican-American newborns have relatively low rates of death and of low-birth-weights when compared to non-Hispanic whites and to blacks. The News Observer. Latinos face health obstacles.

By JEN GOMEZ; STAFF WRITER. In Pregnancy. DURHAM -- The number of immigrant Latinos seeking medical attention is growing, but several barriers - including a language gap and lack of transportation - haven't made it an respiratory easy trip to the doctor's office. The key issue is the language barrier, said Mike McLaughlin, who conducted a study on Hispanic/Latino Health Issues through the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research. That was a clear finding, because if you can't communicate, it's pretty darn difficult to treat an illness. The study examined the issues health-care providers face when serving this young and fairly new ethnic group to North Carolina. Among other obstacles preventing low-income, immigrant Latinos from getting medical care: inadequate health insurance, lack of on hiv access to about christmas holiday available benefits or services and transportation. In Pregnancy. For the study, more than 200 health-care providers in North Carolina were surveyed, with 94 percent of local health departments participating, McLaughlin said. The study found that although Latinos make up 2 percent of the state's population, the rate of Latinos getting care is higher. In some health departments, Latinos made up 30 percent of the choices research, clientele being served.

In 1997-1998, Latinos comprised 22.6 percent of the total caseload at in pregnancy, the Durham County Health Department. The study was financed by the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust in Winston-Salem; its complete findings will be released in on boxing, mid-August. McLaughlin would only say: There was a clear thinking among local health-care providers that health care is a problem for Hispanics in their communities. It's a situation that hasn't gone unnoticed among local Latino leaders and members of the medical community. To better connect Latinos with doctors and medical agencies, they will be offering a health fair for Latinos on thesis on hiv, Sunday. More than 50 agencies and health-care providers will be there. It will be a place where Latinos can easily learn plenty about their health and available services. Health is a great concern for the Latino population, said Katie Pomerans, the career choices research, Hispanic ombudsman for the state Department of Health and Human Services. Of the calls I get, I would say more than half of them are health-related. The fair will be from 3 to 6 p.m. in thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the gym and parking lot at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, 810 W. Chapel Hill St.

It was organized by a long list of agencies and Latino groups including El Centro Hispano, Duke Hospital and the National Guard. A slew of services and information will be offered. Among them, screenings for cholesterol, hearing and vision will be provided. Along with booths with information on AIDS, infant car seats, healthier eating and CPR demonstrations. The effort was spearheaded by members of about holiday El Centro Hispano, a Durham group that with help from a city grant provides services for Latinos. Ivan Parra, director of El Centro, who regularly handles Latinos' questions about health care, said he hopes the fair will reach a large portion of the community. Most people don't know about the (1-800-FOR-BABY) hot line for in pregnancy, child care and prenatal services, Parra said. Most people don't know about services of the Red Cross in disaster situations. Latino leaders say they are upbeat about recent efforts among grass-roots groups and medical agencies to educate people about literature available services. An informative health fair was held last year at La Fiesta, a cultural and on hiv in pregnancy educational event held annually at Chapel Hill.

Another one is being planned for the Sept. 18-19 festivities. I think it's a good source of career information for people, McLaughlin said of the health fairs. Maybe on how to take care of themselves a little better, how to thesis get care when they do, which can be difficult when you're a stranger in a strange land. Respiratory. Significant strides also have been made at hospitals and clinics, where bilingual personnel has been hired and paperwork is in Spanish. In Pregnancy. Andrea Bazan-Manson, a researcher at the state Office of Minority Health, was especially pleased to hear of the study, which she said was the first in-depth look at Latino health, because it also offered recommendations for improving Latino health. I think the health-care systems in North Carolina have realized that this is a community that is growing and we need to on boxing start focusing on, Bazan-Manson said. A lot of them don't know what kind of services they can get.

The Latino community is becoming aware of the services and on hiv using them and also paying for them. The News Observer. Hispanics less likely to have insurance, study finds. Research. By THE WASHINGTON POST. In Pregnancy. Minority workers, and about christmas especially Hispanic workers, are significantly less likely to have employer- provided health insurance than other workers in thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the same fields, according to a study from The Commonwealth Fund. The survey found that 37 percent of Hispanics with full-time jobs are not covered at work , compared with 20 percent of blacks and 12 percent of whites. Types Of Ap. Perhaps the most important lesson learned from the on hiv, analysis is argumentative on boxing, that having a job does not equalize chances of obtaining health insurance coverage for minority workers, the report concludes. This disparity suggests barriers to being insured beyond employment or having an employer that offers health insurance benefits. One likely barrier is the growing out-of-pocket cost of employer-sponsored coverage - expenses that minority workers are less able to afford. On Hiv In Pregnancy. The Commonwealth Fund study, based on a 1997 federal survey of 62,500 households, found that minorities were less likely to have employer-provided health coverage than whites whether they worked in large, medium or small companies. Essay About. Recent health-care legislation will have little impact on minority health coverage rates, the report said.

To assist minority workers, more sweeping changes, including a larger public role, are almost certain to be necessary, it said. The News Observer. North Carolina is experiencing a wave of Hispanic immigration that shows no signs of cresting and creates new challenges for public services, including health care. This week, The News Observer has teamed up with WRAL-TV and thesis in pregnancy the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research for literature, a special report on health care for Hispanics. The report is based on a study, published this month in the center's magazine, Insight, on the obstacles that keep Hispanics and health care apart. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. On Saturday, tune into WRAL-TV at 7 p.m. for 30 Minutes, a weekly news magazine with host David Crabtree. On Sunday, see the Q section in types literature, The NO. Appendix D: Time Chart of thesis Activities Needed to Implement the Intervention. Appendix E:Time Chart of Activities to Build the Organizations Capacity to be Effective. Argumentative Essay. Example 2: Rural Community Recreation Project: Increase Access to Technology for People with Disabilities.

Personal names and thesis in pregnancy addresses were removed at the project's request. Other identifying information such as specific program names have also been changed for example purposes. Title: Rural Community Recreation Project (RCRP) Grant application to: The Community Foundation Assistive Technology Program. Contact person: Executive Director. Applicant organization : Assistive Technology Partnership (ATP) 501 (c) (3) organization. The mission of the Assistive Technology Partnership is to essay christmas increase knowledge about and on hiv access to assistive technology and information technology for people with disabilities.

People with disabilities, families, and providers that serve people with disabilities. Project title: Rural Community Recreation Project. Types Of Ap. The Rural Community Recreation Project will address barriers to on hiv in pregnancy recreation participation faced by business adults with disabilities. In Pregnancy. Assistive Technology Partnerships, in collaboration with multiple organizations, will promote inclusion, access, and availability of assistive technology used for recreation in two rural communities. Papers. Project activities will include community mapping of local recreation resources, training related to assistive technology use, provision of assistive technology devices to community recreation sites, and thesis on hiv in pregnancy information dissemination. Time frame: January 1, 2004 - December 31, 2005. Statement of the business studies coursework, community problem.

Recreation is an important and desired aspect of life for people with and on hiv in pregnancy without disabilities, but people with disabilities often face barriers to research participation. The lack of knowledge about existing resources, inaccessible facilities, lack of training by community recreation providers, and a lack of appropriate adaptive recreation equipment are significant barriers to thesis on hiv desired recreation and community participation. A recent Harris Survey of Americans with Disabilities found that 69% of adults with disabilities report their disability prevents them in some way from getting around, attending cultural or sporting events, participating in recreation, or socializing with friends outside their home. For individuals living in research papers, rural communities these barriers are even more exaggerated. In recent interviews, people with disabilities and community organizations discussed the barriers faced in the two sites selected for this project. A Rocky Mount citizen explained, In small communities, it is not that we just have a lot of buildings that someone can't get into, it is that people are in the dark ages and don't even think of people with disabilities doing anything [swimming, sports, clubs, college, working].

Why should recreation participation be more difficult for people with disabilities? Why are there often few existing adaptive recreation programs that provide accessible and inclusive facilities and even fewer facilities that have the assistive technology often required for thesis on hiv in pregnancy, many individuals with disabilities to types participate in specific self-determined recreation activities? If people with disabilities are able to find appropriate programs and/or necessary assistive technology they must often travel long distances. By focusing efforts on increasing access to existing community resources, people with disabilities will not have to seek out specialized programs outside their home community - they can participate in thesis in pregnancy, their neighborhoods with family and friends. This project seeks to equip consumers and recreation providers with access to assistive technology and the training necessary to achieve quality community recreation participation. The project will target two rural communities, Henderson and Rocky Mount. Types Of Ap Literature Essays. The Henderson area includes Vance County and extends into three neighboring rural counties - Granville, Franklin and Warren. Data suggests that this community may include as many as 131,542 residents. U.S. Census Bureau (1996) estimates indicate that 25,519 residents may have a disability.

The Rocky Mount area includes Edgecombe and on hiv in pregnancy Nash counties and extends into Halifax and Wilson counties. For this community state data shows 267,063 residents and U.S. Essay Poem. Census Bureau estimates 51,809 residents with a disability. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. A lack of knowledge of holiday recreation opportunities is one of the most common barriers to thesis recreation participation among people with disabilities. Many people with disabilities simply don't know where to look for recreation opportunities, how to ask about accessibility or programs and when and how to assert their rights. This project will begin to address this knowledge barrier by identifying recreation opportunities through the community mapping activities. Essay About Christmas. Once people with disabilities know where to look for recreation opportunities, it is expected that recreation participation will increase. In addition, several factors contribute to the lack of inclusive recreation opportunities in rural communities. First, recreation professionals in rural areas are typically generalists with limited training and exposure to inclusive recreation for people with disabilities. Though it may seem that these professionals show less initiative to address the needs of people with disabilities and include them in community programs, it is often a lack of thesis on hiv training and awareness of christmas these needs that is the barrier.

An aquatics director at a rural YMCA explained, I know I should want to help more people, but I don't feel adequate enough in thesis on hiv, my skills. Similarly, a superintendent at a state park near Henderson showed surprise when first learning about assistive fishing gear and noting that he previously assumed that their $200,000 accessible fishing pier was sufficient. Training and technical assistance project activities will address this barrier to participation by providing the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to support inclusive recreation opportunities. Secondly, rural recreation providers generally have less financial ability to acquire assistive technology required to make many recreation opportunities accessible to people with disabilities. Recreation providers and individuals may not know that equipment is available that enable active participation for people with disabilities, how to obtain the equipment, or how to use the equipment appropriately. Career. Handcycles, sports wheelchairs, bowling ball ramps, and electronic fishing reels are just a few examples of on hiv in pregnancy equipment and about holiday assistive technology that can improve recreation participation.

Funds provided by this project will bring the financial resources into these rural communities to purchase assistive technology for recreation that they would not otherwise be able to afford. Thesis On Hiv. This equipment will remain in the community and benefit the community for years to come. PROJECT VISION, MISSION AND OBJECTIVES. The vision of the Rural Community Recreation Project is to studies gcse coursework help increase recreation participation among people with disabilities. The mission of the in pregnancy, Rural Community Recreation Project is to eliminate barriers to recreation participation for adults with disabilities living in Henderson and Rocky Mount and surrounding areas by increasing awareness and access to recreation through assistive technology and training. Overall objectives for the project include the following: An increase in the awareness of existing community resources and the benefits associated with participation in traditional and nontraditional recreational opportunities and increased participation rates; An increase in the number of community recreational opportunities that are accessible, inclusive and have necessary adaptive equipment from which residents with disabilities may choose; An increase of knowledge by community recreation providers, resulting in more responsive and inclusive service provision to consumers with disabilities; An increase in studies gcse coursework, the availability of assistive technology for recreation activities with increased recreation participation by individuals with disabilities; The development of community commitment to sustain project outcomes through the maintenance of assistive technology at community sites and website.

The target population for this project is adults with physical or cognitive disabilities who have limited access to community recreation opportunities. On Hiv In Pregnancy. Recreation providers are also a target population. Mobilizing human and christmas holiday material resources. The human and material resources are gained primarily from the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, lead project organization, the project staff and critical collaborators. Together, they will implement the on hiv, project. The lead organization, Assistive Technology Partnership, is a private non-profit organization, established in 1994. It operates with a 13-member board of directors. Board members include individuals with disabilities, parents of children with disabilities in addition to research papers representatives from in pregnancy, state agencies, businesses, and the medical and education community.

Having provided services in 100 counties, ATP has state-wide reach. ATP also has a mailing list of 5,000 individuals and organizations, important for the marketing and outreach of this project. ATP has received numerous grants and completed many successful projects. The executive director for essay, ATP will serve as the project director for this project. Responsibilities will include budget oversight; hiring of inventory surveyors; marketing of the thesis, project including preparation of types of ap literature PSAs, newsletter articles, and presentations; coordination of site trainings; liaison with community network groups; oversight of contract employees; dissemination of information and reports; preparation of required reports; and coordination and oversight of AT mini grants.

The community mapping coordinator will be responsible for the community mapping process including the training of on hiv in pregnancy surveyors, developing the survey instrument, developing format for respiratory research papers, the community resource web page, oversight of the thesis on hiv in pregnancy, programmer, data entry and web developer. The third member of the project staff is the training coordinator. Responsibilities of the training coordinator include identification of training needs based on community mapping results, identification of potential trainers, assisting with specific and generic training, reviewing training materials and serving as a liaison with existing community recreation providers. Numerous key stakeholders have been identified as collaborators in the project. Much of the success and sustainability of the christmas, project depends on these collaborators. An initial list of collaborators and their role in the project is as follows: Kerr Lake State Park has already begun building accessible facilities and has agreed to be a pilot site for thesis on hiv, training and placement of about holiday assistive technology. Vance County Senior Center will provide space for staff who will complete the community mapping phase of the project.

Sunrise Medical will provide trainers, equipment for demonstrations, and training and discounts on purchase of thesis in pregnancy recreation equipment. Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health will provide in kind staff support, involvement of local fitness councils and financial support through matching funds. Independent Living Program will disseminate information, identify participants and provide a recreation therapist for training. Rocky Mount Transit will provide additional transportation to recreation opportunities. The Center for Recreation and Disability Studies will provide in-kind training and staff support. Vance County Tourism will disseminate information.

Henderson/Vance County Chamber of Commerce will coordinate activities within the essay about holiday, business community and add links to website. The project activities will take place in four phases with each building upon the other to achieve the project goals. Phase 1: Community resource mapping. Community resource mapping is an organized process through which communities can identify specific resource organizations or groups in in pregnancy, the recreation sector. Argumentative Essay. Approximately 50 resources will be identified in on hiv, each community. Each resource will be surveyed to find out more specific information about how to improve access for people with disabilities to recreation opportunities (e.g., through training, modifications and assistive technology). The surveyors will be community citizens, three at each site, who will be hired and studies gcse coursework help trained to collect information from identified recreation providers. After surveys are completed, the information is entered into a database that will be used for the website and a resource directory. Phase 2: Training and in pregnancy technical assistance. Based on the information gathered during the research, community mapping, recreation providers will either be offered generic or specialized training. On Hiv. Generic training many include education about the Americans with Disabilities Act and access in recreation settings, disability awareness and best practices for inclusion.

Specialized training may include workshops, clinics, and experiential events to expose consumers and providers to a variety of adaptive sports, activities and assistive technology and train providers for further replication. Gcse Help. Phase 3: Assistive Technology Mini Grants. Recreation providers identified during the on hiv in pregnancy, community mapping phase will be given an opportunity to apply for funding to purchase assistive technology. Essay. Funds will only be given to those providers who commit to thesis maintaining and making the essay holiday, equipment available to people with disabilities beyond the two year grant period. Training will be provided to thesis on hiv in pregnancy all mini grant recipients to ensure proper use of the assistive technology.

Phase 4: Information Dissemination. Results from the community mapping, training, and mini grant process will be made available to community members to encourage recreation participation. A searchable database containing community recreation information will be placed on a website and essay about christmas holiday a computer will be placed in each community in a central, accessible location. A project manual also will be developed to serve as a tool for replication in other communities around the state. The following timetable includes major activities involved in each of the four phases of the project. On Hiv In Pregnancy. The numbers along the top of the table represent each month of the project period. The evaluation process will be initiated at the onset of the about holiday, project and conducted throughout the two-year period to measure: (1) the effectiveness of project methods, (2) timeliness of services, (3) consumer satisfaction, (4) accomplishment of specific outcomes, and (5) replication potential. Thesis In Pregnancy. Several evaluation strategies will be used including choice response and open-ended questionnaires in pre/post evaluation at all trainings, log of website usage, quarterly evaluation of use of assistive technology after community placement, and a review of on boxing record keeping. The combination of in pregnancy these methods will provide process and outcome evaluation data. Plan for respiratory papers, financial sustainability.

The involvement of collaborating organizations, specifically the thesis in pregnancy, involvement of the Governor's Council on Physical Fitness and Health, is the long-term plan for sustainability and replication of the project. The project fits within the long range goals of the Council and its plan to critical essay of a poem increase funding to support similar projects. Staff and fringe benefits are for the Project Director (calculated at .40 FTE). Responsibilities include budget oversight; hiring of inventory surveyors; marketing of the project including preparation of PSAs, newsletter articles, and presentations to diverse audiences; coordination of site trainings; serving as a liaison with community network groups, overseeing contract employees, dissemination of information and reports, preparation of required reports, coordination and oversight of AT mini grants and in pregnancy consumer and family stipends. Consultants and Professional fees include services provided by all other staff. This includes the community mapping coordinator and choices research evaluator who will work 300 hours in year 1 and 200 hours in year 2 at a rate of $30 per hour. Responsibilities will include coordination of the community mapping process, training of surveyors, developing the survey instrument, developing the format for community mapping web page and resource guide, oversight of the programmer, data entry, web developing, and project evaluation.

The training coordinator will work 400 hours in year 1 and 2 at a rate of $15.50 per hour. Responsibilities will include identification of training needs based on thesis in pregnancy, community mapping results, identification of potential trainers, assisting with specific and generic training, reviewing training materials and serving as a liaison with existing community recreation providers. The community mapping surveyors include 6 individuals, 3 at each site, working 10 hours a week for a total of 12 weeks at a rate of $8.00 per hour. Clerical support is based on 8 hours per week. The web developer's rate is $65.00 per hour for a total of 50 hours in research, year 1 and 20 hours in year 2. Specialized community trainings will utilize trainers that will be contracted to provide a workshop on a given topic.

The cost will be $500 per training for a total of 20 trainings in on hiv, year 1 and 2. Travel is essay on boxing, calculated at $ 0.325 per mile for thesis, community site visits for community mapping surveys and essay about trainings, coordination and implementation of thesis on hiv in pregnancy trainings, and collaboration. Project staff and business gcse help contract employees will commute together when possible. Equipment is for the purchase of high cost assistive technology items. Specific items will be determined based on community needs and requests through the mini-grant process. A computer also will be purchased and placed at each site so consumers and families will have increased access to the project website and Internet resources.

Supplies include basic office supplies used by project staff and community surveyors. The project also will purchase an array of low cost assistive technology items such as switches, foam, grips, etc. for thesis on hiv, use in each community as determined by critical poem specific needs. Printing and Postage will be used for on hiv, dissemination and marketing purposes. Rent is for a portion of the Assistive Technology Partnership space used for the project. Meetings include stipends for consumers and families to attend training sessions to cover costs of travel and respite care. This amount also covers costs of respiratory research papers refreshments at training sessions. Other: Phone expenses include all the phone line charges and phone cards used by community mapping surveyors. It also includes phone use for project staff.

Accessibility needs includes costs associated with interpreter services, materials in thesis, alternate formats or any other provisions that might be needed to ensure access of types essays trainings for people with disabilities.

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Lester B Pearson Essays and on hiv in pregnancy Research Papers. to mind is Lester Bowles Pearson . About Christmas! He did not shape the on hiv in pregnancy, world’s history but he did shape Canada’s history; he made Canada to what . it is today, he introduced Universal Medicare to all Canadians, and he created the United Nations peacekeeping force. To begin, Lester B . Pearson helped make Canada. He made it to what it is to this day, he is the Prime Minister “who gave Canada the essay, identity that we have today” ( One of the on hiv, things he did was give Canada its flag. Pearson went to the. Canada , Lester B. Pearson , Multinational Force and Observers 1167 Words | 3 Pages. defined as a huge role in the country. Many Great Canadians have changed Canada in a good way, or have done things for the citizens. Lester . On Boxing! B . Pearson’s efforts and accomplishments as Prime Minister helped improve Canada. He helped create Canada’s reputation as peacekeepers.

When he felt Canadians needed it, he brought Universal Health Care into Canada. Lester B . Pearson also decided to get American car dealerships in Canada. “Canadians are the world's best-known peacekeepers.”1 When a country is in. Health care , Lester B. Pearson , Louis St. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! Laurent 1001 Words | 3 Pages. Lester B Pearson and the Suez Canal. Lester B Pearson and the Suez Canal Thinu Sivakumaran CHC 2D1 Mrs.

Murgatroyd December 21, 2011 . Research Papers! Canada had many Prime Ministers, some very good and some not so good. Among these members of parliament, there was Lester Bowles Pearson . A Torontonian man who had made many important decisions in the Suez Canal Crisis. Lester B Pearson prevented another world war from occurring with the decisions he made during the Suez Canal Crisis. Pearson prevented the war from occurring by his overall. Cold War , Lester B. Pearson , Louis St. Laurent 870 Words | 3 Pages.

Defining Canada Lester Pearson Lester Pearson left a lasting legacy on on hiv in pregnancy, Canada; it was during his . tenure as Prime Minister when Canada adopted its own official flag, universal healthcare was applied on a national level, the Canada Pension Plan was negotiated and types of ap literature essays the Royal Commission on on hiv, the Status of essay christmas holiday Women and the Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism were created. However, perhaps his greatest achievement came before he was Prime Minister, when he won Canada's only Nobel Peace Prize. Through. Canada , Canada Pension Plan , Lester B. Pearson 1188 Words | 4 Pages. Raghe Diefenbaker vs Pearson This essay seeks to compare and contrast the two administrations of John Diefenbaker and Lester . B . Pearson from in pregnancy, a historical point of view as well as shedding light on their honorable achievements. Diefenbaker was a former lawyer, while Pearson served as the business studies, second Canadian ambassador to thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the US, both had a military background in papers, common. Aside from the in pregnancy, obvious differences such as Diefenbaker representing the Progressive Conservatives and Pearson the business studies gcse, Liberals, both Prime. Canadian federal election, 1965 , John Diefenbaker , Lester B. Pearson 923 Words | 4 Pages. How Significant was Lester Pearson’s Role in the Suez Crisis of 1956?

A. Plan of the Investigation This investigation assesses the . question: how significant was Lester Pearson’s role in the Suez Crisis of 1956? In order to evaluate Lester Pearson’s significance, the thesis in pregnancy, investigation evaluates his role throughout the Suez Crisis. Help! It will assess his reasons for working with the United Nations, the path to the peace treaty Pearson presented to the United Nations, and the effects of the peace treaty. Cold War , Egypt , Lester B. Pearson 1522 Words | 5 Pages. Lester B . Pearson Born 23 of April 1897 died 27 of December 1972. Lester B . Pearson was one of the greatest Canadians ever. During his life, he was a professor, historian, civil servant, and a politician, he was also very talented at sports, and making friends. He was born to thesis in pregnancy, Annie Sarah, and Edwin Arthur Pearson , who was a church minister. At the respiratory research papers, age of 16 he graduated from Hamilton Collegiate Institute, and in the same year studied at Victoria College, at the University of Toronto. British Empire , Canada , Jean Chretien 517 Words | 2 Pages.

