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How warlike were the sioux essay

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How warlike were the sioux essay

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Auditing and Consulting Business Plan. Artemide Auditing Consulting AG (Artemide AC) is in the process of being formed as an ongoing sole proprietorship owned and operated by Sandor Artemide AC. The company is how warlike the sioux essay, a spinoff of Daten Riffwald-Ennetmoos AG. Between the owners of thesis Daten Riffwald-Ennetmoos and Artemide AC there will be 25% cross-participation. This plan is written as a guide for continuing and managing the business under the new company, and will also serve as the basis for marketing proposals.

The two objectives of Artemide AC are to generate a profit and to how warlike essay, grow at a challenging and thesis, manageable rate. The mission of Artemide AC is to provide fast and were the sioux, reliable services in auditing and consulting to small and medium businesses (SMB), individuals, and essays, other organizations. The keys to success for Artemide AC are: visibility to generate new business leads, networking with other professionals, responsiveness, and quality. The initial primary service offered will be auditing, although specialized fields will be considered in how warlike were the sioux essay future growth. The overall objective is to focus the resume thesis, activities towards the specialized services (analyses, investigations, startups, etc.) and to become a leader in this niche in the Luzern area. The company projects growth to be.

10% of sales in the next three years. The Sioux Essay? The most important keys to success for Artemide AC are developing visibility to generate new business leads, strong concentration on relationships with clients, and a high level of quality in our services. The cooperation between Daten Riffwald-Ennetmoos and Artemide AC is flexible--with the objective to change rapidly if the market demands. The sole proprietorship company Sandor Artemide dipl. Wirtschaftsprufer was founded on 8 March 1996. In the first 10-month period, the company generated sales of $50,000.

Artemide AC is established in a separate office from Daten Riffwald-Ennetmoos AG, in Luzern. Secretary and telephone response is assumed by marc chagall research, Daten Riffwald-Ennetmoos. There are four major classes of competition in the actual fiduciary business in were essay Switzerland. These include individual proprietors and small fiduciary and accounting offices and medium fiduciary offices with between 6 and 25 employees, these offices are available for general financial and tax consulting. There are also large auditing and consulting companies. These companies have several hundred employees. They tend to operate more in the lucrative consulting business. Banks, Assurances and dissertation in a month, other financial consultants are also new competitors in this field.

Banks are now active in how warlike were start-up consulting, corporate finance, mergers and thesis, acquisitions, and others. Technology is, of how warlike the sioux essay course, very important to the success of thesis cognitive Artemide AC. The Sioux? It is imperative that the company stay up-to-date on technological developments and it will be important to devote a reasonable portion of each year's revenues toward upgrading the equipment and software used in normal operations. Artemide AC will adopt a focused market strategy. Chagall Paper? Logical segmentation breaks the market down into the following: Individuals, Investors, Small Businesses, Medium Businesses, Large Businesses, and how warlike were, Authorities and Public Organizations. For our further development, we consider Individual persons and Investors plus Small and cognitive, Medium Businesses to be crucial. For our business, we do not have main competitors. We have a lot of were the sioux widely-sized competitors in a vast market of services.This market environment gives ample opportunity for Artemide AC to create and expand a niche in the chosen market fields. Finally, worth noting is the growth trend for the general market, estimated between 5% and 10%, annually. There are three different major opportunities (needs) in the fiduciary business over the next years: Bookkeeping and other services related to the operative financial management (payroll, cost-accounting, accounting for pension funds, etc.).

Consulting and special mandates such as financial planning, business evaluation, merger and acquisition valuation, special audits, etc. Legal Auditing (incl. IAS and other standards) as an independent and responsible institution. Thesis? In addition, the the sioux essay, company sees three primary market trends which seem to be most important in our business. Rapid growth in the complexity of business that requires rapid adaptation in the strategy and thesis grade, structures of companies.

More litigation due to higher percentages of unsuccessful ventures. The growth of outsourced financial consulting. All of this provides continuing opportunities for a dynamic company such as Artemide AC. We believe our business is in a grand change. The competitors must be generalists and specialists at the same time. How Warlike Were The Sioux? For small and medium fiduciary businesses, a focus of one primary segment of business is necessary. For example, if the core business is accounting, the other fiduciary businesses like tax, auditing, consulting must be reduced to classification, a general level. In the core business, the company must be current with the services, while having the how warlike the sioux essay, capacity to innovate (like new accounting services related to resume thesis grade, the Internet). Artemide AC's competitive edge is in the well-established reputation of Sandor Artemide who has been in the consulting business for over a decade, and the company's ability to focus in this niche market.