When Britain encouraged Israel to invade Egypt, Canada could not support this action. On Hiv In Pregnancy! To find a way out of the research papers, crisis, Lester B . . Pearson , the Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs proposed a ceasefire and Canadian troops as part of on hiv in pregnancy a peacekeeping force that could separate the two nations and calm the crisis (Granatstein 3). It was Canada’s initiative, led by Pearson , which contributed to Canada’s rise as a middle power. Canada was not the most powerful nation when it came to military. Egypt , Lester B. Pearson , Louis St.

Laurent 1328 Words | 4 Pages. Lester B . Pearson Brandon Chong CHC2D-1 Mr. Storey February 25, 2014 Chong 2 Canada, a nation that . stretches from types essays, sea to sea with rich natural resources, economic stability, and persisting technological developments, a prosperous nation fabricated by on hiv, great leaders, one of business them being Lester B.Pearson. He was a Canadian professor, historian, civil servant, statesman, diplomat, and politician who won a Nobel Prize for Peace in 1957 for thesis in pregnancy, resolving the of a, Suez Canal crisis.1 He served as. Canada , Canada Pension Plan , Flag of thesis on hiv Canada 1732 Words | 7 Pages.

Canada's History Title Page 50's and 60s. Hill in essay about christmas, Ottawa on February 15, 1965, with Governor General Georges Vanier, Prime Minister Lester B . Pearson , the . members of the thesis in pregnancy, Cabinet and thousands of Canadians in attendance. Of Ap! It was the new symbol of the Canadian Identity The official ceremony inaugurating the new Canadian flag was held on in pregnancy, Parliament members of the Cabinet and thousands of Canadians in attendance. It was the research paper, new symbol. Canada , Cold War , Governor General of Canada 520 Words | 4 Pages. Canadian Involvement in the Suez Crisis.

crisis, Lester B . On Hiv In Pregnancy! Pearson assume responsibility for career choices research, the Canadian role in the crisis with full confidence of the . cabinet (Georges-Picot, 1978 p.83). Pearson was the in pregnancy, Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs and about christmas holiday through his work in the United Nations he would help to show Canada as a neutral country in this time of thesis on hiv in pregnancy crisis. To do this, he would abstain during voting on British or US and therefore the Arabs would not be suspicious of help Canadian policy brought to them for their approval. Pearson got. British Empire , Egypt , Israel 987 Words | 3 Pages. very strong and brave country. The second event was the actions of Lester B . In Pregnancy! Pearson , as he showed the world that . Canada is a very peaceful and independent country. The final one was the Canadian Constitution of of ap essays 1982, as Canada showed that we are an thesis in pregnancy, independent and multicultural country. Three 20th century events that defined Canada as a nation were Canada’s participation in the battle of Vimy Ridge, the essay holiday, actions of Lester B . Pearson , and the Canadian Constitution Act of 1982. One event.

Canada , Constitution of on hiv in pregnancy Canada , Lester B. Pearson 941 Words | 3 Pages. significant parts of Canadian history in the modern era. Essay About! In the 1963 federal election campaign, Liberal Opposition Leader Lester . Pearson promised that he would give Canadians a distinct national flag during his first term in in pregnancy, office. (The Great Canadian Flag Debate, Flag Debate) The Canadian Flag Debate had taken place on June 15, 1964 Prime Minister Lester Bowles Pearson scheduled his plans for respiratory research papers, a new flag in the House of Commons to represent Canada. (Flag Debate, The Canadian Encyclopedia) Since. Canada , Canadian Red Ensign , Flag of Canada 1306 Words | 4 Pages. Defining Moments in Canadian history.

the way Canadians live today. Certain people have influenced the country in a positive way and made Canada a stronger nation. Events such as the battle of . Vimy Ridge, the formation of NATO, the creation of the thesis on hiv, Canadian flag and people such as Lester B . Pearson all assisted in defining Canada as a nation. Vimy Ridge ran almost 12km north-east of Arras. The Germans occupied Vimy Ridge in September 1914 and essay christmas holiday their engineers immediately began to construct a network of artillery-proof trenches and thesis on hiv in pregnancy bunkers. Canada , Flag of Canada , Lester B. Pearson 1644 Words | 5 Pages. served Canada through great economic times, poor economic conditions, and the greatest war in research paper, history. Lester B . Pearson’s . accomplishments during his time in office have become daily activities in today’s society. The vision of thesis on hiv in pregnancy Pierre Elliot Trudeau has changed how Canada operates both politically and civilly. It is through the political influences of William Lyon Mackenzie King, Lester B . Studies Gcse! Pearson , and Pierre Elliot Trudeau that Canada has witnessed three great defining moments in thesis in pregnancy, its history.

William. Canada , Governor General of Canada , Jean Chretien 1229 Words | 4 Pages. against the discrimination of the Indian Act. And finally creating multiculturalism in Canada. Trudeau was a passionate federalist. One of the research papers, priorities . was to forge a new relationship between French and English Canada. In 1963, Prime Minister Lester Pearson created the Royal Commission on thesis on hiv, Bilingualism and Biculturalism. There was a report issued in 1969 and the Commission declared that there was a crisis in the French-English relations.

The Commission made three major recommendations: make the essay on boxing, services. Cabinet , Canada , Lester B. Pearson 820 Words | 3 Pages. news reporter, he had three simple words, “JUST WATCH ME”. No one knew what he is thesis in pregnancy going to do about the situation but he had something in plan already. In . 1967, he toured the French–speaking African nations on papers, behalf of then Prime Minister, Lester B . Pearson , who had appointed him parliamentary secretary (1966) and minister of justice and attorney general. After Person’s resignation in in pregnancy, 1967, Trudeau stood as a candidate in the leadership convention of papers April 1968. His campaign fascinated Canadians. Canada , Jean Chretien , Joe Clark 1234 Words | 4 Pages. Insurance Officers Association) addressed the idea of a national Health Care system to the government. Diefenbaker responded positively and was in progress . to set up a new national policy that allowed Canadians unchecked access to thesis on hiv, Health Care. Lester B . Pearson defeated Diefenbaker in the 1963 election; the decision of the new health care system was up to him, which he carried out the following year (MacDougall, Making Medicare).

Even though Diefenbaker was not Prime Minister anymore he still had. Canada , First Nations , Flag of Canada 1196 Words | 3 Pages. was born in Montreal to a wealthy family in 1919. Argumentative On Boxing! He studied at the Universite de Montreal and later attended Harvard University to study political economy. . Trudeau entered politics and thesis in pregnancy was appointed parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Lester B . Studies Coursework Help! Pearson in on hiv, 1965. Career! In the coming election Trudeau was promoted to Minster of on hiv Justice. He was an avid traveler who would frequently travel to the Canadian arctic for camping or travel around the globe. Business Gcse Coursework Help! Of all the Canadian Prime Ministers in the latter half.

Canada , Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms , Constitution Act, 1982 1298 Words | 4 Pages. Pierre Elliot Trudeau: Effectively met the Challenges of his Era? 1968-1979 and again from on hiv, 1980-1984. Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau, or more commonly known as Pierre Trudeau, was born on October 18, 1919 in on boxing, . Montreal, Quebec. Trudeau was elected leader of the on hiv, Liberal Party of Canada in 1967 when Lester B . Of Ap! Pearson retired from office and in thesis in pregnancy, 1968 was voted into office as the holiday, fifteenth Prime Minister of Canada.

Before Trudeau took office, Canada was a nation that worked to improve on their international relations as well as government reliance with the installation. Canada , Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms , Lester B. Pearson 1577 Words | 4 Pages. agreed that his government would pay the going rate for thesis in pregnancy, service that the business studies help, doctors charged. In 1964, Justice Hall recommended the nationwide adoption of . Saskatchewan's model of public health insurance. In 1966, the Liberal minority government of Lester B . Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! Pearson created such a program, with the federal government paying 50% of the costs and christmas the provinces the other half. Douglas achieved his goal of providing Medicare for everyone by beginning with the end in mind.

Habit three- put first things first. Co-operative Commonwealth Federation , Federal government of the in pregnancy, United States , John Diefenbaker 1503 Words | 4 Pages. Parliament never voted on a design. Early in 1964, Prime Minister Lester B . Pearson informed the of ap literature essays, House of Commons . that the government wished to on hiv in pregnancy, adopt a national flag. In October 1964, after eliminating different designs. The committee was left with three designs, a red ensign with the fleur-de-lis and the Union Jack, a design with three red maple leafs, and a red flag with a single maple leaf on a white square in the middle. Pearson preferred a design with three red maple leafs between two blue boarders. British Empire , Canada , Flag 1851 Words | 7 Pages. As a Canadian citizen I feel safe knowing that if I ever get ill, I am covered without having to spend any money. Finally, Canada has been fighting for about christmas, . Thesis On Hiv! world peace ever since it joined the UN during its creation in 1945. It was actually Lester B . Pearson who suggested the idea of a UN lead peacekeeping force in 1956 (The Canadian Contribution to United Nations Peacekeeping).

Canada’s first peacekeeping mission was done in gcse coursework help, 1949, in on hiv in pregnancy, India and respiratory research Pakistan. The mission was codenamed UNMOGIP, Canada’s. Canada , Lester B. Pearson , Medicine 792 Words | 3 Pages. The Ugly Canadian: Fighting for Canadian Rights. cruel nation. His target audience was all the Canadian, political leader or student studying Canadian history. Thesis! His lack of source have him have little . evidence to support his argument or amplify his ethos. Attaran believe and had faith in a man name Lester Pearson’s ideology drives his passion and dislike for the new agenda Canada’s government has adopted, that will highly persuades his audience. Amir Attaran enforces his ethos by allowing his readers to respiratory papers, see he is experienced and well educated in. Canada , Human rights , Lester B. Thesis On Hiv! Pearson 779 Words | 5 Pages.

How Canada Remained Independent of Foreign Control but Also Managed to Be a Part of International Decision Making. War II. Canada is very well known for their participation in every UN peacekeeping operation. Types Of Ap Essays! Lester B . Pearson . even won a Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. When Egypt nationalized the Suez Canal, Britain, France and Israel made a secret pact to invade Egypt.

Israel attacked Egypt while Britain and France took over the Canal. The situation grew tense when many countries denounced the invasion. Lester B . Pearson proposed to the UN that Britain, France and thesis Israel withdraw their troops and the UN send a peacekeeping. British Empire , Canada , Cold War 708 Words | 2 Pages. Council. Canada has also contributed to more peacekeeping missions than any other member of the UN and has been a part of every UN mission since 1957.

Most . notably was when the Canadian Secretary of types of ap State for external affairs Lester Pearson peacefully defused the thesis in pregnancy, Suez crisis. Lester was later awarded a Nobel peace prize for types of ap essays, his work and later created the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF). On July, 27, 1950, the on hiv, Canadian government decided to send Canadian solders to assist UN forces in respiratory, Korea. Korean War , Lester B. Pearson , Peace 417 Words | 2 Pages. Parliament never voted on a design.

Early in thesis in pregnancy, 1964, Prime Minister Lester B . Pearson informed the House of Commons . Studies Coursework! that the government wished to adopt a national flag. In October 1964, after eliminating different designs. The committee was left with three designs, a red ensign with the fleur-de-lis and the Union Jack, a design with three red maple leafs, and a red flag with a single maple leaf on a white square in the middle. Pearson preferred a design with three red maple leafs between two blue boarders. Canada , Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom , Flag of Canada 551 Words | 2 Pages. Canadians were capable of thesis on hiv doing and presenting it worldwide in the Expo.

It is still considered to types of ap essays, be one of Canada’s finest cultural achievements. The total . revenue was $221,239,872, costs of $431,904,683 and a deficit of $210,664,811. Key People: Lester Pearson : The Liberal Government took power in 1963 and has made significant progress on the construction and the board of directors that were appointed by thesis in pregnancy, the Conservative Government had to research, resign. Pierre Dupuy: He was appointed by on hiv, John Diefenbaker has. Expo 67 , Jean Drapeau , Lester B. Essay About! Pearson 340 Words | 2 Pages. 7310 Lakeridge Kevin Epp 7321 Jamie Prokopchuk……… 7322 Laurie Vawter 7320 Lakeview Curtis Shepherd 7331 Laura Lindgren 7332 Corina MacLeod . On Hiv In Pregnancy! 7330 Lawson Heights Janna Piro 7341 Corey Apesland 7342 Linda Drever 7340 Lester B . Pearson Janet Simpson 7351 Gerald Krogstad 7352 Darcy Gayowksi 7350 Mayfair Todd Berg 7361 Dulcie Puobi 7362 Debbie Regehr 7360 Montgomery Miranda Low 7371 Cindilee Hayden 7372 Linda Essar 7370 North Park Wilson Sharon.

Lester B. Pearson , Saskatoon 637 Words | 2 Pages. has many important things about it. In this brochure just the very key point will be talked about. Respiratory Research! February 15th 1965 was the day that parliament . officially adopted the new design for the Canadian flag, the Prime Minister at the time was Lester Pearson . When this flag was brought into use Canada has ten provinces and thesis on hiv one territory and this is why the Maple Leaf in the middle of the flag has 11 points, one to represent each of the studies gcse coursework, provinces and thesis on hiv in pregnancy territories. The red Maple Leaf with. Canada , Canadian Red Ensign , Flag 438 Words | 2 Pages. Lester B. Essay Of A! Pearson and the Suez Canal Crisis. and pull other countries into the fray. Canada had no direct ties to the Suez crisis, in in pregnancy, terms of respiratory control or economic interest.

However, Canadian Secretary . of thesis on hiv in pregnancy State for Foreign Affairs, Lester B . Pearson , persuaded the UN General Assembly to send in the United Nations Emergency Force. Essay! Even though Lester B . Pearson dismayed the Commonwealth with his measures for peace, Canada was recognized for starting the in pregnancy, first ever United Nations Peacekeeping mission. In the 1950s the studies gcse help, Middle East was affected. Cold War , Egypt , Gamal Abdel Nasser 1434 Words | 4 Pages. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein. In Pregnancy! Welcome to Pearson . We have a simple mission: to help . people make more of their lives through learning. We’re the world’s leading learning company, but we believe that companies, like people, are Always Learning. That’s because there’s always room for a bit more understanding. (video) 1844 S. Pearson and essay Son is established as a small building firm in the north of England. 1935 Allen Lane publishes the. Book publishing companies of the thesis on hiv, United States , Dorling Kindersley , Pearson Education 582 Words | 3 Pages. 21st century: A conceptual framework.

Beyond the of ap literature essays, Journal. Young Children on the Web. Thesis! Retrieved 20 December, 2006, from . Kaiser, B ., Rasminsky, J.S. (2003). Challenging behavior in young children: Understanding, preventing, and essay poem responding effectively. Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc. Miller, D. F. (2007). Positive child guidance (5th ed.). Clifton Park, NY: Thomas Delmar Learning.

Miller, D. F. In Pregnancy! (2010). Positive child guidance (6th ed.). Clifton. Child , Childhood , Early childhood education 1848 Words | 9 Pages. Head, SoCM. Music History (Jazz). October 20, 2012 Development and Maturity of the saxophone Style of Lester . Young Introduction This essay is about the development and maturity of the essay about, saxophone style of Lester Young including his influences and his legacy to the jazz tradition. It will be discussing specifically Lester Young’s early period from in pregnancy, 1925 – 1959 to describe and illustrate the main aspects of his influences and his legacy to the jazz tradition.

Bebop , Coleman Hawkins , Jazz 1812 Words | 6 Pages. American Beauty: Analysis of Lester Burnham. the Analysis of Lester Burnham When I was told to choose a movie to perform a psychoanalysis on a character. I did not know what movie to . choose. After watching the two hour long film on the multiple characters that seemed to be struggling to essay holiday, find their inner happiness: American Beauty. I knew that I should not look any further.

One character that especially stood out was, Lester Burnham. On Hiv! A forty-two year old father with a mid-life crisis. Argumentative Essay! In the film, American Beauty Lester Burnham is thesis portrayed. Aggression , Anger , Middle age 1643 Words | 5 Pages. PGP28282PGP28296PGP28309PGP28317 | | Submitted to: Prof. Amit Agrahari | 7/9/2013 | | 1. What challenges does Adams-Woodford face as he . develops his five year road map? When Adams-Wood joined Pearson , the key strategy for digital learning software development was the respiratory research, Waterfall model where Pearson team only does the detailed documentation of the product development and core development was contracted to the external agencies. Adams-Wood implemented the agile development methodology which involved. Agile software development , Iterative and incremental development , Lean software development 910 Words | 3 Pages.

? Headquartered in London, England, Pearson is an international company with businesses in education, business information and consumer . Thesis In Pregnancy! publishing. Pearson education operations provide learning materials, technologies, assessments and services to of ap literature, educational institutions, corporations and professional organizations, as well as to teachers and students of all ages. In its business information division, Pearson operates FT Publishing, which includes the Financial Times, FT. com and a range of other. Accounts receivable , Balance sheet , Current asset 1167 Words | 5 Pages. Pearson Correlation Coefficient Handout. ?Understanding the in pregnancy, Pearson Correlation Coefficient (r) The Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient (r) assesses the degree . that quantitative variables are linearly related in a sample. Each individual or case must have scores on two quantitative variables (i.e., continuous variables measured on the interval or ratio scales). The significance test for r evaluates whether there is papers a linear relationship between the two variables in the population. The appropriate correlation coefficient depends. Coefficient of determination , Correlation and dependence , Covariance and correlation 1480 Words | 5 Pages.

PEARSON PRODUCT MOMENT CORRELATION COEFFICIENT. ? PEARSON PRODUCT MOMENT CORRELATION COEFFICIENT Definition It is the measure of the linear correlation between two variables X and Y It is . the measure of the strength of thesis on hiv a linear association between two variables and is denoted by r. Respiratory Papers! It tells you how strong the linear correlation is for paired numeric data e.g. On Hiv In Pregnancy! height and weight. Choices Research Paper! The Pearson correlation coefficient, r, indicates how far away all these data points are to this line of best fit. Development It was the imagination and idea of Sir. Correlation and thesis on hiv in pregnancy dependence , Covariance and correlation , Eugenics 440 Words | 4 Pages. Pages a) Demographic Profile: a. Argumentative Essay! Name: Mr. R. A. b . Address: Ibaan, Batangas c. Age: 44 years old d. Status: . Single e. Occupation: Farmer (previously) f. Educational Attainment: High-school graduate g. Chief Complaint: Hematemesis and melena h. Admitting Diagnosis: Hepatitis B infection i. Final Diagnosis: Esophageal varices s/t liver cirrhosis s/t chronic hepatitis B infection j. Date and Time of Admission: 3/3/13 07:00 am . Abraham Maslow , Cirrhosis , Developmental psychology 1245 Words | 5 Pages. Lester Ward’s Contributions to American Sociology Lester Frank Ward was a man of science. Sometimes dubbed as the on hiv, “Father of . American Sociology” or the “Social Darwin” Lester Ward was first a botanist and paleontologist. Of Ap Literature! He understood the power of science. Ward wrote Dynamic Sociology and a few other works with the hopes to in pregnancy, reinstate the importance of business studies coursework help experimentation and the scientific method to thesis, sociology.

He served as president of the argumentative essay on boxing, American Sociological Society in 1906 and appointed assistant. Anthropology , Charlotte Perkins Gilman , Lester Frank Ward 1266 Words | 4 Pages. We, humans live in this world amongst hatred, differences and violence, a world where equality seems to be impossible but it is those truly extraordinary . people like Aung San Suu Kyi, Anwar Sadat and Noel Pearson who work with what they have to empower others to thesis on hiv, take action against issues that paralyse so many in essay about, the global community. They take us beyond the ordinary and challenge us to open our hearts and minds to the injustices, intolerance and other issues of enduring human concern that resonate. 21st century , Aung San Suu Kyi , Gamal Abdel Nasser 1634 Words | 5 Pages. Finance and Pearson Prentice Hall. Theingi Copyright © 2011 Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. 1-2 Copyright © 2011 Pearson Prentice Hall.

All . rights reserved. Copyright © 2011 Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. On Hiv In Pregnancy! 1-3 Business Forms Sole Proprietorships Partnerships Corporations Hybrids Modified by Dr. Hla Theingi Copyright © 2011 Pearson Prentice Hall. Research Papers! All rights reserved. 1-4 The Goal of the Financial Manager • • • Copyright © 2011 Pearson Prentice Hall. All rights.

Corporate finance , Discounted cash flow , Finance 661 Words | 3 Pages. ?HEPATITIS B VIRUS 2 HEPATITIS B VIRUS Hepatitis . B is a viral infection that is thesis in pregnancy caused by the hepatitis b virus (HBV). It is a serious inflammatory condition of the liver. There are two types of hepatitis B which are acute and chronic. When a person first becomes infected with the critical essay, virus it is known as an acute infection. Depending on how the persons body reacts to the virus determines whether or not they exhibit any symptoms. Cirrhosis , Hepatitis , Hepatitis A 889 Words | 7 Pages. and movie director, contrasts an audience’s response in his quote, to emphasise that a responder’s context is vitally significant.

The speeches “Faith, . hope, reconciliation” and “An Australian history for us all,” written by Faith Bandler and Noel Pearson respectively- draw many similarities and contrasts with regards to issues raised, audience, intention and context. Both acclaimed speakers articulate their speeches through the use of various rhetoric devices, tones and stylistic techniques in order. Allusion , Australia , Feminism 937 Words | 3 Pages. Hemophilia B Thesis Statement: To inform the audience about on hiv in pregnancy, Hemophilia B or Factor IX deficiency. I. Introduction A. Respiratory Research! Most . everyone can recall getting a cut or bumping into something right? Some of in pregnancy you may have even thought when looking at the cut it would never stop bleeding or wondering when the bruise would go away. Well, in some peoples’ lives the types essays, thought of thesis when the injury will stop bleeding or when the argumentative on boxing, bruise will go away is a daily reality. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! B . Today I am going to papers, talk about what.

Bleeding , Blood , Bruise 912 Words | 3 Pages. . P8 Abstract A- B -Zee, which specialises on thesis on hiv in pregnancy, children products, has just been set up as an independent . subsidiary of a well established leading UK retailer, Goodwins. The HR Director and the store managers of research paper their two sites (London and northern) were faced with the challenge of recruiting sales assistants. Each store’s human resources target is to recruit 60 part-time sales assistants who met A- B -Zee’s minimum standards. They are to recruit a balanced work. Employment , Human resource management , Human resources 1987 Words | 6 Pages. INTRODUCTION Hepatitis B is the most common serious liver infection in on hiv in pregnancy, the world and essay of a can estimated one third of the Global Population has been . infected with the thesis on hiv, Hepatitis B virus.

Therefore it continues to be a major global health problem. (WHO, 2009) This infection is highly prevalent to the third world countries which include the critical essay poem, Philippines. It is caused by thesis on hiv, the Hepatitis B virus that attacks the liver and can cause both acute and argumentative chronic disease. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! A single virus particle can cause the disease. AIDS , Blood , Blood transfusion 1009 Words | 3 Pages. ?Hepatitis B vaccine ASSIGNMENT In order to address the research, general questions posed by on hiv, the case study, you will individually research information . on the disease(s) caused by a particular microbe and the vaccine that is respiratory research papers used for it. Address the following questions for in pregnancy, the microbe and essay vaccine that you have been assigned: 1. a. Describe the typical symptoms of the disease(s) caused by the agent. Thesis! Hepatitis B can cause acute (short-term) illness and that can lead to loss of appetite, diarrhea. Cirrhosis , Hepatitis , Hepatitis B 963 Words | 3 Pages. Hepatitis B Virus Hepatitis B is a global health problem, it is a liver infection that can cause serious complications and is . potentially life threatening arising from the Hepatitis B virus (HBV). This paper will provide an overview of hepatitis B , including demographic information, determinants of holiday health, the in pregnancy, epidemiological triangle, the role of the career, community health nurse and a national organization that addresses the thesis, communicable disease.

Hepatitis B is an infection of the liver caused by. Antiviral drug , Cirrhosis , Hepatitis 1391 Words | 4 Pages. Hepatitis B (HBV) is a contagious disease causing inflammation of the liver due to career choices, infection with the Hepatitis B . virus. It can range in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious lifelong illness and death. On Hiv In Pregnancy! Although hepatitis has been known for centuries, before World War II doctors did not know that it was caused by a virus. Studies Coursework Help! It was assumed to be contagious because epidemics of hepatitis often occurred in crowded, unsanitary conditions, but how it was passed. Cirrhosis , Hepatitis , Hepatitis A 1315 Words | 2 Pages.

Submitted to: Dr. Fariha Haseen Field visit no. On Hiv! 2 Date of visit: 04/11/2012 Name of the respiratory research papers, institute: icddr; b Type of . the organization: Dedicated to saving lives, icddr, b is an international health research organization located in Bangladesh. Through translation of on hiv in pregnancy research into treatment, training and essay policy advocacy icddr, b addresses some of the most critical health concerns facing the world today. Establishment:1960-Cholera Research Laboratory established. Bangladesh , Dhaka , Diarrhea 1054 Words | 5 Pages. 1. Thesis! Ida B . Wells wrote the primary source Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in papers, All Its Phases. This article was published in October 1892. On the . Encyclopedia Britannica Online I read that Ida B . In Pregnancy! Wells attended Rust University, which was a freedmen’s school, in Holly Springs, Mississippi. She started teaching when he was only 14 years old!

Later she moved to Memphis, Tennessee and she taught there as well. While living and teaching in Tennessee she attended Fisk University, which is in Nashville, she was. African American , Black people , Encyclop?dia Britannica 880 Words | 3 Pages. Hepatitis B the Silent Killer M. D. Leslie Grand Canyon University: NRS-427V-0101 August 30, 2014 Hepatitis B the Silent . Killer Hepatitis B is one of the most serious communicable diseases. This disease attacks the liver one of our major organs of the body.” The virus, which is called hepatitis B virus (HBV), can cause lifelong infection, cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver, liver cancer, liver failure, and death.” (Hepatitis B Vaccination, 2014)Hepatitis means inflammation of the liver. The. Cirrhosis , Disease , Hepatitis 1332 Words | 4 Pages. Chapter 8 Quiz Version B Blank vers. AP Statistics Quiz B – Chapter 8 Name__________________________ In an paper, effort to decide if there is an association between the on hiv in pregnancy, year of a . postal increase and the new postal rate for first class mail, the data were gathered from the United States Postal Service.

In 1981, the United States Postal Service changed their rates on March 22 and November 1. This information is shown in the table below. 1. Make a scatterplot and describe the research papers, association between the year and the first class postal rate. Year. 1901 , 1902 , 1916 499 Words | 4 Pages. 1. A. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! Fear B . “I am frightened, Mama…There is career research a rumor going around that they have been taken away. Are they going to thesis on hiv in pregnancy, take us away too?

Please . tell me, Mama” (Appleman-Jurman 9). C. Literature Essays! This quote expresses fear in how Alicia has been noticing her Jewish schoolmates going missing. She is afraid these awful things may begin to happen to her and her family. By asking her mother she shows she is concerned. There is also a sense of dramatic irony to this quote because the readers know that her fate will. Jews , Risk 1464 Words | 4 Pages. necessary factor for photosynthesis to occur. Plant growth needs the suns UV light to thesis in pregnancy, proceed, but at what point can UV exposure become detrimental to plant . morphology? Research indicates most damaging effects to plants DNA is found to be a product of respiratory UV- B radiation. Thesis On Hiv! (2) Natural sunlight gives off the entire UV light spectrum, so we need to be able to isolate the wavelength of research our specific interest in UV-C light rays.

With lab equipment provided, we were only able to study the thesis, effect of UV-C radiation. Electromagnetic spectrum , Fluorescence , Fluorescent lamp 1311 Words | 7 Pages. Caso B : …Alvalade XXI… 70651 – Rute Lemos 1. Analise conceptual / Conceptual analysis The concepts marked by red are concepts from the . Argumentative On Boxing! book. 2. O problema / The problem In terms of organizational problems, Casa XXI needed to improve its organizational performance and change its business model by thesis on hiv in pregnancy, reducing the critical poem, need for controlling cash registers and bartenders, and the use of cash affected the on hiv, time it took to execute payment transactions. They also wanted to have more sales at of a poem, peak.

Concept , Decision making , Decision theory 533 Words | 2 Pages. ?Your Work Role Task B Bi The terms and conditions of your employment are a statement and instruction of what the employer's expect of . On Hiv! their staff and your job description. Employer's expect their staff to read and follow the of a poem, policy and on hiv in pregnancy procedures that the home have. Types Of Ap Literature Essays! and to attend all training and update they have and to attend supervision and thesis on hiv in pregnancy any observations. Bii ·Employee's name ·Tax code ·Date ·Payment period ·Payment method ·Employee number ·Net pay Biii Change of address and Change. Care of literature residents , Employment , Health care 983 Words | 3 Pages. Task B Bi) Describe the term and conditions of your employment as set out in your contract of employment or employment agreement. Thesis! Bii) . Describe the information which needs to be shown on critical poem, your pay slip/statement. - Your name - Employer name - N/I number - Job title - Date - Payment, enhancements and thesis on hiv deductions. - Contracted hrs per week Biii) Indentify two changes to personal information which you must report to your employer. - Change of essay on boxing phone number - Change of address Biv).

Appeal , Best practice , Care Quality Commission 659 Words | 3 Pages.

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An Analysis of #8220;The Klan#8217;s Fight for Americanism#8221; Essay. In 1926, Hiram Wesley Evans, then Imperial Wizard and Emperor of the thesis on hiv Ku Klux Klan, published “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism”, a leaflet that set forth the principles and fundamentals of respiratory research papers what many called the revival of the KKK in 1920’s America, a new version of the organization that was originally formed by Nathan Bedford Forrest after the Civil War in an effort to maintain the supremacy of the on hiv white man over the recently freed African-American slaves. The researcher will analyze and essay on boxing, discuss Evans’ writing in this paper from the standpoint of his views and specific tenets to be found within “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism”. In addition, the in pregnancy researcher will present views as to whether or not Evans’ views agree with those of the researcher, and ultimately, a response to Evans’ view will be presented. Upon the conclusion of this paper, the reader will have a thorough understanding of Evans’ work as well as some possible alternative viewpoints on it. A Brief Overview of “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism” In order to fully understand the various elements of Evans’ writing, and to respiratory research papers adequately interpret it, a brief overview of the work itself is in order. Thesis! The previously mentioned revival of the KKK in critical of a the early 1920’s came in thesis on hiv response to what the group called the “infestation by choices research, aliens” of America in thesis on hiv in pregnancy the years immediately following World War I. As a result of the KKK’s revival, by 1926, the of ap literature essays organization had over on hiv in pregnancy 3 million members. The KKK increased its list of those whom it hated to include Jews, Catholics, Communists, and those who were members of the labor unions that were gaining popularity in America during that time. Hiram W.

Evans, upon assuming control of the KKK in 1926, wrote “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism” as a means to lay the groundwork for what would be a new expansion of the Ku Klux Klan in the 20th century. Americanism as Defined by Evans One of the key terms that Evans uses in his writing is the term Americanism, something that he claims is a hallmark of the KKK. The term Americanism in this context has its roots in critical essay of a patriotism, something that the KKK claims to have in abundance; however, the interpretation of patriotism that the KKK has varied greatly from what one would usually find in the belief systems of someone like Abraham Lincoln, for example. Patriotism, as the cornerstone of thesis Americanism, in this case has some far reaching implications. First, consider the KKK’s definition of the American ideal within Americanism, which will first be presented by use of an actual quote from Evans’ work: “Americanism, to the Klansman, is a thing of the spirit, a purpose and essay about christmas holiday, a point of view, that can only come through instinctive racial understanding. On Hiv In Pregnancy! It has, to be sure, certain defined principles, but he does not believe that many aliens understand those principles, even when they use our words in talking about them. . . .In short, the Klansman believes in the greatest possible diversity and individualism within the limits of the American spirit. But he believes also that few aliens can understand that spirit, that fewer try to, and research papers, that there must be resistance, intolerance even, toward anything that threatens it, or the fundamental national unity based upon It” (Evans, 1926) . What Americanism is, for the Klansman, is the concept of liberty and thesis on hiv in pregnancy, justice for all, as Americans recites in their Pledge of Allegiance, but “all” has its limits along racial, ethnic and religious boundaries. For the essay KKK, coming right from the pen of its leader at the time, the American Dream was available for those who qualified by being a certain race, nationality or religion, embodied in on hiv in pregnancy the KKK credo of essay “native, white, Protestant supremacy” (Evans, 1926). Using terms like “mongrelization” to describe the ethnic diversity that America was experiencing in large part due to the displacement of Europeans after World War I, Evans set up unlimited possibilities for a limited few, not much different from the slavery that America utilized prior to the Civil War. Another element of Evans philosophy was what he defined as “The American Race”. Thesis In Pregnancy! This race encompasses people who are white descendants from the ancient Nordic tribes of Europe, Protestant in religion.

Evans makes a specific religious distinction, saying that “Rome shall not rule America”, meaning that the Roman Catholic Church, and more specifically the Pope, will not have any hold on what “The American Race” does in the United States (Evans, 1926). A Response to Evans’ View While Hiram W. Career Paper! Evans, as an thesis on hiv in pregnancy, American citizen, has the right to literature express his opinions and views, likewise it is appropriate for the researcher to respond to what Evans wrote and thesis in pregnancy, professed in respiratory “The Klan’s Fight for Americanism”. As a response, rather than embarking on a long tirade of random responses, his work will be discussed along the lines of carefully selected main points, which will give a better response to the overall work. Those key points are as follows: • DIVERSITY IS THE BASIS OF AMERICAN GREATNESS- No one can debate that the many contributions made to America in thesis on hiv in pregnancy terms of the arts, sciences, humanities, education and more would not have been very significant were it not for types of ap literature those of many different ethnic backgrounds who came to thesis in pregnancy America seeking a better life and ultimately made America a better place for others. If America were only open to Evans’ “American Race”, the country likely would have been held back from its full potential. • JUDGEMENT BY CONTENT OF CHARACTER- Decades after Evans’ ruled the KKK, Martin Luther King Jr. Argumentative! professed that he dreamed of an America where people would be judged not by the color of skin, but my content of character. By limiting his view of Americans to be only those of the thesis on hiv in pregnancy white race, Evans excluded many fine individuals from inclusion in gcse help the American Dream. This exclusivity again would have compromised the ability of on hiv America to literature essays grow and thrive as it has. • ONE NATION UNDER GOD HAS MANY MEANINGS- The belief in God cannot, and should not be available only to those of the Protestant faith that Evans advocates in his teachings and thesis in pregnancy, writings. A nation built on many faiths can provide a strong moral foundation and indeed has in the case of America. Aside from holiday, whether an individual’s belief in thesis in pregnancy God comes from the Protestant, Catholic, Jewish or any of a number of other theologies, the teachings of respect for other people, peace, integrity and morality has helped to make America great. Agreement With Evans?

The researcher has clearly shown that there is definite disagreement with Evans and the content of “The Klan’s Fight for argumentative essay on boxing Americanism”. Having the benefit of viewing the publication in hindsight, it is clearly seen that the American landscape would be vastly different in the 21st century if Evans ruled the 20th. Closing Thoughts It was once said that those who do not learn from on hiv, history are condemned to repeat it. In the case of Evans’ teachings and writings, this is definitely true. Luckily, the hatred that he professed has not totally dominated the American culture, but does exist today. Therefore, it is important for every American to pay attention to respiratory research the past to avoid pitfalls in the future. Evans, Hiram W. (1926). The Klan#8217;s Fight for Americanism. North American Review, 223, 38-39. University/College: University of Chicago. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter.

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construct resume job Exact circle division by five #151; how to draw the perfect five point star. What Natural (whole) numbers divide a circle exactly? Meet the perfect all-star families. Construct the real and the virtual shapes #151; and take them to 3D.

Give me a ring and I will make it sing G eometric construction of the thesis pentagram, pentacle, pentagon, and the five pointed star #151; and spice it up here and choices, there with three kinds of ten pointed stars. H ow to sketch a five pointed star on a clock template, for kids [yes, pick a better shade of thesis on hiv in pregnancy, pink]. Tilt and rotate and double them. draw stars of pentagrams and pentagons using a compass and straightedge (two geometric methods) construct a pentacle directly inside your own circle or with your own sides length (point-to-point dimension).

What you pick #151; large or small #151; will be a rational and therefore an exact measure. tell the diff between a pentacle and a pentagram and essay of a poem, why there are several pentacles. determine the thesis on hiv inside and outside angles of a pentagram. find the golden proportions that are inherent in a penta. star and grow them, too.

make a five-point star indirectly via pentagon tiling #151; and vice versa. create fancy five pointed stars plus a ten pointed hyperstar from a half-square rectangle (in a new tab) get the only harmonious ten pointed star of a decagram by respiratory always skipping 6 points. design 5 point stars as art forms #151; inherit the energies if you stick to nature. combine the up and down pointing pentacles into a brand new hyperstar. On five circles. You'll be in the micro but this is huge. W hat does it mean if a pentagram is encircled once or twice #151; a star is on a single circle or in-between of two concentric circles. built from interlocking rings.

S ymmetry in a five pointed star #151; there are several kinds of symmetry and on hiv in pregnancy, .. Essay On Boxing. .. A perfect three pointed star can be had on a circle or semicircle #151; and it's doubled for a regular six-point star or a hexagon already. In Pregnancy. You could divide a circle by 3 exactly but a general 3-way division applicable to universe building and traveling can also be had. Hexagon and hexagram stars are behind viruses. A perfect square is types essays a four pointed star.

A n eight pointed star and thesis, a twelve pointed star share the essay christmas holiday same construction. B oth stars are perfect and both take you beyond counting as well. 16 and thesis on hiv, 24 pointed stars also share the same construction. Just as the eight and 12 pointed stars, they are in the 3:2 musical ratio and because the growth of stars in this ratio is unbounded we have a separate page on that (in a new tab) H ow many perfect stars can you make with geometry?

With arithmetic? Number 36 is (abundantly) divisible by 2, 3, 4, 6, 9, 12, and 18 #150; yet, you cannot make a perfect 36 pointed star. Geometry vs. Arithmetic is a very old topic, very unresolved, and very relevant; and. Numbers are not just symbols. About Christmas Holiday. In a circle they make 1 ) stars on paper and 2 ) atoms in space. A comment on a seven pointed star (heptagon). Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. Hit a snag in a circle, but .. P entagon Pyramid . Fusion of numbers in argumentative, three dimensions is good but it is thesis on hiv not about averaging. T he four sided Great Pyramid construction is via the golden proportion and has its own page (in a new tab) A five pointed star just for kids.

If you can tell time you can sketch this and respiratory research papers, other stars by hand. Oh, use the free template below at first. I'm the author of the illustration above but this one is freed from copyright. (With the Chrome browser you can drag-and-drop this illustration onto your desktop as the .gif file.) Have a look at on hiv in pregnancy, some pics from the stone circle at Avebury in Wiltshire, UK. Draw a star, any perfect star.

Can you see how you could lay out and sketch several stars using but one construct from the clock's minutes? You probably haven't heard the critical essay of a word 'a construct,' but a template is usually just for tracing and copying. On Hiv In Pregnancy. Can you join the points by skipping some? Odd and even number of points makes a big difference. Here are the from-the-ground-up geometric constructions of eight and 16 point stars of a compass rose. [ Now, can you imagine making ALL perfect polygons and stars in the above 60 pt construct? If each point were to essay glow differently for each star, would you get a cool and on hiv in pregnancy, unique pattern I could lock on to half way across the galaxy? Oh, you make it glow by having each point a semiconductor junction, similar to an LED.

For the types of ap essays junction you need an amorphous substrate and a crystaline piece of a rock. Thesis In Pregnancy. Because you want to power up the whole circle, your power source is a bit more than just a single lay line. Except, how would you stop the primitives on the planet from messing with the stones? Yeah, it is all sacred feminine kind of stuff. Essay On Boxing. If that doesn't work, cover the whole thing with soil a call it an thesis on hiv, ancient sacred burial mound.] Historically, geometric drawing of a pentagram star was considered a secret. One can appreciate keeping the career choices research paper formula and thesis in pregnancy, directions secret because the construction of a five-point star is not obvious even if you worked in geometry for some time. Yet, if you could draw the perfect star only through geometry, the career choices research secrecy takes on extra dimensions. To draw a (regular) pentagon, the segment must be exactly one fifth going around the circle. Stars are pretty and circles are everywhere, yet there is but slowly growing understanding of stars and circles. (This is not the case in China, for the Taoist movement and Taoist philosophy can be said to issue from a circle.) A circle gap exists not because we've lost our compass or a desire to admire crop circles, but it is because a circle is in pregnancy frowned upon by the Catholic Church and because the reductionists of the respiratory research papers 20th Century lost the link to the source of a 0D point. With it, we also lost great things that the dimension zero brings to the table.

So there is thesis a book coming out late 2013 resurrecting a circle as well as the stars that are the dimension zero's first application. Oh, 99% of all moving energy in the universe is in spin and orbits. Not only that. If you want to types of ap build something that doesn't just fly away, you have to do it in a circle (you cannot build an atom or a planetary system as a static entity). Going through external edits, the thesis on hiv working title of the book is papers ' Stars and Rings .' No whole number can divide a circle exactly arithmetically but some whole numbers can divide a circle exactly geometrically. This is the first differentiator between geometry and thesis, arithmetic.

When it comes to dividing a circle's circumference (or area) with a straightedge and compass, we always strive for the exact division. The perfection is not about argumentative, some quirky obsessions of ancient Greeks and today's teachers, however. Thesis On Hiv. If we finish our assignment in a finite number of steps and achieve an about, exact division, we would then claim executability and creation of such structures could be implemented in nature. Computer's arithmetic gives us precise #151; but not exact #151; answers when working with incommensurable (irrational and transcendental) numbers, but the geometric way can be exact and have much utility just because of that. On Hiv In Pregnancy. We will apply the division of a circle in business studies gcse, the atomic construction below. Yes, the exact construction is about the (exact) conservation of energy. If the length of a circle's straight segment (cord) is exact, then the segment's length is unambiguous and can be expressed as a finite number. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. A finite number is also a rational number. If the cord's length were an irrational number then such number's sub-unity portion (mantissa) is infinite and we could not agree on its exact length #151; but we could agree on the exact distance between the two end points because the two end points can be constructed exactly geometrically. Irrational numbers are executable (or expressible) geometrically but not arithmetically.

This is the second differentiator between geometry and arithmetic. You might skip on the diff between length and distance right now #151; later you may avail to argumentative the explanation and construction of the incommensurable numbers (irrationals and transcendentals). Instructions on geometric division of a circle into five equal and exact parts #151; in five steps: If you want to construct the penta. with a circle radius of your choice , point A is one unit distance (one-half of the thesis radius) away from origin O . When you divide a circle into exact fifths along the periphery you now have the template and of ap essays, : Finish the pentagon by connecting every neighboring point and erase the circle. Inscribe it counterclockwise if you want to be disharmonious (ratio 9:5), clockwise if harmonious (6:5). (Cw and thesis on hiv in pregnancy, ccw makes a big difference #151; think enhanced modulo math.

Ccw is acw for the Brits.) Make the poem pentacle by connecting every other (second) point. If you do it counter-clockwise, you will be doing it in the 8:5 ratio, which is harmonious, and you should not have a problem with that once you understand that the underlying pattern mechanics are clockwise #151; it's on on hiv in pregnancy, the Venus page. Pentacle is the easiest and the simplest to do because it does not require erasing. Does it mean it is the most fundamental? Complete the pentagram from pentacle by erasing the circle. Make the five pointed star from pentagram by erasing the inside (smaller, upside down) pentagon. Also see pentagon tiling, further on. The unit distance u is the shortest distance used in construction of a particular star. All other parameters (radius/radii, cord) are then calculated in terms of u . This is literature new . All formulas for stars should be computed from the unit distance and not from, say, a radius because there are star constructions that use several circles. Thesis. In our example, the equation for of ap essays the length of the cord c in the above construction comes from thesis in pregnancy, two Pythagorean relations and essay on boxing, is quite involved:

In either case, you can now substitute any distance for u and get the in pregnancy measures of the rest of about christmas, star's parameters. There is more to this. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. Geometrically, the square root of five, for example, can be of christmas holiday, any length and this length issues from the unit distance used in the construction of the SQRT(5). When working the pyramid you first have to find the unit distance before making sense of the rest of the (micro and/or macro) proportions. Polygons and stars.

gon identifies the point connections that go straight from one point to the nearest next point on a single circle #151; poly gon in general. When you say regular polygon you are emphasizing that all segments span the same distance and all points are on one circle. Stars do not have to thesis take a straight path from argumentative, one point to the next and do not all have to be on but one circle. On Hiv In Pregnancy. The star's points could be connected by a curve or a kink line or the connections just skip one or more points. As you go around the essay center from one point to thesis the next, you might keep turning in but one direction and then the essay on boxing star is said to thesis in pregnancy be convex. Regular polygons are always convex. Sometimes the points move inbound and out, particularly with multiple circles holding the points, and you keep turning left and right when moving from point to point. Papers. In such case the on hiv in pregnancy star is said to be concave. Choices Paper. This is how things stood until our hyperstar, which has groups of three points lined up straight (and there are no turns).

The hyperstar is discussed in in pregnancy, the right column. The hyperstar is not regular. All points of papers, all regular stars and polygons are on a circle and are equally -- that is evenly, and exactly spaced going around the thesis on hiv in pregnancy circle. The best way of seeing it is business help that they have the exact fraction of on hiv in pregnancy, a circle between them. Essay. However, only some stars are constructible exactly #151; see Perfect Families.

As to on hiv in pregnancy the actual angles between points #151; see below, for these angles could be irrational numbers. (For now, ask yourself if a protractor can give you any irrational angle.) Having said all that about polygons and stars, don't get hung up on technicalities. A star is argumentative essay such a pretty word (and polygon such an ugly one), that using a star for both is just fine. Some say 'twelve sided' when talking about a polygon and thesis on hiv, 'twelve pointed' when talking about a star. Critical Of A Poem. If there is a section of a circle with a start and a stop, such as when speaking of the thesis in pregnancy Signs of the Zodiac, 'twelve sided' makes more sense. If you read other things about geometric stars, don't get derailed by mainstream math classification of stars. Types Essays. Scientists do not take into account the cw or ccw star creation, likely because the in pregnancy mainstream does not know the applications difference between the career choices research paper two. (Harmony-disharmony enters here but there is more to thesis it besides cw or ccw.) Also, math guys presently keep one point fixed and the other point advancing cw in a circle by argumentative on boxing a certain number of thesis in pregnancy, steps to make the essay on boxing next point of a star. But of course, mainstream scientists are in the Dark Ages thinking there is a fixed reference point.

The Quantum Pythagoreans book gives all planets orbiting frequencies from which the stars are made and, gee, the on hiv in pregnancy Earth is orbiting while the cw or ccw point-to-point trace arises mathematically from that. Mainstream math guys' definition of a star is that you can see all parts of a star from its center. This is a great example of a definition of arm chair convenience because the Venus-Earth interplay makes a cool curlicue between points of a five pointed pentacle star and types of ap literature essays, this does not match the thesis scientists' definition of a star #151; so here is ours. Why should a circle division be made of equal (evenly distanced) segments? There is respiratory research nothing wrong with unequal lengths if that's your fancy and in pregnancy, there could be a really good reason with a heptagon (see below).

However, an electron's wavelength is proportional to the electron's energy and research papers, if several wavelengths of one electron were to fit (were to thesis on hiv in pregnancy close) around the holiday nucleus then they have to do so in in pregnancy, whole multiples of the types same distance. Thesis In Pregnancy. It's about the numbers (in a circle). There are many geometric ways of constructing pentagon or pentagram patterns and types, symbols. The construction presented here has the thesis on hiv in pregnancy length of the side of the pentagon c the business studies gcse coursework help incommensurable (irrational) distance #151; that is, the measure of the side's distance is composed of an infinite number of digits (that do not repeat individually or as a group). On Hiv In Pregnancy. Other constructions make the side c a rational distance, which is better suited for the Great Pyramid's purposes. In the pyramid, one half of the side of the base is (must be) a rational unit of measure, for such measure is executable and can become. (For transcendentals you may have to put a kink in critical poem, that.) The connection between the five sided pentagon/pentagram and the four sided Great Pyramid is through the golden proportion , a subject that lets you understand how to draw and construct the Great Pyramid, and on hiv in pregnancy, include the literature pinch on thesis in pregnancy, its side. Angles in a five p ointed star and how they relate to choices paper the golden proportion. Determination of pentagram's angles is easy #151; on the interior or the exterior. First, if (any) two angles have their arms intersecting at 90 degrees then the two angles are the same. The central (Egyptian) star below has 360/5=72 degrees between its arms. Because the arms (rays, spikes) of this star are at right angles to other angles then such angles are also 72 degrees.

You will get to 108? angle inside the pentagon with the subtraction of the 72? angle from 180? (from a straight line). You will note two special triangles on the pentagram when making design extensions to thesis on hiv in pregnancy the sides (below). One has the interior angles of 72, 72, and 36 degrees while the second one's angles are 36, 36, and 108 degrees. Both of these triangles are golden because their sides are in papers, the golden proportion. There are many other golden proportions on the pentagram but these two kinds of in pregnancy, triangles are important in the micro (atomic) domain, particularly as related to orbital jumps. In multiples of one tenth of career choices paper, a circle. All angles internal and external to the pentagram or the five pointed star are in thesis, multiples of 1/10 of a circle: from 36? on critical essay poem, to 72?, 108?, 144?, 180? . Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. 324?, 360?. A circle can be divided by 10 exactly and so all angles in and around a pentagram are exact and perfect. Research. A pentagram, aka pentalpha, is a prominent symbol of the thesis in pregnancy Pythagoreans. It is said the pentagram is essay good for on hiv in pregnancy one's health, and there could be something to it considering the golden proportions that are all over business, the star.

I think it is also likely the pentagram's prominence is due to having an on hiv in pregnancy, abundance of the coursework number 10 while adding a circular aspect to the many number 10 aspects of the Pythagorean Tetractys. In Pregnancy. The number 10 is also fundamental in designs of obelisks, including the Washington Monument. Self-test:-) If you think an obelisk is a phallic symbol then you've just begun. The angle of essay holiday, 144? seems obscure (it's on the outside of the star) but it's the only angle you'll need if you want to draw a pentagram with a computer program the likes of 'Turtle,' 'Scratch,' or 'Logo.' The program would run like this (in pseudocode): Move 100 pixels [forward] If these computer instructions do not mean much to you, you are doing well. First you want to create the geometric foundation #151; yes, in your mind, before resorting to a computer. The golden proportion consists of two numbers that at times relate through a ratio, in which case we speak of the golden ratio.

The two golden numbers consist of one irrational number a that is ( 1 + SQRT(5) ) and on hiv, one rational number b that is 2 and, because these two numbers may relate to each other through multiplication or division or addition or subtraction or. they should not be reduced into a single number. Reduction into essay of a poem, a single number severely limits the application of the golden proportion and that is one reason scientists like to reduce it as the Phi [scientists have reductionist tendencies #150; perhaps not a disease but it could be a handicap]. Reduction into one number hides other relationships the two golden numbers might have. The golden spiral. Golden spiraling happens naturally in 2D or 3D as you observe the golden proportions and figure out how you could grow them. Thesis. Fancy math will give you a smooth spiral but if you stick to the golden proportion you will be going in discrete steps. (You'll need to understand why staying with the golden steps is superior to smooth fancy math. It has nothing to do with efficient packing of seeds/objects, and you just might see the quantum effects on the macro scale.) Once you start putting the golden proportions in the circular format, mathematically you'll be working the point/radial symmetry while entering a new area of research papers, endeavor. Also known in general as tessellations, doing it in 5-fold rotational symmetry is favorite of Dürer, Kepler, Penrose.. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. .. All pieces that make up sets for the five-fold 2D tiling have their angles in multiples of 1/10 of respiratory, a circle . The multiples of 1/10 of a circle construct the shapes of diamonds, pentagons, ships, kites, darts, or double-decagons. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. A fancy Ninja star design on left also has all of research papers, its angles in on hiv in pregnancy, tenths of a circle.

The hyperstar goes even further using an exact division of respiratory research, a circle while providing constructs for orbital jumps. There is yet another (and last) golden triangle and that one does not appear on a pentagram. Thesis. It has a right angle and career, its hypotenuse with the thesis in pregnancy shortest side are also in the golden proportion. This triangle is one-half of the Great Pyramid going across the mid face and into argumentative essay on boxing, the center of the base. You can see it below on our Golden Eye design. Pentagon Dimension Priority : Diameter Dim or Point-to-point Length Dim. There is a dual approach to a geometric pentagon star construction. You can either specify the diameter of a circle that will place all points, or the length of a pentagon's side that specifies the distance between points. In either case you start the construction with the shortest unit length of 1 . Thesis In Pregnancy. On this page we show two constructions with Diameter dimension priority and in both examples the diameter ends up 4 units long (radius of 2).

This means you can construct a star with a circle diameter of your choice because there is the argumentative essay exact 1:4 relationship (scale) between the on hiv unit length you started with and the diameter of the pentagon's circle. In the argumentative essay on boxing case of a point-to-point Length dimension priority, or side Length priority, you start the golden proportion construction with the unit length of 1 . On Hiv In Pregnancy. When finished, the pentagon will scale to about the side length of 2 . Pentagon construction with side Length priority has the exact side of your choice and thesis in pregnancy, is on about christmas holiday, the golden proportion page. A circle has many positive connotations. What would be the idea of dividing it? Once you know what numbers can divide a circle, you can then build a circle. Not [yet] from real things such as wood or metal but from waves. It turns out that the waves must have a particular wavelength count (a particular multiple of on hiv in pregnancy, particular energies) before these waves are able to close in about, a circle -- and thus be symmetrical about on hiv in pregnancy, a point. You need to know what numbers can divide a circle before you can construct the circle from waves. You might think this is something witches do, and you would be right, but an electron is a wave that wraps around the nucleus, too. There is (always) a bit more to this.

When a circle's periphery is cut and has a small gap, funny things happen as forces arise. Gcse. One could call this a circle corruption and in a way it is. Yet the forces that arise are not corrupting, for they attempt to close the circle and .. (think free energy). The making of a circle is also about thesis on hiv in pregnancy, taking a step from 1D to 2D. There, you will find the friendly transcendental number Pi. To round it off, you may want to learn more about the about christmas squaring of a circle, for it is about the straight and thesis, curving geometries. We did not forget the ancient Egyptians and use the business studies example of the five pointed star as one of the thesis in pregnancy steps in essay, working the on hiv in pregnancy circle and the square.

The golden proportion and types of ap literature, Pi get very close to each other. The five pointed star is thesis in pregnancy made from the golden proportion and then the squaring of respiratory research, a circle and thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the five pointed star are closely related. Not everybody likes geometry. Christmas. In case you don't, you can blame your teacher or _______, but in the not-so-final analysis it is about you. Geometry is about movement and placement in space, from an on hiv in pregnancy, atom in your body to your ship as a whole.

Lots of geometry is in a plane and you have a good argument if you say your head is not flat. So let me cut to the chase. The intelligence is in 3D and respiratory papers, your head is just fine for that provided you are able to intercept it. Lots of thesis in pregnancy, free energy is in 2D and it can be harnessed there once you figure out how to relate 3D to 2D. Oh, to relate 1D to argumentative essay on boxing 2D you'll get into the squaring of a circle, which is something you want to do if you'd like to make atoms. (Light is in 1D and energy of an atomic electron cannot be in 1D #151; it would leave the atom.) The linear movement is in 1D while the atom and gravitation need 0D for spin. Your challenge, desire, need, or necessity is to understand and in pregnancy, work the Pythagorean tetra(ctys) of 0D through 3D because that is how the essay of a poem universe is built and you want to continue to be a nifty and smart participant in it. Symmetry in thesis on hiv in pregnancy, a five pointed star. Symmetry has appeal. It makes things look nice but it could be difficult to move beyond that. There are similarities with reflections in a mirror #151; or refractions through a focus of a lens. You might love crystals but it is tough to explain what symmetry brings to types essays the table.

Aristotle could not apply numbers beyond counting and it was then easier for him to thesis stick to generalities ('nature abhors a vacuum,' 'prime mover') and even poke fun at Pythagoreans. There are two kinds of symmetries : even and odd. The even symmetry duplicates things about the (usually vertical) axis while the odd symmetry duplicates things by respiratory research half-circle rotation about a point at the origin, which is the center of the circle used to make the star. Symmetries issue from geometry (and geometry issues from numbers). The even (or axial) symmetry is unique to energy and includes intelligence.

Esoterically it is the head of the thesis in pregnancy Sphinx while the empty space between the Sphinx' front paws is the (virtual) line of the business studies coursework axis of the even symmetry. The odd (or point) symmetry is unique to charge and matter. The even symmetry is thesis on hiv in pregnancy inclusive while the odd symmetry is exclusive. Self-test:-) If you think erecting a physical object between the Sphinx front paws is corruptive, you are doing well. A five pointed star, point up or down, has even symmetry but no odd symmetry. You could also have heard of 'rotational' symmetry. When a five pointed star rotates one fifth of respiratory research papers, a circle, it overlaps exactly with the original star. You want to in pregnancy differentiate the rotational symmetry from the even and odd symmetries. Rotational symmetry is essay about applicable in the rotationally-moving context and indeed there are plenty of situations for that.

I like to thesis in pregnancy call the even and odd symmetries the christmas holiday placement symmetries while the thesis in pregnancy rotational symmetry is argumentative essay on boxing one of the movement symmetries. Placement is for building things (this includes the atom) while the movement is not only for physical movement but also for transformations. Mainstream physicists use the term 'symmetry breaking' when dealing with the on hiv ocurrence of career, different symmetries. They (the scientists) assume everything should be in thesis on hiv, 3D and anything else is a form of deviation (breaking) from that. This is very stupid. The fundamental thing to look for is computability. Gcse Coursework. If the system is computable, it will happen. The system will then exist in several and in any and all symmetries, as long as it is computable. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. But of course, the computability conditions are spelled out and explained in the Quantum Pythagoreans book. This talk about symmetries becomes introductory once you begin to appreciate that the (law of the) conservation of energy is based on the conservation of symmetries. The conservation of essay about christmas holiday, geometric symmetries is then a more fundamental law.

There is thesis on hiv a bit on this in the Quantum Pythagoreans book but then it is extended even more in the upcoming Stars and Rings book. What? Who needs cables? Five pointed star in a circle. There are three sources #150; and therefore more than one meaning #150; of the five pointed star. Essay Of A Poem. One meaning has its origin in the exact (geometric) division of a circle and is discussed on in pregnancy, this page. It is a fairly complex though rewarding topic that leads to the symbolism of choices, a star issuing from a single circle. Another root comes from two orbits (hence two concentric circles/rings) of Venus and Earth, and is discussed and traced there . (Venus, while most prominent through the five pointed star, is also associated with the thesis in pregnancy number eight and the meaning of the career diagonal.) The third source of the five pointed star calls on non-concentric yet interlocking rings . The separation of the circles is in the golden proportion and this new five pointed and unique hyperstar construction has its own bookmark on thesis on hiv, the golden proportion page. This brings us to the diff between the sign/drawing of business studies coursework, a pentagram and on hiv, a pentacle . A pentagram is a five pointed star drawn with five straight and argumentative essay, unbroken lines, aka the thesis on hiv Pythagorean pentalpha. A penta cle has a cir cle (s) around the star. Yet, these are but technical differences.

There are three separate origins associated with a pentagram and you may want to show a pentacle to point out the paper root. In other words, a pentagram always issues from orbits/orbitals/circles/rings/rotation and there are three separate ways to in pregnancy do so, as follows: 1 ) A single circle around the star makes it the classical or atomic pentacle that comes from argumentative essay, atomic construction, and on hiv in pregnancy, a single circle shows the standing wave around the nucleus -- the orbitals. Pagan-wise the types essays classical pentacle stands for earth and if you think of it as 'materia' (from Latin), it's a close match to 'atomic.' 2 ) Two concentric circles around the star make it the cosmic or planetary pentacle and the two circles are the orbits of thesis, Venus and Earth (can be computed via modulo math from the clockwise 8:5 orbit ratio and in the illustration on left the orbits are to scale). Business Studies Help. Points are between and close to the midpoint of the two orbits and thesis, the pentagram rotates (why that is so is on the Venus page). For Pagans, the research double circle around the star is about 'drawing down the Goddess,' and the circle diameters are calculated along with point sequencing on thesis, the Venus page. If you speak of or draw a planetary pentagram , then you are substituting the two concentric circles with Venus and Earth symbols because you know there are several pentagram sources. 3 ) Separated but interlocked circles (rings) with centers at types of ap literature essays, the hips of the on hiv in pregnancy pentagram show two separate atoms joined in a molecule, which I call the help hyperstar pentacle . This is new and thesis, I don't presently know of respiratory research papers, anybody applying the hyperstar pentacle.

Although I think the in pregnancy hyperstar explains the atomic separation in a molecule, there are many, many meanings and applications. Argumentative Essay On Boxing. My feel is associating the hyperstar with friendship, marriage and angels. I like using it in Tai Chi and thesis on hiv, here is an example. A classical pentacle can be rotated/turned about the circle's center if someone wants to do an critical essay of a poem, upside down 5 point star. With the hyperstar, however, I flip the pentacle about the thesis on hiv in pregnancy hips and then a completely new 10 point hyperstar happens -- a star with nothing but the golden triangles.

See below. Research. [Flipping something about an axis is a feminine operation.] The abundance of the golden proportions associated with all penta. constructions deserves an analysis of its own. Whether it leads to harmonizing your environment and having good luck, building a pyramid, or even growing it into nature based religions the likes of Wicca or Shinto, the thesis on hiv golden proportions are indeed linked to space borne intelligent energies. Once the circular geometries are engaged you'll end up with the pentagram. It is then okay to business gcse help draw just the pentagram but you want to draw the on hiv various pentacles if you want to show where the pentagram is about christmas holiday coming from. For example, ancient Egyptians call the pentagon 'The Womb' and if you retain the circles on thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the hyperstar you just might see it. Okay guys, another story has Isis looking for Osiris' parts. She found all except the phallus, which was eaten by a fish. Strange story. Well, if you retain the circles you just might see a fish doing its thing. [So, is the paper hyperstar a lost ancient Egyptian star or is it THE Star, the most secret one?

I haven't seen it in their art but their stories sure seem to point at thesis in pregnancy, such possibilities. Self-test:) If you take the career choices paper fish story personally and say ouch, for example, you are missing the alchemical dimension.] Pythagorean pentagram/pentacle symbolism is a bit different and possibly more sophisticated if you think in the square-a-circle context. The pentagram is encircled once and then a second ring is thesis on hiv in pregnancy added as a piece of jewelry. The second ring is then at the right angle to the first. (The illustration is from essay of a poem, Secret Teaching by thesis Manly Hall.) Regarding the Satanic or (d)evil or demon side of the upside down (inverted) pentagram or pentacle, consider it a feeble attempt at corruption by the self-proclaimed sign-of-the-beast creator and almost-priest Levi. Critical Essay Of A Poem. You want to on hiv know where corruption comes from and then you are in position to overcome it. In this case the upside down pentagram could issue from natural rotation of the Earth-Venus cosmic/planetary pentacle in the solar plane -- with the sun in the center -- and then the satanic notion loses its meaning once you appreciate that the about holiday cosmic pentacle's rotation does not stop and there is in pregnancy no 'up' and 'down' of the solar plane to begin with, just as you cannot tell if the whole coin on the right having odd (point, sun) symmetry is up or down. (Under odd symmetry every point has a second point on the other side of the center of rotation.) If you want to unambiguously show the types literature star's point-up or point-down placement on a coin, you have to place the star next to a non-symmetrical reference such as an animal (or introduce the even/mirror symmetry, which is the case in nature). The coin's design is odd-symmetrical, but if the lower half is erased then odd symmetry is gone.

It is then easy to see that the star placement becomes point-up because 'Republic' now provides up-down reference. Thesis. So you can appreciate that up side down is not a given under odd symmetry alone because when your reference is but a point (such as the Sun in the center), you could see the of a star one way looking from the center and the opposite way looking into the center. Moreover, cw and on hiv, ccw rotation can be differentiated -- think mirror symmetry and angular momentum in 3D, which also means that 'above' aka heads and 'below' aka tails can be diffed absolutely under rotation. Geometric stars' origin is from orbits (macro) or orbitals (micro). Micro includes both the atomic and/or molecular (valence) orbitals. This means that the stars issue from odd [masculine] symmetry.

Yet, to get unambiguous and stable solutions, both the odd and even [feminine] symmetries are needed. Ancient Egyptians include a horizontal bar with their oval cartouche just for of ap essays that reason, and the bar -- which is the axis of the even symmetry [it is not the horizon] -- is very explicitly tied to thesis on hiv the oval. Now, I am extending it past the business gcse help Pharaohs' cartouche, and there are more practical and new examples in the 5 and 10 point hyperstars below and, of course, the Golden Eye. When it comes to the androgynous nature of the beast (Levi's beast has feminine and thesis in pregnancy, masculine attributes as well as a point-down pentacle on its forehead), consider that masculine-feminine cannot be merged because they each issue from different and unique symmetries. Masculine-feminine is about the duality that cannot be unified by merging but needs to be, and can be, balanced or married. Career. (Achieving such balance is not trivial but there is more than one solution.) In essence, the evil side arises from on hiv, conflicts that ignore nature's duality, and one of the gateways to its understanding is to ask, 'Why and research paper, how is the human brain separated and joined at the corpus callosum?' Focusing on on hiv in pregnancy, construction of the visible universe, the gateway to balancing is through Quantum Mechanics. Oh, if you don't like the about christmas status quo get into vortex and free energy. Overlaying two opposing hyperstar pentacles , the up-and-down points from the two pentacles make a ten-pointed hyperstar, which is not a decagon nor a hexagon, either regular or not -- yep, not concave and not convex -- and thesis on hiv, definitely not for choices paper the Wiki trivia chasers. This hyperstar (on right) has a north-south axis with very unusual properties.

The axis can become absolute under spin and then the star symbolically acquires a touch of Tartaros (or Tartarus) -- but, as a Pythagorean you know what the axial post/pole is thesis on hiv in pregnancy about. I like seeing the hyperstar as 'the seed of the thunderbolt,' but that's shade romantic. Did you notice all triangles on the hyperstar are golden? In the business gcse coursework help case of the classical pentacle, the upside down notion also has no meaning because the five-fold atomic orbital is symmetrical about the atomic core and is free to rotate without appreciable symbolism. (However, there do exist harmonious and disharmonious stars and in the book Quantum Pythagoreans you will learn which is which and why.) A human body has a close resemblance to in pregnancy a five pointed star. Indeed, Tai Chi makes a mere resemblance into a remarkable art, including the Martial art. The upside down star is not conventional (not normal) once you link a human body to the five pointed star. There is then a human mental aspect to an inverted star and argumentative on boxing, the Venus page has a bookmark on that. However, if you place energy importance first (and you should) then the upside down aspect is thesis on hiv about energy while the upside down body is a mental and positive construct in the service and manipulation of energy. How do you make your own pentacle or pentagram?

Buy or make is okay but to have your own you have to have it in your mind. And add a cw pentagon, too. [Feeling better?] Here is also a secret for the 21st century: You must know how to make the star geometrically and then -- by making the same body movements -- you will also attract beneficial (golden proportion) energies in the circular geometry that will stay with you. Oh, if you start doing Tai Chi, you'll see the geometric components very soon. If you wish to superimpose/overlay/map a human body onto a five pointed star , the five points of the inside pentagon are the major reference points. The top two points are at the shoulder-neck transitions, just as you'd guess. The lower two side points are the critical hips while the lowest point is the crotch. On Hiv In Pregnancy. If you do Tai Chi/Yoga exercises just a little, you will feel the importance of these points. Respiratory Research. As much as I find occult interesting, the occult human body-onto-star overlay seems forced and this leads me to suspect the occultists do not exercise much. As you get more into mind-body-circle-star- energy interlocks, you'll jump or sail right into alchemy . You cannot power into alchemy but you can turn alchemy (Tai Chi or ancient Egyptian versions) into thesis, personal power, both logical and physical. There is the Buddhist view, too. Ever seen an angel?

The book you will thoroughly enjoy. Harmony is talked about ever since antiquity but it is essay about holiday this book that actually allows you to predict whether any two tones will be harmonious. Yes, the clockwise or counterclocwise rotation can be determined and that is the thesis on hiv in pregnancy one (of the two) harmony components that was hidden until now. It is about the literature essays perfection of geometric stars and on hiv in pregnancy, the waves that go with it. The radius measure of 2 (diameter of argumentative on boxing, 4) in our pentagonal construction on the left is the thesis in pregnancy outcome of using the shortest applied distance as the unit 1 . This is not because you couldn't divide by two (you can -- and work with ? as the distance OA , for critical essay of a example), but if you construct other structures such as the the Great Pyramid with the shortest distance as the unit 1 , you will always be in sync with your numbers from one structure to the next. If you want to thesis look at critical of a poem, it metaphysically, each number has its own personality and you want to keep track. If you want to have more fun, think of the unit distance OA as an irrational number. Even Euclid did not think of the number 1 as just a counting number. On the political side, particularly in thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the association with Communist power , you want to be cognizant that the five pointed star issues from career paper, orbits and the star is always a 2D entity made from 1D constructs. Making the star into a 3D star (the likes of the Kremlin) points to the lack of understanding on thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the root of the star's creation.

The purpose and utility of the five pointed star could also be said to be misunderstood by the Communists, not unlike the swastika adoption by the Nazis. [If the Nazi technology was as advanced in the flying saucer technology as is business gcse rumored then the swastika would not be far off.] For the time being I'm not doing full 2D (area) or 3D red stars until the bloody aspects dissipate -- oh, about a hundred years, considering China. These stars are fancies anyway. Actually, Darwin started the whole mess with his 'strongest survive' evolution simplification, and it was the opportunism of Communists and Fascists who took in the reduction and used it literally. (There were alternatives available at thesis on hiv in pregnancy, Darwin's time but Mendel was pushed aside for the critical 15 years and at Mendel's rediscovery the industrial revolution was in career paper, full swing. Thesis. Book review: The Monk in The Garden .) What to look for. People bent on argumentative on boxing, power will promote and support the following: 1. Thesis. Nature is on our side. Best represented by Dawkins' The Selfish Gene , the idea is that being loaded with money is natural (you guessed it, it's Gates' favorite). A virus is selfish, a gene is not.

In the UK the Oxford U nicely masks its ignorance with arrogance. In the US the Harvard U is big on this kind of critical poem, spin [they put out the best crap]. On Hiv In Pregnancy. You will recall the dinosaurs and poem, the dino eats dino times [I don't think they died out without a fight]. 2. Running out of in pregnancy, energy. Usually about (peak) oil, this mentality replaced Running out of food from the last century. This allows wars to go on, as it conjures up there is not enough for both of us. This is but one example of reductionism. [If you don't see God, there are plenty of bosses to work under #150; here and on the other side.] The beauty of free energy is that it is really about smarts and without a large up front investment. Respiratory Research. Once you do a bit of reading, you will be LOL at the experts, but you'll also have to do the free energy yourself. If you complain that the thesis on hiv govt does not release free energy, you are not getting it. 3. Socialized medicine.

The mind job here is to convince you that you need the institutions of state and selected private hospitals and clinics for you to stay healthy but there is an obligation to pay extra premiums. Respiratory Papers. It ends up that the healthier you are the in pregnancy more you pay and this becomes a tax on your health. Because you are smart and critical poem, stay healthy by paying attention to your body's needs, you are pressured to pay for thesis on hiv the ones who are not, and the power chasers are a sick lot. You may have to move to another state and/or become politically active (for example, AMA should not have a monopoly). Argumentative. You really begin to understand this when you start looking forward to stopping the payments of your premiums. You may find out it is the best thing for actually being healthy. There are three components : understand fear, pick up specialized exercise, and keep up with alternate immunity discoveries (such as Dr.

Jan Raa's) as well as the revival of Raymond Rife technology. Once you understand the thesis in pregnancy fear component, talk openly about the health alternatives should you meet an AMA doctor, for the tables might have turned. 4. Culture or religion-embedded values of guilt, fear, and of a, intolerance. Once embedded they can be invoked without explanation (prejudice will not be seen for what it is). On Hiv In Pregnancy. This is usually about argumentative essay, Bible and Koran waiving and could be difficult to deal with outside the US.

In some cases the fear and/or weakness and/or ignorance justifies betrayal [needs to be watched, even self-watched]. Betrayal is also a component of on hiv, power, and power has its own category (power is reversed in the virtual domain and there it is not based on specific might but on infinity). In the Pythagorean and Buddhist traditions the friendship works well. I also like Ronald Reagan's attitude because he 'liked all and of ap, feared none.' You might get hurt but you will have the last word. So you think you know your numbers and might think it's okay to reduce them to your liking.

But if you construct the Great Pyramid with the golden numbers and use the shortest distance as the unit 1 , you will arrive at the pyramid's base as having the side length of 4 . The base of the Great Pyramid is then 4 times of some unit of measure. In Pregnancy. So now the essays pyramid's base periphery (4+4+4+4) and base area (4x4) carry the same square number 16 . On Hiv. You see, if you reduce the numbers and think of the pyramid's base as having the unit length of, say, two, the base periphery would have eight units of length but the base area would be but four (square) units. If you do not reduce the numbers you can think of the number 16 in the context of acceleration (unit of measure per time squared) and derive the unit of length that is most appropriate for this planet [yeah, it's a foot]. Rational numbers are commensurable numbers -- that is, they all have finite or repeating sub-unity part of about, a number (mantissa) and all can be expressed as a ratio of two integers. Rational numbers can also be called the exact, finite, or absolute numbers because we can write them down and thesis on hiv in pregnancy, agree on their value. At times, rational numbers are called real numbers because all real things have a finite measure. Rational numbers happen when we ratio two integers. Research. All mainstream mathematicians define the rational number as the ratio of any two integers. Thesis On Hiv. So, a mainstream math guy would say, Of course the rational number is a ratio of two integers -- it is defined that way. Yet, you really do not want to be mainstream and acquire but an encyclopedia knowledge of the world.

You do not want to think of business gcse coursework help, somebody's definition as complete or adequate knowledge. You know that a rational number is a finite number (has a finite or repeating mantissa) and once it is finite it can be expressed as a fraction of two integers. Thesis On Hiv. As a smart person, moreover, you know that if another operation produces a naturally finite number then such operation also creates a rational number. The circumference of a circle is a transcendental number. Many of circle's round segments (arches) are transcendental numbers and their straight cord could be an irrational number -- and respiratory, both of these numbers have an infinite mantissa (infinite precision). The question now is: If you divide (ratio) some particular circular segment by its corresponding cord, will you get a finite (rational) number as a result? Some Pythagoreans view the number two as a problem number because it divides the unity. Pythagoreans discourage division of the unit 1 until you understand the context of each degree of freedom -- but in any case the number 2 is not the culprit. (The number 2 is in the denominator of the on hiv in pregnancy golden ratio and about, there it should stay as the number 2.) As you get familiar with this site the thesis on hiv sub-unity will become applicable to business studies help atomic orbitals and hence the number 1 is the Great Divide between the macro-cosmic and micro-atomic. [My guess is that macro concepts are taught before the micro in the Pythagorean School.] Tetractys of on hiv in pregnancy, Pythagoras deals with the organization of matter, among other things.

What makes you a Pythagorean? Short of visiting the essay about christmas holiday Pythagorean page, you are interested in the actual construction of the visible universe. On Hiv In Pregnancy. As a Pythagorean you want to know why some stars are constructible exactly and muse at the people who draw stars without regard to their actualization. Drawing stars just for essay fun is thesis in pregnancy okay but to a Pythagorean that's in an entertainment category. Career Choices Research Paper. The. compilations about stars are trivia, which quickly become distracting as well. Working the five pointed star is a wonderful start, for this star is thesis in pregnancy geometrically, that is exactly, constructible. Constructing the real universe is, moreover, the greatest show there is. Construction and about, deconstruction of atoms are similar endeavors -- and you have no need for on hiv a hammer to construct or deconstruct something. The forces therein can add up in controlled fashion, too. There are dozens of philosophers and gurus talking about the omniscient nonlocal instant infinity of the conscious universe, but to a Pythagorean this is but one half of the show : You still have to put all that knowledge to work.

Yes, we have pictures. The upside down star has no negative meaning in essay, the micro domain. There are in on hiv, fact several stars nested inside the larger stars because there are many orbit jump opportunities with each pair of orbitals. Yes again, ALL triangles are golden. Oftentimes we think of star patterns only critical, when tiling in 2D or building the Platonic solids (in 3D). Thesis On Hiv. But the essay christmas patterns we encounter in the micro are usually made with overlapping stars and thesis in pregnancy, that makes nifty art shapes as well. The overlap comes from the inclusiveness of waves. On July 17, 1991 at Barbury Castle there appeared a crop circle named the Tetrahedron (a triangular pyramid). For its 20th anniversary we have a summary-update. Here is a poster for essay a Graphics show I had in thesis on hiv in pregnancy, Prague (where I teach now) in career choices research, February 2013.

Large-print format is becoming affordable. With a careful equipment selection, one can avail to a high quality original poster that is not only less than the price of a reproduction, but is on hiv in pregnancy good for your health as well. Just about ready (second picture). Consider the existence of the types essays even and odd symmetries as the thesis in pregnancy point of departure between the Pythagorean and Aristotelian physics. Pythagoreans continue basing new concepts on numbers and then the even aka twofold symmetry issues from and essays, relates to the number two (and the feminine). Aristotle refers to the Pythagoreans and flatly claims in Metaphysics that 'two' and 'twofold' are not the same and on hiv in pregnancy, that 'twofold does not subsist in the two.' (Of course) the two and twofold are not the same but the number two spawns the even symmetry as two-points-make-axis construct and then the number two is not just a counting number. If Aristotle rejects the career research paper Pythagorean 'number two is behind even symmetry,' does he propose something better or different?

It does not seem so, and this could be a nice example of ancient Greek debunking. Aristotle does not like it, and that's okay, but without offering his own reasons for the existence of symmetries he will not be able to advance it. Sure enough, we don't hear from Aristotle on symmetries. Some star constructions speak of fixed length sticks, which at first glance can construct any size polygons. Here is thesis in pregnancy where the executability of angles comes up. In space, the irrational angle is constructible only approximately and only some angles will be actualized #150; think snowflake formation.

Also, we can calculate the points of a polygon along a circle but using sticks that have finite (rational) and equal lengths for the cords will not always fit in choices research paper, such points. In fact, a not-so-difficult case can be made that geometry takes precedence (has priority) over arithmetic. [If you are a scientist, you may think of Emmy Noether who ignored the nature's beauty of snowflakes and made simplifying assumptions about space that proved the 'ignorance is bliss' postulate #150; for in her world everything is on hiv in pregnancy reduced and essay, snowflakes and crystals don't exist.] You can calculate the thesis on hiv in pregnancy area of argumentative, any polygon by taking the on hiv area of the triangle and multiplying by the number of sides. When working the area of a circle or a polygon, the center point is (becomes) excluded . (If you are metaphysically inclined, think Isis looking for of ap essays all parts.) In your Pythagorean mind, you need to link the area to its physics application. For example, a physical property that is proportional to radius squared is then also proportional to thesis in pregnancy the area, which gives merit to area calculations. Of Ap Literature. This is bigger than it seems. You are not just sweating your teacher's assignments -- you are actually working the physics entities if you know what they are. This one comes from Yosifusa Hirano of 19th Century Japan. It is elegant and also constructs the pentagon or pentacle on radius 2. All pentagram angles are a rithmetically divisible by on hiv nine. So, what's the big deal if the number 360 (degrees in a circle) is no big deal?

If you line up all angles from the pentagram : 36, 72, 108, 144, etc. and sum their individual digits you will always get 9. That may seem like magic, but once you appreciate that the number 360 is arbitrary, you don't need to ooh and ahh about it. If the number of degrees in a circle were 320 or 260 or 364 the summing magic would not happen for 9. The circumference of a circle is 2Pi and business studies gcse coursework help, putting in a number to stand for in pregnancy degrees is purely a practical consideration. In the case of 360, this number is argumentative essay on boxing 4x9x10 and now, because the angles of thesis in pregnancy, a pentagram are in tenths of a circle, the number that is left is a multiple of 9 (and 4) and so it will be always divisible by 9 (or 4). All numbers divisible by 9 have their digits sum up to 9 (modulo 9 #151; thank you, Gauss ). So, always work with fractions of a circle (or fractions of 2Pi) even if the studies gcse coursework numerical sub-unity pushes your right brain into infinities. There is on hiv in pregnancy plenty of real magic left in this subject, particularly if you get into the squaring of a circle. We have a collection of cool and research papers, hot designs inspired by the five-point star. View select designs -- or visit our store at Zazzle ( . com/Mike_Geo) and thesis on hiv in pregnancy, see how well you could look in a tee, hoodie, long sleeve shirt, or a polo. If you have new ideas you want to explore designs from the constructs of argumentative on boxing, nature. All our designs come from nature and center on thesis, the golden proportion. Design on right is called the christmas holiday Adventure of The Red Sun. A pentagon and the Great Pyramid are related, but it hadn't been easy to on hiv in pregnancy show both of them relating through the golden proportion.

I construct them together using the new Golden Eye method in the Quantum Pythagoreans book and now the construction is available in color for your shirt or Tshirt as well -- in the Golden Eye design. The golden proportion is between the pyramid side and the half-base. The Great Pyramid is shown in a vertical cut through the mid-face. Much detail is on the golden numbers page. The five pointed stars attract energies on account of the career research golden proportions. Thesis. Because under rotation the five fold symmetry can be either harmonious or disharmonious, you want to know which is which (ccw is harmonious on a pentagram, cw is harmonious on a pentagon) because you really cannot hide under a rock and hope for the best. Some people rely on intuition and some want to understand things a bit first.

Either way, I wish this site and the book will do it for you. Two pentagons make a decagon, a regular ten pointed star. A regular pentagon made with the Hirano method can be used to easily make a regular decagon #151; an exact ten-point star. A pentagon that is made by the exact division of choices, a single circle can be duplicated 180 degrees out-of-phase (upside down) and thesis, decagon results from respiratory research, two pentagons. One pentagon is thus rotated about the center of the circle or, if you prefer, rotated/flipped about the horizontal axis. However, a regular ten pointed star that is a regular decagon is not a hyperstar. (Hyperstar is discussed in the right column.) While both stars are created from two regular five pointed stars, a decagon is always convex.

A hyperstar has some straight segments spanning three points. A decagon has its points on a single circle. A hyperstar has 8 of its 10 points on two identical circles separated by the golden ratio parameters. [I think the mathematical discoveries of construction ratios is in pregnancy what Plato refers to as 'Logistics,' which is about thought to thesis on hiv in pregnancy be a lost Pythagorean knowledge. In the case of a pentagon Diameter priority the ratio is with square numbers (1:4) because we go from 1D (unit length) to 2D (circle). The same ratio of 1:4 holds for the pyramidal construction because one unit of gcse help, length ends up as four area units of a pyramid base. For a pentagon point-to-point Length priority, however, the ratio is 1:2 because one length becomes another length (1D to 1D) but the thesis on hiv in pregnancy construction now must include rotation . In general, there is a rotational aspect in the Pythagorean Theorem even though the arithmetic of the Theorem does not capture it (it uses squares). Logically, any line (any 1D distance) inherently contains a direction and when staying in business studies help, 1D a change in direction amounts to rotation. Squares (area, 2D) do not contain a static direction but they have something else.] Every time you double something #150; think octave. Every time you halve something #150; think node (or fit) for standing waves.

Every time you rotate by 45 degrees #150; think transformation. Every time you rotate by a right angle #150; think.. The funny thing is this works for Tai Chi when your body, your arms, and your legs are doing the movements. Geometry and movement is about your health too. Harmonious ten pointed star. The star below, if drawn counterclockwise, is classified as a (10+ 7 )/10 star using my method that is (x+y)/x in general y is thesis between 1 and x #151; that is, xy=1 . The decagram star looks nice #151; it is choices research paper unicursal, is regular during construction (advances by the same angle), has parallel sides and is harmonious. This star skips every six points and is the only harmonious ten pointed star in the macro. (Decagon and all other ten-point stars are not harmonious, cw or ccw.) The Pythagorean style rationing (really proportioning) method (x+y)/x as well as the corresponding musical harmony or disharmony is explained in in pregnancy, the book, and you'll know why the proportioning approach presented here is much more useful than what the mainstream puts out. Of Ap Literature. You noted x and y are integers but if x and y are the golden numbers then (x+y) : x is the golden proportion #151; and enter both the micro and the macro. (Rationing is not commutative because A/B is not B/A. Proportioning, however, is commutative because A : B is the same as B : A, and on hiv, playing two musical notes has the same effect whether you analyze at essay of a poem, it as A : B or B : A. Sometimes I think mainstream math is pathetic, for ignoring waves is the on hiv norm.) There exists symmetry about one point called the point symmetry (or odd or radial or rotational symmetry) [masculine]. There also exists symmetry about two points called the even symmetry (or axial or twofold or mirror line symmetry) [feminine] #151; the two points making an axis by which the original image rotates.

These two kinds of symmetries are all-pervasive in atomic construction where they are called the essay about odd and even wavefunctions. Yes, everything is coming up numbers. Now, how would you marry these two symmetries? You might have noticed that in the five-fold division of a circle the three points made by a compass' pin are at the corners of a right angle triangle having sides 1 and 2 . (A pin of a compass centers the radial symmetry [masculine].) It is thesis in pregnancy no coincidence that the Great Pyramid's Grand Gallery has the vertical height (rise) of 1 and studies help, the horizontal length of 2 while the Trough is the hypotenuse spanning the distance of SQRT (5) . (This also establishes the unit length 1 of this pyramid.) Is it a coincidence that to define Pi we need distances 1 and 2 ? Is it a coincidence that to construct the thesis on hiv golden numbers we start with a right angle triangle with sides 1 and 2 ? There is more to 5. It is very easy to get excited about the number 5 and begin to associate each of the five points with other things. Respiratory Papers. This is a Pythagorean site and we love the thesis on hiv in pregnancy number five but Pythagoreans also know that using numbers for counting is essay introductory to the power of numbers while correspondences are about the elemental #151; that is differentiating, power of numbers. The five discrete elements in in pregnancy, Wicca and Tao are fine, yet the visual-geometric imagery based on the Penta. is about the infinity (irrationality) of the golden proportions stemming from the square root of five . With the golden numbers you construct many shapes that extend the Penta. beyond counting.

The images are also more than pretty pictures, for the waves in space readily interact with such shapes in a computing relationship and things happen. You do not need to get esoteric to appreciate that energies have preferences for geometric shapes and business coursework, the golden proportions have a unique predisposition to the operation of the reciprocal . (Yes, energies make things grow but also think about the in pregnancy nature's way of actually capturing the waves' energies.) So it is respiratory papers nice to recognize the golden shapes around you even though neither the star or the number five jump out at you. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. The meaning could be shifted by another application but now it is not hidden. [There are also large corrupting influences in place just to keep you astray.] What if the Queen's Chamber in the Great Pyramid has its spatial distances in the golden proportion? What if the spiral on the Eye of Horus were made through the research golden rectangle or a golden triangle? How can you visualize the golden ratio in financial terms? Throughout the Hyperflight site I like to make fun of mainstream science.

These folks lower our understanding and appreciation of nature and thesis, their favorite first step is that 'this or that cannot be done or found out.' The best modern example is Einstein and I don't know of career, any of his concepts that are correct: This includes the special and general relativity theories (stemming from his inability to determine absolute motion/rest); photonic work function (a photon puts no pressure on a mirror); Brownian motion (molecules vibrate in on hiv in pregnancy, place); and energy-matter mechanics (not reversible, i.e., nova or supernova). Career Choices Research Paper. Errors of omission and commission are also applied to corrupt the thesis on hiv in pregnancy reality around us. The basic difficulty is that science popularizers use the right math but apply it to critical of a poem wrong concepts. In Pregnancy. It may take a while to get to types of ap essays the bottom of thesis on hiv, this and what really helps is that equations cannot make wrong concepts right, and therefore are suspect. On this page I said that 'up' and 'down' cannot be distinguished in the solar system under odd symmetry alone. Everything works and continues to grow, evolve, and can also be created whole in a particular context. Critical Essay. It is then the thesis on hiv in pregnancy context that needs to be understood in addition to any some such conclusion. The 'up' and respiratory papers, 'down' manner of speaking is relevant when the thesis context has a line : things above the business coursework help line are 'up' (above) and on hiv, below the line are 'down' (below).

However, orbits and orbitals and spin in general have a point as its construct of rotational/spinning existence and it is then appropriate to say that when dealing with point symmetry there is no fixed 'up' or 'down' because there intrinsically is no (fixed) line. The point is that if you understand the context you will understand whether someone's pronouncements are true, not true, or corruptive. For example, ignoring 0D (a point) as the fourth dimension of freedom -- which provides a movement construct just as 1D, 2D, and 3D do -- is corruptive because it does not recognize the spin/orbit that accounts for business gcse 99% of the moving energy found in the universe. There are several ways of getting to the truth, too. Geometry is thesis one. Tarot works nicely and in this case it's The Wheel of Fortune card.

Tarot has four suits, which stand for .. Business Studies Gcse Coursework. (your brainwork). You will then be in position to either speak out and/or just do what you know is better : Free energy, Martial arts, spiritual medicine, telepathy/RV, superluminal travel, atom/matter creation -- all, not coincidentally, based on ether scientists deny. Speaking out means that you have enough info based on merit and thesis on hiv, then your statements become less political. For example, I'd get a Tarot card deck without the about holiday Hebrew letters, for these lack symmetries and on hiv, could be disruptive. (If you know the Hebrew letters were added to essay on boxing Tarot later on, you'll also know it is about corruption.) As you learn how things really work the misconceptions will release and you become healthier. After reading a book on the history of the Chinese philosophy that weaves through the thesis Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist pursuits over types of ap literature, 2300 years there, it seems the Chinese never got to the understanding, and then the thesis differentiation, of the symmetries.

Yet I would not relax too much after this. There are the philosophical and religious versions of Taoism and if you stay with the academia's version of philosophy you'll learn next to nothing. Once you get to the religious side you will read a lot about circles and spirits and demons, about keeping centered (weighed) in a point and having light crystallized -- but all this is pure alchemy and it takes some dedication for the ideas to work their way through (just as you would do with the ancient Egyptians). While the Chinese did not push the three philosophies/religions into the objective realm we call science, the Chinese pursuit in the improvement of the individual's mind-body yielded Tai Chi with most significant implications -- and leaving a formidable gap for the West. Choices. Wang Fuzhi (b. 1619) gets very close, giving Chi (Qi, Ether) the on hiv female-male aspects of Yin-Yang (ancient Egyptian Tefnut-Shu) and then nicely extends this to coexisting energy-matter duality along with a dynamic balance of the two. Wang Fuzhi is describing a free electron all right but then its detection and use happens in research, a body (yes, yours) rather than in an external and objective instrument. (Damn the self-serving Emperor/one-party systems and on hiv, invest in yourself, literally?) Wang Fuzhi, or anyone after him, does not advance Li (order/construct/distance/1D) to geometry or symmetries, and this also means the Pythagorean tradition did not make it to China (until recently perhaps).

We can then also say that the Taoist five pointed star of the elements is indigenous to essay holiday China (could've been discovered in more than one place) and testifies to on hiv the universal power and utility of the five fold division of essay christmas, a circle. The Chinese elements correspond roughly to thesis in pregnancy those of Wicca except that 'spirit' is research taken as 'wood.' This seems strange but think of wood as the circles of tree rings, too. In Pregnancy. This also gives you an idea how hidden Chinese alchemy is. (Note the prominent spiritual link to the trees in the Druid tradition and a very explicit tree related experience of Joan of Arc.) The Taoist movement starts with Lao-tzu's Te-Tao Ching of 500 BCE (or so) and Te translates as Virtue. I am happy to have named the largest chapter in the Quantum Pythagoreans book the Virtual Domain (and before reading Te-Tao). The virtual domain is about infinities and there is much to explore there -- yes, this is an understatement. (One can also destabilize in John Nash fashion. If you don't figure out you are among infinities while using real/rational methods, you may stay there forever.) If I were to talk in Lao-tzu's puzzling way, the virtual domain Te holds nothing because it has everything (and now you'd have to figure out the virtual domain Te has everything in business gcse, the form of knowledge).

At times Te translates as Power (and knowledge is in pregnancy a close relative of power). Lao-tzu described Tao in the most general way. It was only later that the Tao symbol arose from that and along with the religious side of Taoism. Types Of Ap. But of on hiv, course, the Tao symbol is but the Chinese version of what the infinite Tao is gcse or could be used for, including the label of 'Tao.' The virtual domain deals with knowledge that is linked by associations. The Western alchemy's condensed virtual language could speak of the philosopher/sorcerer entering the stone only to discover there is no stone. Bewildered, the philosopher breaks out of the on hiv stone and finds the stone the argumentative essay on boxing same as before. He cannot break into the stone and yet he does not have to break up the the stone to reenter it. The philosopher's stone can be had -- but not physically. Yikes! Here is thesis s'more on types essays, stability via organization.

So you think you know your numbers metaphysically and feel comfy about the masculine-feminine stuff. You might be dividing by 2 and think it feminine. Not so. Real cutting is masculine : it makes two halves of an apple, severs an interconnection of a relationship, or spatially reduces a spread out electron (QM). Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. However, when you observe a biological cell division, don't rush to call it masculine, for it is feminine.

You'll have to get into symmetries to understand this. Meanwhile, don't make the silly mistake of equating masculine with a man and feminine with a woman -- unless you want to give up on one half of essay on boxing, your brain. Oh, and think about The One. Analytically attacking all three major pyramids at Giza as one layout can earn you a label or two, but on this site Jiri starts with a square and then looks for the golden proportion #150; and gets very, very close to the actual measurements. Ready to bury the on hiv Pharaohs someplace else? Some basic geometry.

From a square angle to a square. There does not appear much we can do with a square. A square is pretty, has a lot of symmetries, but that's about it. But as we go on, things are going to get interesting once we start to make cubes. Also, as a plain square, two circles can be fitted and defined by a square: an outer circle and an inner circle. The illustration on left is taken from our ether page and it actually results in geometrically determining the speed of light. A square and a circle have been engaged from before Pythagoras (Thales) and there are several pages on career paper, this site (here and there and here too) on thesis, circle squaring. Pythagoreans love square numbers. In the present day vernacular, moving energy is proportional to velocity square d. Any square can be made into any number of rectangles and any rectangle can be made into an exactly same-area square via the business coursework help geometric mean. Geometric mean works with all distances, including irrational distances (but you need rotation).

And so any and all velocities resulting from, say, gravitational acceleration or collisions or explosions, have corresponding and on hiv in pregnancy, exact energy values. Any square (any amount of energy) can be divided into as many squares as you want #151; and so the career energy of one moving object is conserved exactly even if the object is broken up into in pregnancy, many other objects. Here is a simple yet powerful construction that. 1) Divides any distance exactly in half; 2) Erects the research perfect right and thesis on hiv, square angle (making the holiday Cartesian Coordinates); and. 3) Makes a true square using any circle centered at O (at the intercept of horizontal and vertical axes that are the coordinates). Thesis In Pregnancy. A square is also a four pointed star. Only straightedge and compass are needed. (Straightedge is an unmarked ruler.) Both arcs (arches) have the same radius. Distance AB can be either rational or irrational, for there are no limitations on spatial distance between two (zero-dimensional) points A and B. Of Ap Literature Essays. Drawing a line between two points is about direction (1D) and yields a perfect line, too.

If you want to know the minimum separation between points before a line could become the real line, take a look at Absolute Minimum Length (it's about the infinitesimal). If distance AB is irrational, should it be dashed? If so, why? You will note that all geometric constructions start with the creation of the Cartesian Coordinates. Once you have them, you can make any square using a compass (a circle) and then make any star from the thesis on hiv in pregnancy perfect star family. A square, then, is inherent in all star constructions. A square is essay feminine and a circle is masculine. Some people get into spirituality and in pregnancy, claim a circle is career choices paper feminine because it is thesis on hiv in pregnancy rounded. That is how you can tell a beginner.

Symmetries are the key here because they have very high priority -- on par with energy conservation. Ancient Egyptians, Native Americans, and Chinese have no problem here. Pythagoreans and Plato are technically fine because of about christmas, symmetrical 3D solids. Aristotle would not get into symmetries at all (and his historical contribution ends [should've stayed and die in Baghdad]). The Western applications of symmetries are generally weak, although, the Western alchemy is okay and at times superior (3 vs.

4). Three pointed star. Construct the perfect triangle on a circle and another triangle on thesis on hiv in pregnancy, a semicircle #150; in three steps. Triangle as a logical and mathematical construct. Because three-pointed and six-pointed stars are geometrically perfect they can be used, circled, as a symbol for 3 or 6 wavelengths wrapping around the nucleus.

However, a hexagon and hexagram reduce into a triangle under modulo math for harmonious ratios and do not manifest in on boxing, orbits (macro) #151; that is, showing a six-pointed star with two circles does not reflect nature. A hexagon is also prominent in free energy work. Hexagon is full of different symmetries and, for on hiv better or for worse, enables rapid transformations or projections. A six sided star of hexagon could be of some interest regarding energy accumulation in the micro and we included it in the numerology section on the Pythagorean page. Without a circle, a triangle symbolizes 3-state systemic (complete and never-ending) systems, each state being in one corner. About. Such three pointed arrangement has no metric as it is in pregnancy a logical, say clockwise, process. (Some systemic processes call for quaternaries #151; think ancient Egyptians.) For Pythagoreans a triangle provides bounds for the ten dots of Tetractys (a triangular numeral 10), which also becomes one facet of of ap literature, a tetrahedron (projection from the apex [or from your eye]). The right angle triangle does have metric of the thesis on hiv Pythagorean Theorem, which relates 1D to 2D via (ir)rational numbers (but does not solve for transcendentals).

There is a very special place for types the golden triangles. Two kinds of triangles apply here, depending on thesis in pregnancy, whether the shorter or longer distance is used for the triangle's base. Golden triangles facilitate a perfect relationship between particular two circle's circumferences and argumentative, a straight distance. Yes, this is the thesis on hiv fundamental reason for essay about holiday the existence of particular atomic orbitals, which is driven by the exchange in on hiv in pregnancy, the electron's 2D and photon's 1D energy . This is not strictly about the squaring of a circle but it is close (it's about the difference in 2D energies). Differentiate by of ap literature 3. Finally, there is an aspect to the number 3 as the fundamental qualitative differentiator of nature. We are mostly familiar with the dualities such as the real-virtual (Yang-Yin) or odd-even or ordered-creative but there is also a lesser known differentiator by thesis in pregnancy three. Yes, we say animal, mineral, vegetable and think it special, but here we are very fundamental.

Pre-atomic, I'd say. So much so the essay crop circles are worth studying just for thesis on hiv that. [I would not go inside a crop circle for more than a few seconds when the career choices research circle is less than a day old #151; it is in pregnancy about the 3D energies.] Alchemy's sulphur, salt, and mercury gets into that as well but without geometry it's an arduous road. The Quantum Pythagoreans book explains what is at each corner of the Tetractys and about christmas, that's what it's about. When you see a triangle with some symbol in on hiv, the center (a dot, an critical essay, eye, dragon), take such symbol into 3D of the apex of a tetrahedron to see if it means something to thesis in pregnancy you. Instructions: Draw horizontal and vertical lines. The intersect is the origin O. Draw a semicircle of radius r around O . This makes point V.

Draw a circle around V of radius r. Now that we divided a circle into exact thirds, you can make a three pointed (Mercedes) star or a three sided star of a perfect triangle. In the illustration the larger triangle divides the circle with three exact cords of length c for a perfect three pointed star. The smaller (red) triangle divides the of ap circle with six exact cords of length r resulting in a perfect hexagon or hexagram. You can verify (using the Pythagorean Theorem) that the relation between the cord c and cord (radius) r is: What physical entity is proportional to r 2 ? If you know what that is, consider that the square of the on hiv cord c is three times that. A puzzle of a bad souffle: Given a square, construct a new square that is exactly one third of the original square. You can be fairly certain that the business person will try to partition the on hiv in pregnancy square in some way but the solution is to erect a triangle on the square's side and choices paper, then obtain the radius for the circle that covers the triangle. Radius r is the side of the new square. [In our case the bad souffle does not cave in but runs over the rim.]

It is in pregnancy not possible to reverse engineer a souffle without stepping back and understanding the relationships between the ingredients and their proportions #150; as well as the irreversible nature of the baking process. Can you apply the construction of the geometric mean in the solution of this puzzle? Could you use the geometric mean to generalize this puzzle for all possible ratios of square areas? If so, you would then be able to career paper divide a square into any number of squares, including squares with irrational sides. The geometric mean equates the thesis on hiv perimeter (or area) of any rectangle to the side (or area) of a particular square.

Could squares with irrational sides be included in the general division of a square into any and all other squares? If so, does it mean that geometry does one up on critical essay poem, arithmetic once again because arithmetic cannot give you the exact irrational number for on hiv the square's side? Finally, if energy of a moving body is proportional to its velocity square(d) , can you divide such energy square into as many smaller square energy components as you wish? (Via a collision, gravitational attraction, or some other action-at-distance?) A six sided star, a hexagon, is on boxing prominent in virus structures. Hexagons are partioned into a six-triangle grid, which serves -- through a geometric relation -- to identify almost all viruses. This is thesis on hiv in pregnancy a complex topic. For example, a virus' hexagon is rendered benign with a pentagon [my own thing]. The overall structure in 90+% of viruses is icosahedron . Although labeled 'an esthetically most pleasing shape' by some -- with 5-fold, 3-fold, and 2-fold symmetries -- all mainstream scientists ignore the choices paper morphing nature of the virus first brought forth by Rife (bio) [virus approaches under a friendly flag and morphs].

Because the current work on viruses discloses but the on hiv in pregnancy stained (i.e. dead) viruses, the mainstream is still way behind Rife. If you understand the corrupting mechanisms in the present day medicine, you will know why you do not have to join a walk for or against this or that disease. You don't have to follow, or agree with, generally published explanations but spend your money and time your way -- and a better way at that. There are several recent breakthroughs in virus' geometric construction. The geometric steps in virus' formation are : diagonal projection of a cube resulting in a hexagon; slicing-and-projecting a cube grid resulting in a hexagram (aka the essay on boxing Star of David); and rotating-and-zooming (as shown above, [which is the final projection onto the material plane]). I see some of thesis on hiv, these elements in the crop circles and, short of taking sides, I'd like the virus construction viewpoint represented in crop circle analysis. We are dealing with a very advanced technology but it is very advanced only because the mainstream science coming from the universities is primitive and corrupt. In practical terms the twelve pointed construction is about the design of critical essay of a poem, a clock's face.

In astrology the twelve Signs of the Zodiac is about the twelve sided division of the Solar ecliptic. There is an even more interesting side : There are twelve computable states along the periphery at the third level of the Great (Golden) Pyramid. In Pregnancy. In the infinite superposition of the research virtual variables (aka wavefunctions), there are geometrically enabled states inside the thesis in pregnancy pyramid that allow a computable state to form. Yes, infinities can be worked and the Quantum Pythagoreans book gets into that and at argumentative on boxing, all levels of the pyramid. Our construction for the twelve fold division of thesis, a circle also divides a circle into eight exact segments, or angles, because the 45 degree diag onals are available for free from our twelve point construction if you make full circles (and don't stop at the intersects with the central circle). This is essay also true the other way: When constructing the eight point division that is a regular octagon, the twelve fold division happens as well if the central circle is drawn in thesis on hiv, full (and you don't just mark the intersects with the cardinals). Holiday. So here you have the combined 8 12 point star construction.

After a short Internet search I did not find an 8 12 point star common construction . I found one logical assembly having the on hiv Chinese Zodiac on the outside circle and eight binary Paqua states on the inside circle. (This tells me divination is intended but, because of our inherent construction feature, I'd turn it around the other way : 12 sides on the inside circle and 8 points on the outside circle. Career Choices Research Paper. This is counter-intuitive but there could be [is] a form of Tai Chi in on hiv, this.) The common construction of the eight and on boxing, 12 pointed stars starts with the combined two and three pointed stars. As you double the count the in pregnancy ratio stays the same : 3 to 2. Respiratory Papers. (As you double the points you go up by an octave.) This is on hiv in pregnancy a musical ratio and a harmonious one at that. What planets subscribe to this ratio? It is respiratory papers not Venus-Earth but it is on the Venus page. The eight pointed star is full of symbolism associated with Venus and the transformations via the diagonals.

The ccw octagon is harmonious and made by Earth-Mars interplay, too. So enjoy the eight-point star construction here via the cardinal and semi-cardinal directions but the Venus page has a lot more on thesis on hiv in pregnancy, the eight fold division of a circle, including the Hunab Ku symbol. These watch face designs are inspired by the Mesoamerican Hunab Ku symbol. Instructions for drawing a 12-pointed/12-sided star: 1. Draw a horizontal line and critical essay of a poem, erect the vertical line. The intersect is the origin O. 2. Thesis On Hiv. Draw a full circle of literature, radius R around O . This will be the thesis on hiv in pregnancy clock face. 3. At each of the horizontal and vertical intercepts draw additional circles of the same radius R. 4. The intercepts of the argumentative central circle with the cardinals and with the other circles yield the twelve points exactly distanced around the central circle.

Can you see how you could make a 24 point star using the diagonals? Almost every month we offer quick topics of general interest. On Hiv In Pregnancy. In May 2011 a single construction shows how to make both the 24-point and 16-point stars in just one construction. Perfect star families. It is easy to draw stars using geometry's tools, a straightedge and compass. By now we want to make stars geometrically, not just for perfection, but also because only the holiday perfect stars manifest in nature. A circle can be divided exactly into 2 , 3 , 5, 15 , and 17 equal segments, technically called constructible polygons. (Some exclude the 2-segment division because it yields but a virtual line of a circle's diameter #151; but I include it.) You may call this the 'fundamental' or 'primary' or direct sequence of perfect stars. Since any and all segments can be also exactly (evenly) divided by thesis on hiv in pregnancy 2, you can find all stars that have their points exactly spatially distanced by geometric means. You can also say that the doubling expansion forms a perfect star family. For example, you can make an eight point star or a 64 point star from research, a two point star through simple halving of distances. From a three point star (above) you can make the exact hexagon and on hiv, from there the twelve point star of the essay Zodiac or do a layout of a twenty four point star for Feng Shui.

Starting with a 2 point star #151; the only direct even star #151; you can construct 4, 8, 16, etc. Thesis. stars you could also label the 'evenly even' sequence of stars. This is the original Pythagoreans' terminology, which presently would be called the 'binary' sequence of essay poem, stars. From the 3 point star you can continue to halve each side to make the 6, 12, 24, etc. point stars. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. From the five-point star you can make the 10, 20, or 40 point stars. Every perfect star with the even number of respiratory research, points will have symmetry about an thesis in pregnancy, axis and studies gcse, about a point. If you think there is no such thing as a two point star, it is on the Venus page and it is formed by the combined Neptune-Pluto 3:2 orbit.

The stars that are left out from direct and thesis, doubling constructions cannot be constructed exactly. For example, you cannot make a nine point star directly #151; or indirectly from a three point star. The seven, eleven, and thirteen pointed stars are also not constructible. Numbers that divide a circle exactly could have a name of their own. A good fit is 'circumpositional,' for argumentative on boxing these numbers compose in a circle exactly and will be [are] prominent in atomic constructions. Carl Gauss recently added the thesis on hiv in pregnancy 17 sided polygon as the perfect star.

The 15 sided polygon is in Euclid 's Elements , Book 4, Proposition 16, and is made by a combo of a three and a five pointed star (a 5-point star is evenly rotated three times around the circle). One interesting property of the perfect star families is that they do not intersect directly. A sequence growing from each of the direct perfect star number does not match (overlap) with another sequence. That is, from 2 we get 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024 , 2048, 4096, 8192, 16384, 32768, etc. from 3 we get 6, 12 , 24 , 48, 96, 192, 384, 768, 1536, 3072, 6144, 12288, 24576.. from 5 we get 10 , 20, 40, 80 , 160, 320 , 640, 1280, 2560, 5120, 10240, 20480.. from 15 we get 30, 60 , 120, 240, 480, 960, 1920 , 3840, 7680, 15360, 30720.. from 17 we get 34, 68, 136, 272, 544, 1088, 2176, 4352, 8704, 17408, 34816.. Each member of the perfect all-star family has but one origin.

Once a number becomes even it stays even. 3, 5, 15, and 17 make the only exact odd stars. A circle is a zero pointed star having an critical essay poem, infinite number of points. On a circle there are no inbound-outbound changes and, therefore, no points. Topologically, however, a circle is composed of infinitely many geometric points.

This is a technical play on thesis on hiv, words. However, a single geometric point, a 0D point, has an infinity built within it [yeah, takes work]. 360 does not divide a circle exactly. 260 does not divide a circle exactly (Mayan Tzoltek calendar). The end of the business gcse Tzoltek calendar is not (cannot be) synchronized with a rotational parameter such as the precession. It is conceivable the Mayans had difficulties reconciling the rotational parameters (based on transcendental numbers) with some linear time-measuring parameters. The numbers' unexact nature would lead to disaster conclusions. Well, yes, it could have been their own square-a-circle problem. 320 does divide a circle exactly and the 1/320 (reciprocal) is called ro by on hiv the ancient Egyptians. While a circle can be divided exactly by research hours (24) or minutes (60), a circle cannot be divided by hours and minutes (24x60=1440). 60 does divide a circle exactly and on hiv in pregnancy, the sexagesimal (60-base) system is business studies first used by the Sumerians (2000+ BCE).

Although all mainstream math books claim we use 60 minutes and 60 seconds as a result of Sumerian and Babylonian cultures, none of these math references mention that while 60 does divide a circle exactly, a circle cannot be divided exactly by in pregnancy minutes and seconds (by 3600). But of course, mainstream math is respiratory research cluless on what the exact geometric circle division brings to in pregnancy the table. While a circle is critical divisible by 10 exactly, a circle is not divisible exactly by a hundred or a thousand or any higher decimal multiple. The decimal fraction format aka the decimal fraction notation is not suitable for the circular geometry beyond the first decimal point. Is it strange the Mayans #151; while having the positional notation of base 20 #151; had no sub-unity base-20 fractions? Perhaps not. Thesis In Pregnancy. Just as in the decimal and sexagesimal systems, the base 20 (vigesimal) system is career useless past the first vigesimal point in circular geometry. One star inside another star.

Among the applications are spatial designs that combine perfect stars. In watch design, for thesis on hiv in pregnancy example, the circle being divided by twelve looks fine and is harmonious. In addition, it is harmonious to overlay the business gcse 12 point layout with triangular, square, or pentagonal designs. You would not want to put a seven point star with a triangle together in the same (concentric) circle, for example, unless you want to invoke disharmony. Six gets tricky because it is thesis on hiv in pregnancy disharmonious with larger numbers but is harmonious with five, making a pentagon (not a pentacle). Research. There is also a disharmonious ccw pentagon and thesis in pregnancy, that one does not include six.

When using but a single star you choose one from the perfect star families. Respiratory. When combining stars, however, you also must deal with harmony. A doubled star is always harmonious with its parent star -- they differ by an octave, but not all star combinations are harmonious. We are talking about harmony in point symmetry, which is applicable to both the micro and the macro. See the thesis on hiv in pregnancy book. If a musical tone x is harmonious with tone y and y is harmonious with z , is z harmonious with x ? Not always.

The book explains harmony's geometric foundation and then the star drawings bring harmony into respiratory research, the visual range. Quantum Pythagoreans provides the formula for harmonious musical notes and you will also know why some stars just do not feel right. Harmony is not just extended to the macro. Harmony is fundamental to both the thesis micro and career research paper, macro constructions and, therefore, to stability in thesis, general. Thanks to Paganism, a five-pointed pentacle star is presently classified as harmonious (opening) or disharmonious (banishing). In the book you'll learn how ANY and all stars can be classified as harmonious or disharmonious. In the beginning was the number #150; and studies gcse coursework, the power of numbers begins ..

The perfect star families of on hiv in pregnancy, numbers introduce some changes to our perception of universe building and respiratory papers, how everyday reality happens to come about. Thesis In Pregnancy. Mathematicians can make all kinds of star constructions, in about christmas holiday, 2D and 3D #150; but only the perfect star families can begin to bridge the straight line energies, such as photonic energy, with circular orbits and thesis, orbital energies. Because the vast majority of the real energy in the universe is in the form of spinning or orbital energy #150; that is, energy having angular momentum, the perfect star families of numbers take the front seat. Scientists can draw all kinds of essay about holiday, curves but these are usually fancies. Mathematicians in particular insist their work has no bounds, yet in their hearts they know their discoveries should have some practical application.

Starting with 24 hours per day and having 80 minutes in on hiv in pregnancy, an hour, every minute of every day (24x80= 1920 ) would divide a circle exactly. Such is not the case today. After that, a binary number 1024 would stand for seconds and continue to divide the day's circle exactly. One of the new seconds would then be the exact 1,966,080th part of a day. The new second would be somewhat faster than one twentieth of the argumentative essay present second (0.05). In Pregnancy. While adequate for almost all sports without further division, additional circle-exact divisions are always available #150; something that is not possible to do today. (Once you lose the exact circle division it cannot be recovered.) The sweep of the seconds hand would be 1/3 faster than the present sweep to make one full revolution in essay poem, 1/80th of an hour.

At all numerical markings in the illustration on thesis in pregnancy, right #150; the hours, minutes, and seconds #150; would not be fractions. For example, the sweep of the seconds hand spanning one half of the quadrant adds up to 128 seconds . One half quadrant, then, is 128 seconds or 10 minutes or 3 hours. The new minute count of 80 per hour divides a circle exactly and using 80 points around the circle can make the perfect 4, 5, 8, 10, 16, 20, 40, and 80 pointed stars. From the 24 hour clock face one would make the types of ap literature perfect 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, and 24 pointed stars. A pentagram star is harmonious (opening in Wicca speak) if drawn counter-clockwise and disharmonious (banishing) if drawn clockwise. Once you understand the harmony/disharmony, you will be able to extend it to on hiv in pregnancy other stars besides pentagram.

Some counter-clockwise 8 and 10 pointed stars are harmonious but these stars are disharmonious if drawn clockwise. This does not mean the clock's hands rotation should reverse. See the Venus page. Now, could you come up with another sequence that always makes an exact circle division, both locally (by itself) and overall (with respect to the starting circle)? Yes. Start with 20 hours per day and divide each hour by essay 192 minutes. Both 20 and 192 divide a circle exactly but, in on hiv, addition, 20 times 192 is research papers 3840, which also divides a circle exactly. Is there more to thesis this than making new and different watches? You bet. Tiling of pentagons and stars.

Tiling does not involve direct construction but only respiratory papers, translation and/or rotation in two dimensions. Translations are linear (straight) motions. The line provides symmetry about a (such) line [feminine] while rotations are always symmetrical about a point [masculine]. This does not seem like a big deal but the property that allows (in this case pentagon's) translation or rotation to get to an identical solution is exceptionally important in universe building (and in the group theory, too) . Tiling of five pentagons to make a cool five pointed star was (first?) published by Kepler in Harmonic es Mundi (1619) When the ancients instructed us to use the straightedge and compass, they were not really talking about constraints because they were talking about geometry. Thesis In Pregnancy. Rotation about a point is about the use of the compass. Straight movement (translation) is about a symmetry about a line and perhaps you could see now that the line of symmetry is a virtual line #150; that is, the line of symmetry is an empty slit. (Would you go as far as to have Justice brandishing her sword with a slit down the middle of the about blade?) The virtual line has powerful geometric properties but you do not want to ask a woman about that. Not that you couldn't, it's just that the explanation is nonverbal. The pentagon template for the illustration on the left was obtained with MS PowerPoint by selecting AutoShapes .. Basic Shapes. Pick the pentagon object. On the newer versions it is Insert .. Thesis On Hiv. Shapes .. Basic Shapes.

If you tile five pentagons you get the five-point star in the center. Now, if you take five five-point stars and arrange them around with their points touching, do you get a pentagon in the center? You always want to test for reversibility , even at the expense of appearing dyslexic. Relations are reversible only under certain conditions and you want to know what they are. If you assume relations are always reversible as they are in algebra, you will 1 ) understand but a limited subset of reality [if you are lucky] and/or 2 ) misinterpret relations that are not reversible.

For example, if there is a quantum mechanical explanation of critical essay poem, gas pressure, there could be a way of making the phenomena reversible. Now, how would you reverse the rotation of a light mill? (Give it a thought and get the answer .) We readily apply force to get things moving. So, how would you reverse 'something' and have the on hiv in pregnancy force arise? A circle of stars, a pattern of stars: Testing for reversibility is crucial in the understanding of business gcse coursework, relationships. Dyslexia is a condition that is constantly reversing relationships in all modalities: verbal, tonal, geometric, written -- to see if the reversal possibly acquires another meaning, or if the reversal carries no meaning. In Pregnancy. The Quantum Pythagoreans book treats the difficult topic of relationships by novel exploration of dependent-independent properties of a relationship. You will then understand and normalize the difference between, for example, 'planning your work' and 'working your plan.' The tiling construction #151; that is, movement about a point and/or translation along a line, of some objects may result in the appearance of another object.

This is at essay christmas holiday, times referred to as negative space. While it is true that the original object is real and in some respects positive, the 'negative space' label is but an introductory way of looking at it (and a left-brain way at that). A good way is to see this as the act of creation of the virtual object . When working the Great Pyramid, you may want to think of the thesis on hiv chambers and of ap literature, passageways as virtual objects or empty-space objects. It really helps. Self test:-) Straighten up two adjacent fingers. Do you see a difference if you think of thesis on hiv, these fingers as two closely spaced pencils #150; or as an empty slit or space that is between the business gcse coursework help pencils?

Photons and electrons do, for they make very different patterns for a single bar, two bars, a single slit, or a dual slit. For brainwork: 1 ) How is it possible, and 2 ) What is the in pregnancy utility of the result that one pattern ends up in the left side of the essay christmas holiday brain while the other in the right side? Ancient Greek-speaking scholars debated geometry and arithmetic, and on hiv in pregnancy, understood the complexities even without a PC. A circle is an angle (of 360 degrees) that is divisible by three exactly using geometric means. Essay About Christmas. This result is significantly more interesting than the mainstream mathematicians' proof that an angle is thesis in pregnancy not, in general, divisible by three. Career Paper. If you think of a circle with the orbit (cosmic) and/or orbital (atomic) applications in mind, you will see there is lots of fun in thesis on hiv, figuring out what works[, rather than beefing up your resume with things that don't]. So, the ancient riddle about dividing the angle into thirds has more than one answer and no answer is the wrong answer. It is, however, a parting, or the Tau riddle that to some makes all the difference. But again, no angle can be divided by three exactly arithmetically. No angle can be arithmetically divided exactly by any rational number even if such angle was first obtained geometrically and business gcse help, exactly.

A circle cannot be divided by 7 or 9 equally and exactly. This fact may lead to some new discoveries but if your skills are mostly in arithmetic you'll likely think of it as a curiosity. On Hiv In Pregnancy. That is the basis of reductionism, for a reductionist first makes a claim that arithmetic is just as good as geometry (brain grouping), and then happily ignores the advantages of career choices research paper, geometry. Similarly, equating irrational and rational numbers is erroneous but the mainstream math guys think them equal and miss a lot (see incommensurables). Yet, the thesis best example of the power of geometry is in the construction of the so-called geometric mean. Here, the semicircle and the Pythagorean Theorem produce a square root of any rational or irrational number. Christmas Holiday. Moreover, the geometric mean can multiply two irrational numbers together and thesis on hiv, produce an exact result, the infinite mantissa and all. No computer can do that.

The bottom line: Geometry always leads, arithmetic always follows. For example, I came up with a nice infinite series that relates the power (exponent) of the golden ratio to two terms of the numbers from the Fibonacci series F n . What this relation shows is that any power n of the golden ratio a/b can be expressed as a multiple of a single golden ratio a/b . Initially I called this the IG series for I nstant G old series. I liked the label 'instant' because Kepler got to the golden ratio a/b using the infinite progression of the Fibonacci series F -- but here and now the Fibonacci is not taken to the infinite limit to get a/b . I also discovered that this equation, in a form a bit different from mine, already exists. After a while and once I figured out what is happening geometrically, I could not help but calling it the I vsin G old series [yes, thank you], simply because the geometric understanding opens up a whole new world of applications . The arithmetic equation by itself is okay but the applications just do not reveal themselves if you look at it algebraically. Try it yourself .. In another example, you know that 360 degrees in a circle is arbitrary. Very soon (just below) you'll see why a circle cannot have another number of degrees that would match the power of geometry. A circle becomes (is) a unitary entity of its own and research paper, arithmetic can deal with a circle only via an infinite series. Having said that, a circle would not be possible to turn into a square #151; but, by using the virtual numbers and on hiv in pregnancy, understanding the infinite superposition .. .. A circle can be constructed or divided in finite time only geometrically. Moreover, a circle's manipulations must be exact if you want to career understand how an atom is or could be made.

It is now time to visit the angles of a circle. Can we map the angles in such a way as to on hiv in pregnancy obtain correspondence between geometry and arithmetic? Arithmetic makes it strange. In a calculator, the angle of 360 degrees is divisible by on boxing 9 without a remainder, but this is but an arithmetic computation. In geometry, the circumference of thesis on hiv, a circle issues from Pi, which is a transcendental number and so you cannot be arbitrary about the length of the circle or the exactness of an choices, angle inside a circle. Yes, the on hiv angle of 40 degrees is not constructible exactly because a circle is essay christmas holiday not divisible by on hiv in pregnancy 9 exactly. But it does happen that a circle is divisible by 40 exactly and then an angle of respiratory, 9 degrees can be had exactly. Division of a circle into an arbitrary integer quantity of equal and exact segments (or angles) is not possible. What then is the thesis on hiv advantage in dividing the circle exactly by career choices this or that number?

The atom holds together by having electrons wrapping around the nucleus. Because the thesis electron's momentum is also a wave ( de Broglie ), the electron's wave must evenly, that is exactly, close upon itself to form a standing and a round wave that is of ap literature symmetrical about on hiv, a point. To the types of ap literature Pythagoreans the numbers are everything and on hiv in pregnancy, this is because numbers actually create things. The mainstream scientists' argument that computer's representation of an irrational number is argumentative essay on boxing close enough is, unfortunately, not relevant to atomic construction. Scientists just do not know how to interpret 'precise' and thesis on hiv in pregnancy, 'exact' in an applications setting. The scientist can divide the circle by nine to a very large number of decimal places, but there will never be a wavelength that would fit nine times around the circle of the orbital. Incidentally, 'fit' is the original (superior?) word for a 'node' that was used by Newton in his description of standing waves. Argumentative On Boxing. In today's terminology, we would say that a nine-wavelength, or 18-node, standing circular wave cannot and will not happen (will not fit).

Numbers 7, 9, 11, 13, 19, 21, 22, 23, 25 and others cannot divide a circle exactly. Most of these numbers are incomposite (prime) numbers. Number 9, though, is a composite number as well as a square number, but it cannot be used to divide a circle exactly. [Does this mean the Chinese Emperors could not sing? Having said that, they might have been good golf players.] Number 5 is incomposite but can be used to divide a circle exactly. What is thesis in pregnancy needed, then, is a class of numbers that compose in a circle , instead of just being composite numbers (composed of products of career choices research, other numbers). These numbers, called circumpositional numbers [by yours truly], are prominent in atomic construction.

Above, we introduced these numbers as the perfect all-star family of numbers. If you don't mind additional complexity, or perhaps simplicity, a circle can be divided exactly only through geometric means. Another way of saying 'geometric means' is 'spatial distance means.' Yes, the circumference of a circle is a transcendental number and a division of in pregnancy, any transcendental number by of a poem any real number remains transcendental (a real number is thesis finite). The computer can use only real numbers and the length of the circumference is then rounded off if it is to be stored in a computer. Choices Research Paper. What this also means is that a computer cannot give you a perfect star. What this really means is that you must have movement to create a perfect star. In other words, you cannot make a perfect star via placement or measurement (statically, topologically) with a ruler or a computer or a computer-calibrated protractor.

As a Pythagorean you might realize that you cannot construct a perfect star without a compass #150; that is, you need rotation to complete exact constructions. A compass is the only tool that allows you to enter 2D from 1D. In other words, a compass allows you to turn. A larger implication is that there must be movement even at the atomic core level #151; and under radial symmetry the movement is thesis also about frequency. Essay Of A. (You might guess here is one of the gateways to gravitation and yes, the in pregnancy philosopher's stone opens up to essay holiday the alchemist.) The necessity of movement permeates everything. Even the ability to square a circle appears like basic stuff when developing (Tai) Chi in your body (think 3D). Arithmetic makes it practical. Pythagoreans had a category of on hiv in pregnancy, numbers they called 'abundant.' Such numbers are evenly divisible (without a remainder) by literature essays many other numbers. Number 60 (minutes in an hour) is a good example as it is divisible by thesis 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30 and 60 -- which, not incidentally, are the number of points of stars one can make with minute watch face markings. About Christmas. Another convenient (abundant) number is 24 (hours in on hiv, a day), but we presently divide the day only by 2 (am and pm) and by 3 (work part), and possibly by 12 (entertainment).

Facilitating easy workings in the geometry of a circle, however, calls for a more abundant number. If you were to come up with a good working number for the total number of degrees in a circle, you may find 360 to be a very accommodating number. 360 degrees of a circle divide evenly into quarters (possibly the most important requirement right next to 365 days in about holiday, a year). On Hiv In Pregnancy. It divides evenly by 5, 10, and 20, too. Business Studies Gcse Coursework. You've already noted that the division by 5 (and consequently by 10) is thesis very practical because a circle division by five brings in the golden proportion. The practicality of this number won the day even though 360 is also evenly divisible by 9 and a circle cannot be divided by essay 9 exactly. Thesis In Pregnancy. If you were a stickler for types of ap details such as this, you most definitely would insist on 2040 degrees in thesis in pregnancy, a circle.

2040 is evenly divisible by 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 15, and 17 -- all numbers that divide a circle exactly through geometric means. The good old 360 is not evenly divisible by 17 and that means that exact geometrically-obtained angles do not necessarily have a corresponding whole number of degrees if we stick to the present 360 quantity notation. Both 360 and 2040 are not evenly divisible by 7, 11, and 13 -- as it should be. Research Papers. But 2040 is also not evenly divisible by 9, and we have even better correspondence between geometry and arithmetic. The year 2040 could be the most harmonious year coming up. [But don't tell IRS. They'll put this number on a form and spoil it.] Now that all people are smart enough to handle as huge number as 2040, is it time to make our circle geometry as sophisticated as it can be? Are you ready for the sum of internal angles in a triangle to equal 1020 degrees instead of 180? And the on hiv internal angle of an equilateral triangle would be 340 degrees instead of 60? Even if you could legislate the papers change #150; and during the French Revolution they legislated 100 degrees in a circle and 100 minutes in an hour -- the bottom line is that there is no perfect number for a quantity of in pregnancy, degrees in essay of a poem, a circle that would be a whole number or even a rational number. In Pregnancy. That is, there is no number that would be evenly divisible by poem those numbers that divide a circle exactly geometrically.

In the example of the 2040, this number is not evenly divisible by 16. [Some Masonic authors give Freemasons credit for leading the French Revolution. In Pregnancy. If so, they would certainly be quite ignorant on what to do in the aftermath #150; all their Gs notwithstanding.] Whole numbers and career choices research, rational numbers are called real numbers #150; a good name. An incommensurable (transcendental or irrational) number can never become a real number unless it is transformed . The transformation is irreversible because we cannot save an thesis in pregnancy, irrational number such as SQRT(2) in a computer and retrieve it as (convert it back into) the original irrational number without first taking a nip off the argumentative essay on boxing number #150; think Ouroboros and visit Circle and Pi . Reversing the transformation calls for on hiv in pregnancy addition of the virtual energy [think Isis and possibly Thoth if you are familiar with his eye restoration story]. If you want to get deeper into transformations of types of ap literature essays, rational (real) and irrational numbers #150; think ancient Egyptian fractions [here, you will need to appreciate three things: 1 ) Ancient Egyptian fractions are quite sophisticated; 2 ) Present day scientists are clueless as to the ancient Egyptian fraction applications or origin; and 3 ) Our present civilization is not necessarily advancing.] When dividing a circle with the straightedge and compass, the goal is to make the number to become , for the number's geometric construction creates something specific to that number. Thesis. There is, then, more to numbers than philosophy, and you may want to visit the original number apps guys, Pythagoras and his fellow Pythagoreans . There is career research paper a treatment there of real, virtual, and irrational numbers. Irrationals and transcendentals are in the family of on hiv, incommensurables but transcendentals are not constructible through the Pythagorean Theorem (from 2D of the curve to 1D of the papers hypotenuse), while additional differences between irrationals is based on applications. [There are good and bad numbers and some of them have an infinite mantissa.]

What does a star in a circle represent? What is the on hiv meaning and symbolism of critical of a poem, a star inside a single circle? The point count of the star is about the wavelength multiples that curve and create the atom. Don't bother with scientists' point electron orbiting core pictures, for atomic electrons are really standing waves having point symmetries (symmetry about the core). As always, you will need to thesis learn which stars are geometrically constructible and can be actualized, and which are just the arithmetic's (or computer's or religion's) fancy. Is the choices paper atomic core composed of in pregnancy, standing waves? You bet.

Scientists have way too much invested in the solid and static core hypothesis and so it is argumentative on boxing safe to talk about the pulsing and standing waves of the core. Scientists are way off and, for example, they made up strong nuclear force because they do not understand the wave nature of the core. In a way this is okay, for you can make many advancements while the scientist remains clueless. Thesis On Hiv. For example, the core's shape is not necessarily spherical. With all their equations, scientists think highly of whatever it is they describe with them. Saying that the business studies gcse scientist will remain clueless is no idle talk, however. On our Circle Pi page we also highlight the inadequacy of algebra, for algebra's constructs cannot deal with the operation of equivalence. Algebra completely misses irreversibility, too. As a Pythagorean you want to figure out what entity will prevail in the interaction with a standing-wave electron and with a standing-wave proton. Why, could you then do a precision surgery on the atom? Seven pointed star.

A circle cannot be divided by seven exactly. On Hiv In Pregnancy. Yes, we can say that seven people cannot share a round pizza equally, and leave it at argumentative, that, except that the number seven is the first number with such property. When things are happening inside a circle #151; that is, when things are spinning and evolving, the thesis on hiv wave folding encounters the number seven and consequent inability to fit around the circle (and make a perfect star). When you examine the Mesoamerican Hunab Ku symbol, there are two seven-sided areas (heptagons) and critical essay of a poem, now the challenge is to explain that. The seven sides are not drawn equal in thesis on hiv in pregnancy, length and that gives the career choices research paper symbol some credibility. The heptagons pivot into 3D and now it gets really intriguing. If we don't take the Hunab Ku (some say Hanub Ku) as a product of coca leaf-chewing fancy, there are many interesting things happening around the number seven.

I'd be careful in using the seven pointed star. Thesis On Hiv. Adopting a regular heptagon or a regular seven pointed star shows you don't get it. So I'd draw the star free hand or use an argumentative, irregular heptagon. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. Mayans have a gap in their seven-segment Ouroboros too. The Goddess Seshat's symbol from ancient Egypt is respiratory a contextualized seven-leafed plant (she is a scribe, which means she is a magician). Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. The leaves spread out in a star configuration, but the resulting seven pointed star is not regular. [If you think the symbol is a cannabis plant then that's fine by me. However, geometry prevails (has priority) while cannabis also has 5 and 9 leaf varieties.]

The Statue of Liberty has a hair dress with seven rays. The symbolism of her 7-point star is rich with 'seven seas' and 'seven liberal arts' interpretations, but I prefer to look at career choices paper, it geometrically and thesis on hiv, enjoy the fact the rays are not regular. The wonderful part of the circular geometry is that it needs to be treated separately and carefully. Of Ap Literature. Euclid may have proved that no two Natural numbers (integers) when put in a ratio will result in an incommensurable (irrational) number. But some incommensurable numbers when put in the ratio (or are proportioned) could result in a rational number. You may want to thesis reflect on research paper, what it means.

As far as Euclid goes, not much. After all, Euclid talks about what does not happen. But what does it mean when transcendental -- that is curving -- and straight line (ir)rational geometries meet at certain points? Think transformations and visit the Proofs page that talks about the squaring of a circle. Understanding the angles in a circle certainly takes you to another and very substantial pursuit of universe building. Looking back, is there some work that was done just in this area? But of course, you'll have to step over the reductionists, yawn at the popularizers, and laugh at people who allow to be called experts. [I'd bet 10:1 they will talk about running out of energy.] The ancient Egyptian fractions have the numerator expressed as an oval having the value of 1 . It is thesis on hiv in pregnancy a symbol for essay christmas a unitary entity that has symmetry about a point such as a circle or an ellipse. And if you have two circles that you want to divide into thesis on hiv in pregnancy, sub-unity fractions, are we really talking about two atomic orbitals and the possible (energy) fractional values they can acquire during an electron jump? So now you have yet another quest to christmas make. A road where you will also discard all the modern mathematicians musing at the awkwardness of the thesis in pregnancy ancient Egyptian fractions. The Rhind papyrus has the 2/n expansion and now you know what the 2 is about.

Riemann sees a sphere with longitudinals that, with identical curvature, converge and critical of a poem, meet at thesis on hiv, the poles at finite distance where they close upon themselves (think atomic orbitals in a closed 3D topology). Although Riemann, a math guy, did not have an atom in his mind, his geometry is 'parallel yet finite.' He discovered an unusual way of obtaining all incomposite (prime) numbers. Of A. We have three book reviews on this remarkable individual. Then there are the scales of the thesis in pregnancy fish [yeah, the dumb fish]. The sweeps of the scales subtend a particular angle. Do you think a fish could fly or extract energy from the swirling water around it by research using the geometry of its scales? In reverse, could you work the on hiv in pregnancy straight-moving energy to close upon itself and make an atomic orbital? Think pyramid geometry and Schauberger . Illuminati, Masons and about holiday, New Order Guys. Pythagoreans, too. Symbolism is thesis about associating something with something similar.

Pythagorean logic, for respiratory example, says that two points make an axis and then the thesis on hiv number two is behind the mirror symmetry, aka the axial, even, or feminine symmetry. Studies Gcse. As a Pythagorean you have no problem with that, and wouldn't use the term axis of evil because both the constructive and destructive energies exist about an axis (about 1D). You'd then apply one point of thesis in pregnancy, 0D as the source for rotation and consequent (odd, masculine) symmetry. But you are also smart enough to figure out that after 3 points (of volume) you enter a different, virtual domain that is based on the number 4. Associations can go on and on and are thus unbounded, and in a fine distinction the associations become infinite relationships. So now you can relate and associate from here to eternity and career choices, each time you may get to a different conclusion.

You can now perhaps see the possibility of making something bad or evil out of something that is pedestrian or even boring. So you want to ask if the result you reached is beneficial or not. If you think accusing someone of thesis in pregnancy, evil thoughts is beneficial to your religion then you are a part of a religion that is sustained by attempted oppression of others. In short, your religion is not based on truth. In fact, all possible thoughts and all knowledge exist in argumentative, infinite superposition with each other and is to a greater or lesser degree available to you. You are never fully locked out from knowledge you seek, but its usefulness may not be obvious.

If you keep an open mind you will soon discover that working with infinities is no easy matter. Shutting down your mind (narrow one's mind) is a defensive reaction to an onslaught of information. You may even figure out that all religions attempt to understand infinities and could well be defined just by that. So relax. On Hiv In Pregnancy. Infinities can be worked but they need different methods. Things that don't add up simply won't happen.

[So what is my Pythagorean take on essay of a, the 7-point irregular star? It is about the thesis on hiv in pregnancy creation or release (liberation) of energy. As with anything it could have a down side, but with superior assistance (God?) it can be managed and be useful. Of Ap Essays. Oh, the thing about God is that you have to ask. It's not because God is busy, but because you get a specific answer to thesis on hiv a specific question. Most importantly, you will never get an order or a command: only knowledge.

The action (or non-action) is on boxing yours and is based on your free will and your consequent responsibility for your actions.] Johann Balmer was the guy who opened wide the barn doors of quantum mechanics. In Pregnancy. Fifteen years before Planck , he came up with the choices relation that produces a sequence of numbers matching the wavelengths of light coming from hydrogen. These are not just any numbers #150; they are wavelengths corresponding to particular electron jumps and thesis on hiv in pregnancy, no other. Balmer did for quantum mechanics what Kepler did for gravitation: He came up with the argumentative essay math equation that matched known experimental data and made successful predictions of other new, yet undiscovered, wavelengths. But there is a bit more to it.

Balmer used integers and square numbers in thesis in pregnancy, his relation that were those of the Pythagorean Theorem. Well, good ol' Pythagoras was not only right all along but the breadth of his #150; some say HIS #150; teaching was also the foundation of quantum mechanics. Studies Gcse Coursework Help. Natural numbers and his theorem are also the source of the quantum behavior of atoms. This topic is expanded and on hiv in pregnancy, has a page of types essays, its own. Thesis. To reconcile the straight (1D) and the curving (2D or 3D), you will be dealing with the squaring of a circle.

Algebra works fine when things are straight or polynomial or exponential. Generally, however, when geometry picks up another dimension and about christmas holiday, lines start to be circular, the equations are not enough as the on hiv in pregnancy transcendentals come up. The relationship of the squaring of respiratory, a circle to this page's perfect division of thesis in pregnancy, a circle is in the possibility of linearizing the papers curved segments (arcs) of a circle and then making a tractable exchange between curving and straight topologies. So there is in pregnancy a continuation to 'how to poem draw a star' and it deals with energy. Can we say that geometry is about energy? Can we say that the exactness of particular geometric solutions goes along with the exact conservation of energy? Of course, Pythagorean methods are used to find new ways while mainstream science continues to be arm chair science by playing up one trivial answer as the only answer.

At times politicians pick up the 'square a circle' analogy and then you should know they are trying to find excuses and explain failures to their supposedly dumb constituents. So, even though the squaring of a circle is not possible using real methods , the squaring of thesis on hiv, a circle is possible. The complexity of respiratory research, our environment is oftentimes worked through alchemy. There is a method behind the seemingly strange associations and we offer the interpretation of The Emerald Tablet on our Alchemy page. Summary, Cosmic (Macro) Pythagorean discovery of irrationals spawned the urgent pursuit of geometry lasting over 2400 years.

Kepler brought arithmetic to the forefront by thesis establishing the mathematical and arithmetic relations of heavenly orbits. In effect and in fact, Kepler introduced the parameter of time in the mathematical context, which made it possible to make planetary position forecasts #151; forecasting being Kepler's life long passion. Because any two gravitationally interacting bodies always have a solution, the parameter of time derived from such periodic solutions is also repeatable (periodic) and time can be used to make forecasts. Critical Essay. Even though time is always a derived (dependent) variable, the mathematical solution establishes reversibility and allows the time parameter derived from on hiv, this system to about holiday be used. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy. (The equal sign indicates reversibility but reversibility is by no means a given.) Another way of seeing the research papers mathematical solution and consequent time reversibility is that the spatial distance (space) and thesis in pregnancy, time form an types essays, overlay. In a chaotic system, or in a non-periodic system such as the on hiv free economy system, the parameter of time cannot be used to make predictions.

Geometrically, you can take any square and construct another square that has exactly twice the area of the original square. A square can be increasing in infinitely small increments, including irrationals, while the doubled square follows that exactly (think conservation of energy of a moving object). This is argumentative essay something your computer cannot do. If you think this is no big deal and it is something for on hiv in pregnancy the ancients to contemplate #150; that's fine. The gateway question that makes all the difference is: Can you construct infinity? Certainly the most enticing question is: Can you stop moving bodies at a distance? Light is understood as moving or standing linear -- that is, straight, waves following Newton's analysis of critical essay, fringes (first observed as fringe rings). As light becomes closely associated with matter, Balmer kicks off the QM atomic pursuit with a Pythagorean relation. A wavefunction is understood as a probability distribution of an on hiv, atomic particle #151; a great step forward by Heisenberg and von Neumann.

A moving particle has momentum but momentum can also be worked as a wave #151; a second great step, this time by de Broglie. A moving electron now gets to literature become a wave as well, but this wave must curve #150; that is, become circular , and thesis, close upon itself in a symmetry about types literature, a point (about a core). The circular (or rounded) electron orbital and the straight path of light need to be energy-reconciled through the in pregnancy squaring of a circle #151; the argumentative first difficult hurdle. Ether is on hiv taken out of science's purview, which is the Great Reduction making the types of ap literature scientist that much poorer in the end. Scientists cannot make headway and talk about thesis on hiv in pregnancy, impossibilities. They reduce everything until there is essay no intelligence in their design and take an in pregnancy, early exit. (In their last hurrah the angry mob bashes and trashes cold fusion.) Scientists thus successfully reduced themselves into christmas holiday, a group of in pregnancy, believers in 'light-is-real-and-puts-pressure-on-mirror.' While much of today's physics rests on it, the career scientist has no guts and no brains to thesis in pregnancy perform the actual experiment measuring the presumed pressure light puts on a mirror.

Scientists are not able to essay christmas holiday face up to the truth that a light beam does not and cannot put pressure on a mirror and so they are stuck perpetuating, defending, and proselytizing their dogma. Meanwhile, geometry is receiving new impetus by reviving its superiority over arithmetic and algebra. The golden proportion, the infinite and instant wavefunction superposition, the understanding of irrational and thesis on hiv, transcendental numbers, linearizing particular segments of a circle, and the possibility of creating electron waves with harmonics-series energy components just might get the atomic understanding going again #150; perhaps in another country, perhaps by research another group of professionals. The cosmic (or planetary) pentagram and the five fold atomic orbital make the five pointed star a joining symbol for both the macro and the micro. While the thesis on hiv in pregnancy atom's orbitals are symmetrical about a point (have radial symmetry), the valence orbitals in gcse coursework, a molecule need to in pregnancy close around two points of essay holiday, symmetry (the cores of the atoms are some distance apart).

Yes, the Hyper s tar has an answer to that on our golden proportions page. Self-test:-) If you are not happy about the pentagon base and/or the pyramid being split up or broken up or separated, you are not getting the picture. Thesis. You may want to think about the business red part as being the tangible component while the blue part is the thesis on hiv in pregnancy intangible (knowledge, virtual) component. If that does not help, stay in 2D [earthbound?] where the pentagon is business studies gcse coursework help continuous. If you think Two rather than Four is feminine , you are very close. You will need to appreciate that the virtual variables are double-ended and have opposites. Then you'll need to center these variables to relate them in infinite superposition. Thesis On Hiv. ( Quantum Pythagoreans book helps in this area too.) The engagement of Three and studies gcse coursework help, Four is just that: It can be supportive in some contexts and in others it could be conflicting, in which case rebalancing work is needed. So, the recommendation for The Pentagon is to modify one of the pentagons (or build a new inner one) to reflect the separate golden trapezoid and the golden triangle. The new construction slants upward toward a point. It does not need to top off in a point as long as the edges are converging toward a point. (If it does top off, think about the straightness of the on hiv edges -- it ain't straightforward.)

This pentagonal pyramid is on Mars. Choices Research Paper. The picture credit most likely goes to NASA although I don't know the particulars of thesis, image enhancements processing -- none or too much. Note the pentagonal aspect is not regular (a point-to-point straight line over a ridge and through the center can be made). There is one symbol that uses a circle framed by critical essay two vertical lines. In Pregnancy. These lines are at times shown as two (usually) identical posts or columns. At other times it is shown as a person holding two vertical sticks, candles, or wands. This symbolism, however, is not about the 3 vs. Argumentative. 4. Rather, the thesis in pregnancy two lines or sticks or columns are about the virtual line of the essay on boxing even symmetry that is relevant to thesis in pregnancy the virtual domain and the energy therein. The upcoming book (late 2013) deals with the construction in the micro domain via the stars, the rings and the symmetries.

Yes, knowledge is organized energy. Three and Four must remain separate even though they are also joined. Essay Poem. You can then see it as a five sided pyramid made from two pyramids that each have unique properties. The overall 3D structure has almost all numbers in it but the on hiv point is that the numbers must play together to their best advantage (rather than just being represented). Do you see the number zero? Or is it the infinity? Could it be both? Is the number zero combined with infinity the source of the Pythagorean fire? The root of the pyra-mid? The Central fire?

The hearth of career paper, Zeus? Archimedes' fulcrum of the heaven and the earth? Just a plain (free) electron? The convergence of the north and the south poles on decreasing Riemann sphere? A point of the zero dimensional (0D) geometric construct? 'The One' of alchemy? Something even smaller than the infinitesimal of thesis on hiv in pregnancy, Newton and Leibniz?

The dot in the semicircle on the AUM symbol? A computational construct for all of the above from argumentative on boxing, all of the on hiv in pregnancy above? The top dot of Tetractys? My favorite : The eye Thoth sends to look for Tefnut when she runs away to Nubia (yes, the eye finds her). If you think this pyramid is respiratory research about marriage, you are on in pregnancy, the right track. The Three [male] and Four [female] are joined through the point of the infinite.

This joining is applicable to critical essay of a the actual marriage where the joining is through God #150; all there is. The alchemical marriage would have the female part becoming more abstract although the thesis on hiv in pregnancy four-sided pyramid geometry continues to be needed for dealing with the essay infinite. You are, perhaps surprisingly, also looking at the joining of matter at the atomic or micro level. The virtual component (in sky blue here; would be white for the ancient Egyptians) has the golden trapezoid for its base, for the longer to the shorter sides are in the golden proportion. The real component has one of the thesis on hiv golden triangles for its base.

If you like alchemy, the triangular pyramid is the king (or sun, gold) while the four-sided pyramid is the queen (moon, silver). Yes, this is the 3 vs. 4. In the ancient Egyptian context, the crown of choices paper, Egypt has two separate components: The white (upper, virtual) and the red (lower, real). The gap between the on hiv two is the ancient Egyptian blue crown and is invoked at war. (The gap is white in our pentagonal pyramid.) Book by Mike Ivsin. Pythagoreans use the knowledge of numbers to arrive at essay poem, harmonious and stable systems. Thesis In Pregnancy. Numbers' properties under different symmetries yield specific solutions. Numbers create the duality while the types of ap essays engagement of the duality's components leads to organization.

Quantum Pythagoreans applies the Tetractys construct and that results in all observable cosmic topologies. The book describes the nature's computational mechanism, especially as it applies to waves. What it takes to transform energies. Your body is a component and it is not the only one. The shapes inherent in the human body have certain geometric context that is revealed in the book and it is about your health, too. You will like and appreciate the simplicity and the power of numbers. Thesis On Hiv. The Pythagorean management of numbers takes you on respiratory papers, the road to thesis reality and invites you to drive it as well. Go or select another topic from the gold post. HyperFlight home Portal in new window. 2005 -- 2013 Backbone Consultants Inc.

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11 Contoh Soalan Dan Jawapan Temuduga. 11 contoh soalan dan jawapan temuduga. 11 contoh soalan dan contoh jawapan temuduga yang disertakan dalam artikel ini merupakah himpunan pengalaman-pengalaman dari pelbagai bidang. In Pregnancy! Ia merupakan salah satu prosedur umum untuk anda mendapatkan sesuatu perkara, contohnya temuduga guru pendidikan, temuduga pinjaman dan yang paling popular sekali ialah temuduga kerja kerajaan atau swasta. Persediaan temuduga amat penting kerana ia adalah tiket untuk anda memasuki bidang pekerjaan. Menenangkan calon temuduga.

Menurunkan rasa gementar calon. Business Studies Help! Melihat sikap ramah mesra calon. On Hiv! Melihat kesanggupan calon untuk berkhidmat sebagai pekerja. About Christmas Holiday! Mengesan masalah dalam diri calon. On Hiv! Melihat kesediaan calon untuk menyelesaikan masalah. Soalan yang bakal ditanya berbentuk bebas, terbuka dan ulangan semula. Sila perkenalkan diri anda atau ceritakan serba sedikit mengenai latar belakang anda. Jawapan boleh diberi menerusi 3 pilihan iaitu : A. Argumentative! Kronologi – Ceritakan perihal diri anda berdasarkan turutan. Saya Ridzuan bin Loqman.

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Saya adalah pelajar terbaik dalam mata pelajaran Matematik dalam SPM 2002. On Hiv In Pregnancy! Saya juga merupakan seorang pemain bola sepak yang mewakili negeri Selangor dan pernah memenangi kejohanan Bola Sepak Peringkat Negeri Selangor pada tahun 2005. C. Choices! Retorik – Menggunakan gaya bahasa yang bersifat memujuk. Ridzuan ialah nama yang telah diberikan oleh bapa saya Loqman. Thesis In Pregnancy! Seperti yang dipaparkan, kad pengenalan saya bernombor 851222-10-5045. Essay On Boxing! Saya mempunyai semua kelayakan yang cemerlang sama ada akademik mahupun bukan akademik untuk diberikan tugas sebagai seorang guru.

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Adakah pengalaman berkhidmat di syarikat swasta dapat menambah nilai perkhidmatan anda di sektor awam? Selepas menduduki peperiksaan SPM(V) hingga hari ini, saya membantu pakcik saya berniaga di pasar malam di sekitar Klang. Respiratory! Di antara kerja yang saya laksanakan ialah mengambil tempahan dan memastikan stok barang-barang makanan telah sedia untuk dijual. On Hiv! Saya perlu bangun awal setiap hari untuk keluar berjumpa dengan pembekal bagi memastikan kualiti barang yang dibeli memenuhi keperluan pelanggan. Mengutamakan pengalaman yang berkaitan dengan kerjaya guru. Argumentative Essay On Boxing! Membuat perbandingan dan persamaan antara tugas guru dengan kerjaya dan pengalaman terdahulu. On Hiv In Pregnancy! Menyelidik dan memahami pelajaran yang diperolehi dari pengalaman terdahulu. Melihat pencapaian calon sebagai ukuran kejayaan dan motivasi. Gcse! Mengukur keupayaan calon menerusi keputusan peperiksaan.

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Memperincikan butiran bagi kemahiran calon, misalnya menaip 50 patah perkataan seminit. On Hiv In Pregnancy! Mendapatkan testimoni dan bukti setiap kemahiran secara bertulis. 5. Essay! Soalan berkaitan tugas jawatan. Melihat kadar pengetahuan calon berkenaan tugas jawatan yang dipohon. Thesis On Hiv! Menilai persediaan dan persiapan temuduga calon. Choices Paper! Mengukur tahap minat calon terhadap kerjaya berkaitan. Soalan bakal ditanyakan dalam bentuk penyiasatan. Thesis In Pregnancy! Ia akan menilai dan mengukur tahap pengetahuan dan kefahaman calon terhadap kerjaya guru. Terangkan perkara yang anda tahu berkaitan dengan jawatan guru.

Ceritakan tentang tugas jawatan guru yang anda tahu? Jika anda dilantik ke jawatan guru, apakah tugas dan tanggung jawab yang perlu dilaksanakan? Sebagai seorang guru, saya akan menjalankan tugas mendidik berdasarkan subjek yang diajar. Critical Essay Of A Poem! Jika saya diberi amanah untuk menjadi guru kelas, tanggung jawab yang bakal saya laksanakan ialah perkara yang berkaitan rutin harian seperti merekod kehadiran pelajar, memastikan kelas sentiasa ceria dan mengambil tindakan ke atas pelajar yang terlibat dalam kes melanggar disiplin sekolah. Perincikan tugas guru dengan contoh-contoh yang memperlihatkan calon sedang melaksanakan tugas tersebut. On Hiv! Berikan jawapan khusus, bukan bersifat umum. Choices Paper! Rujuk kepada kaedah 4W 1H apabila menjawab soalan. Thesis! Contohnya : When – bila waktu calon akan mengajar. Where – di mana calon akan mengajar. Why – mengapa calon perlu mengajar.

Who – siapa yang akan diajar. How – bagaimana cara calon mengajar. Respiratory Research Papers! Pengetahuan tentang kerjaya guru adalah penanda aras bagi persediaan, inisiatif dan keupayaan calon guru. 6. Thesis On Hiv! Soalan berkaitan perkhidmatan awam. Melihat kepekaan calon dan menduga pengetahuannya tentang perkhidmatan awam. Soalan bakal ditanyakan dalam bentuk penyiasatan. Mengapa anda ingin berkhidmat dengan sektor perkhidmatan awam? Berikan pandangan anda tentang program Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M). Of Ap Literature Essays! Jika anda bertugas sebagai guru sukan, apakah tugas yang boleh dilaksanakan bagi membantu meningkatkan tahap sukan di sekolah anda? Apakah cabaran-cabaran yang sedang dihadapi oleh sektor perkhidmatan awam di Malaysia?

Berikan cadangan yang efektif bagaimana anda dapat membantu gejala rasuah di kalangan penjawat awam. Pada pandangan saya, program sedia ada hendaklah diperkukuhkan di samping pihak yang berkuasa mengambil inisiatif seperti yang berikut : Menjalankan penilaian khas berkaitan rasuah terhadap calon. On Hiv! Menanamkan nilai anti rasuah pada pelajar menerusi sistem pendidikan. Argumentative Essay On Boxing! Menjalankan audit program mencegah rasuah secara mengejut dalam sesebuah institusi perkhidmatan awam. Berikan jawapan yang selari dengan dasar, undang-undang dan peraturan Kementerian.

Jelaskan semua perkara yang berkaitan dengan tugas dan peranan calon dalam bidang yang berkaian secara teliti. On Hiv! Mengambil berat tentang isu semasa yang berkaitan dengan perkhidmatan awam yang menjadi tumpuan di kalangan kakitangan kerajaan dan swasta, Kementerian dan masyarakat Malaysia. 7. Argumentative On Boxing! Soalan berkaitan aktiviti luaran. Menilai penglibatan calon dalam pelbagai aspek. On Hiv In Pregnancy! Contoh bidang ialah kepimpinan, interaksi sosial, kecenderungan, minat, komunikasi, sumbangan dan sebagainya. Critical Essay Of A! Melihat sama ada calon bergerak secara berkumpulan atau bersendirian. Berdasarkan aktiviti ko-kurikulum yang tertera dalam sijil calon guru. Berikan aktiviti ko-kurikulum yang anda sertai semasa di sekolah menengah dahulu. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! Apakah yang anda pelajari semasa menyertai kelab bahasa Malaysia dengan menjadi setiausahanya? Bagaimana anda menabur bakti kepada sekolah melalui aktiviti persatuan?

Bagaimana aktiviti sukan yang anda ceburi boleh member impak yang positif kepada bidang akademik? Semasa di sekolah menengah dahulu, saya telah dipilih sebagai wakil dalam sukan hoki. Respiratory Research Papers! Aktiviti seperti ini meninggalkan kesan positif kepada diri saya iaitu : Disiplin waktu – mengurus jadual belajar dan latihan hoki dengan seimbang. Thesis! Berusaha gigih – untuk menang dalam pertandingan, saya harus berikhtiar dengan serius. Essay Poem! Teknik yang sama saya praktikkan ketika dalam kelas. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! Kekal sihat – badan saya cergas dan cerdas hasil dari latihan sukan.

Fokus pada prestasi atau pencapaian aktiviti di peringkat, sekolah, daerah, zon dan negeri. Career Choices! Sertakan jawapan tidak formal termasuk pengalaman, silaturahim dan motivasi yang diperolehi selain daripada jawatan yang dimiliki. Thesis! Menyatakan sebab yang positif semasa anda terlibat dengan aktiviti tersebut. Critical Poem! Menerangkan manfaat yang diterima dalam aspek peningkatan diri dalam sesuatu bidang. Ada 250 contoh soalan dan jawapan temuduga untuk anda gunakan sebagai persediaan menghadapi temuduga. In Pregnancy! Klik banner di bawah untuk mendapatkannya. Pingback: 11 Strategi Penting Semasa Temuduga - Ikhwan Fahmi. Minggu dpan saya akn mngikuti sesi temuduga utk pgawai penjara gred ka19,adakah contoh soalan yang berkaitan temuduga. Sya juga mmerlukan contoh soalan interview pegawai penjara KA19 ada x.

Terima kasih, sekarang musim temuduga kerja kerajaan. minggu depan saya akan mngikuti temuduga sebagai kerani n17 di jab. Essay About! bekalan air . Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! ada tak cnth soaln yg brkaitan dgn tmuduga saya nanti ? tlng shre yee #128578; Ada, mohon rujuk di laman ini : assalam ? boley tak share sikit untuk contoh dialog bagi sesi temuduga melalui telefon selama 2minit? plss. Mohon rujuk di sini : Beri saya bnyk soalan lg utk tmuduga ipg…:( salam.. Argumentative Essay! pd hujung bulan ni saya akn mnghadiri temuduga pemandu kenderaan H11., so ada tak contoh2 soalan utk temuduga trsebut. Thesis! tq..

Salam . Essay About! Nk mntak tolong bgi contoh jwpan pnuh bgi soalan perkenalkan diri . Thesis On Hiv! Bolee tak ? Mohon daftar nama #038; emel di ruang yang disediakan. Salam, saya nak tanya. Argumentative Essay On Boxing! Minggu depan saya akan pergi temuduga untuk Kos pengajian strategi di UPNM.. On Hiv! Boleh saya tahu contoh soalan yang akan ditanya oleh pihak universiti. Mohon Jasa Baik Tuan untuk kongsikan soalan serta jawapan bagi sesi perkenalan diri. Boleh bagi contoh jawapan untuk soalan temuduga? Contoh jawapan untuk soalan temuduga ada dalam newsletter, mohon subscribe di borang dalam artikel ini. salam..thanks admin sangat membantu sebab sy akan menjalanai temuduga pada 6 ock 2015 ni dengan UEM SUNRISE dan sy risaudengan sesi temuduga.wish me luck. boleh bg contoh soalan yg akan ditanya dalam jawatan pemantu makmal. Research Papers! serta contoh exam??

Ramai yg nk pergi temuduga rasanya… Dah lama x pergi temuduga. In Pregnancy! Nampaknya soalan expectation majikan semakin canggih skrg ni. Semakin hari, semakin mencabar soalan temuduga yang ditanya. Sya dapat t.duga latihan pembantu kesihatan awam,apa perlu sya buat..bantuan sangat2 d perlukan. Mohon baca artikel ini : salam, adakah contoh soalan temuduga penolong pegawai penguatkuasa kp29. About Christmas! blh ka encik kongsikan sedikit sebanyak berkaitan tugas2 jawatan tersebut selain yg terdapat dalam portal spa8…? Assalamualaikum. On Hiv! En. Choices! Saya dapat tawaran temuduga pembantu pendaftaran jpn kp19. On Hiv! Boleh beri tips atau panduan yg berkaitan. Career Choices Paper! Thank you #128512;

Temuduga sekarang ni macam2 tanya. Thesis On Hiv! Nak yang experience, tapi gaj fresh grad.. Essays! susah la.. Assalamualaikum admin.. Thesis On Hiv In Pregnancy! saya baru lepas interview spa utk pelukis pelan (kej awam) gred J19 di MITC Melaka. On Boxing! Alhamdulillah.. Thesis! selesai nervous sekejap. Assalam..maaf sy nak bertanya kalau jawatan ni bawah JKR ye? apa soalan yg ditanya ye? sy pun ade intervw jawatan sama tp bawah SPA negeri…

Assalam..maaf sy nak bertanya kalau jawatan ni bawah JKR ye? apa soalan yg ditanya ye? sy pun ade intervw jawatan sama tp bawah SPA negeri… Jawatan yang bakal ditanya berkaitan dengan Jabatan Kerja Raya (JKR) seperti moto, visi dan misi, fungsi JKR, sejarah JKR dan sumbangan JKR pada negara. Assalam..saya dah lalui interview Pelukis Pelan JA19, dan tiada satu pun soalan yang mencabar, berbentuk fakta dan teknikal..hanya diminta perkenalkan diri dan cerita serba sedikit mengenai keluarga, pengalaman kerja, result diploma(walaupun jawatan SPM). Tidak pasti sama ada itu petanda yg baik atau tidak. Moga ada rezeki. Critical Essay Of A! Aamiin. Salam, Kadang2 bila pihak temuduga tanya “ada apa2 soalan hendak ditanya?” Apa soalan yang sesuai yang patut diutarakan.

setujuuuu. Thesis On Hiv! nak kena jawab apaa ya yg sepatutnya. Boleh tanya, berapa peratus kebarangkalian saya diterima bekerja dalam jawatan ini. saya dapat panggilan temuduga pembantu tadbir n19 dbkl. Gcse! ada tips atau contoh soalan masa temuduga. awk sama dgn sy lah#128514;bpe hb awk pye iv?goodluck. Saya ada mendapat panggilan temuduga untuk jawatan pelukis pelan JA19. Thesis In Pregnancy! Saya ingin tahu:- 1.Adakah perbezaan dalam temuduga antara SPA Negeri dan SPA? 2.Jika jawatan itu teknikal, adakah akan diuji secara teknikal?

3.Perlukah melampirkan Diploma sekiranya jawatan tersebut bertaraf SPM? awak da pergi temuduga tu? mcam mana dgn temuduga tersebut? tak ditanya pun soalan berbentuk fakta atau teknikal..cuma ditanya pasal pengalaman kerja dan keluarga, isteri boleh ke berpindah.. walhal calon2 sebelum sy ditanya nama yb kawasan, titik tengah semenanjung, senarai menteri dll.. InshaAllah itu petanda yg baik.. apa yg saya buat cuma ikut spt yg diarahkan.. Salam tuan. Essay Of A! Mohon membantu saya dapat temuduga jawatan spa jawatan pembantu penyediaan makanan.

Mohon jasa baik tuan berkongsi soalan Dan jawapan Yang perlu dijawab dalam sesi temuduga jawatan tersebar. Awk da pergi temuduga tu .. On Hiv! sy 4.8.2017,? Apa yer soalan yg akan dia tnya nth. Salam boleh bg contoh soalan pembantu tadbir n19 (operator telefon) x untuk mpsp. salam tuan,boleh tak share kan tip untuk temuduga pembantu penyediaan makanan N19. kne thu cra pnyediaan mkanan dn kselmtan mkanan. dah prgi iv p.peyediaan mkanan. assalam tuan, saya mendapat 2 temuduga spa pada 10 ogos dan 15 ogos. Choices Research! jawatan yang dipanggil interview adalah pembantu perawatan kesihatan u11 dan pembantu operasi n11. Thesis On Hiv! apa persediaan yang saya perlu buat ye tuan. Sila rujuk artikel ini : salam.. Career Research Paper! saya dapat panggilan temuduga Pegawai Penjara KA19. On Hiv In Pregnancy! Ada tak contoh soalan yg diberikan..

assalamualaikum tuan dan puan. 14/9 nanti saya ada iv untuk pembantu awam h11 kelulusan pmr.tetapi saya ada diploma.adakah saya perlu tulis dalam resume saya ada diploma?atau sekadar tulis pmr dan spm je? Tulis sehingga SPM sahaja. Hai, sy ada interview Pelukis Pelan JA19 pada 29 sept 2017 ni (esok), Boleh bagi Tips? Boleh rujuk pada panduan temuduga di bawah : assalamualaikum . Career Research! Maaf bertanya . Thesis On Hiv! Saya akan menghadiri interview as pembantu akauntan gred 19 tak lama lagi . Business Gcse Help! Boleh kongsikan soalan soalan yang berkaitan dengannya. Boleh rujuk artikel ini sebagai panduan, hanya gred sahaja yang berbeza :