The company's sales strategy will be based on building long-term customer relationships, which will result in how warlike repeat sales. The company estimates that revenues will be approximately $232,000 by brighton, Year 3, yielding profits. The company will manage its assets and create profits with no debt financing. It does not anticipate any cash flow problems. Were The Sioux? Sandor Artemide, the majority owner of Artemide AC, will assume strategic management functions. Brigitte Artemide will be in charge of market research and customer support. Since no major increases in personnel are expected in the next three years, Mr. Artemide will retain his managerial functions throughout these years.

We recommend using LivePlan as the easiest way to create graphs for your own business plan. Artemide AC's mission is simple and chagall research paper, straightforward: Purpose - Artemide AC exists to provide complete, reliable and high quality services to essay, SMBs, individuals, lawyers, and authorities. Services must give solutions and results! Vision - By providing innovative services, Artemide AC generates a name in Luzern and paper, the surrounding area. The keys to success for the sioux essay Artemide AC are: Developing visibility to generate new business leads. Brighton Essay? Relationships with clients (developing loyal, respectful, and intensive contact with both clients and potential clients). Marketing/strategy and networking with other professionals. Collaboration with Daten Riffwald-Ennetmoos AG for how warlike the sioux essay generally fiduciary services and IT services. Responsiveness to clients (fast response time for special problems). Quality (especially in reporting information).

Excellence in fulfilling the promise. Openness: languages and willpower for creating interregional and international contacts. Thesis Cognitive? The objectives of this business plan are: To provide a written guide for managing this business; a strategic framework for developing a comprehensive tactical marketing philosophy. This plan is not intended to obtain financing, it is purely for internal improvements.

The scope of this plan is to provide detailed monthly projections for the current plan year, as well as yearly summaries for how warlike essay the following two years. The objectives of Artemide Auditing Consulting are: The overall objective is to focus the activities towards the specialized services (analyses, investigations, startups, etc.) and to become a leader in this niche in the Luzern area. Cash flow - To generate sufficient cash flow to finance future growth and development, and to provide the thesis radio, resources needed to achieve the other objectives of the company and its owners. Growth - To expand the business at a rate that is were, both challenging and manageable, serving the market with innovation and adaptability. (Growth projected at 10% of sales in the next three years.) Your business plan can look as polished and professional as this sample plan. It's fast and easy, with LivePlan. Business planning has never been easier.

With 500 complete sample plans, easy financials, and access anywhere, LivePlan turns your great idea into a great plan for rock essay success. You can download this complete sample plan as a text document for FREE. Bplans is how warlike, owned and operated by brighton rock, Palo Alto Software, Inc., as a free resource to help entrepreneurs start and run better businesses. 1996 - 2017 Palo Alto Software. All Rights Reserved | We're Hiring! Try the #1 business planning software risk-free for 60 days. No contract, no risk.

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How Warlike Were The Sioux? - GCSE Religious Studies (Philosophy

Wolfgang Weingart and New Wave Design Discussion. This week’s discussion for Unit 5 was based on Wolfgang Weingart and the New Wave Design. To start the session, my class and I sat through a short presentation given by a student on the same course as me, and they had researched the subject ready for this discussion so he knew what to talk about. We sat through the presentation which summed up the basics of the the sioux topic. To help us get an understanding of resume thesis, everything, we got shown some videos that were related to the subject which I have attached to this post. During the were essay presentation I took some key notes which are: Main designers involved were Wolfgang Weingart and Dan Friedman.

The movement started in Germany in the late 1960’s and later spread to thesis, the US. The main inspiration for their designs was Swiss Typography. Were The Sioux? Designers such as David Carson work in a similar style. Your Dissertation Month? The aim of the how warlike were the sioux essay designs were to break rules so they layered and collaged things. Punk was really popular at the time and it reflected in the designs, the idea of rebelling and being different was a key focus. Anti-War and Peace was very big at rock the time also as it was just after the war. After watching the presentation including the videos, we then sat and thought of essay, a question each that we wanted to ask, and we then finalized that the question should be: Why did Weingart do something different but never intend to make it a style? To start the discussion, we looked at the question and tried to answer it for ourselves.

Weingart had never intended for his style to rock essay, become so big, as it was something he was doing personally for how warlike were, himself and he had never set out to influence other designers and designs. We then wondered why he did this or if it was that he never realised it would inspire others. That then led on to talk about this in more detail so we came to the conclusion that it was originally for his own personal reasons but it seemed to become a massive movement in design. We then discussed whether it was him that started New Wave design and the answer ended up being a yes and it was around the jobs application letters time of 1968 which was the very start of this design movement. We discussed the actual style of work too, and we knew from looking at designs that it was very typographic and the whole point of the designs were to break the rules and be rebellious like the influential “Punk” style going on at the time. We then went on to say that New Wave was way more expressive through their designs and were a lot more design based. There was less structure, especially when compared against designs from the international style era. Then we went on to talk about whether or not Weingart really did use any grids at all in his designs so we said that he probably started off with a grid design but used it in a less obvious way breaking the how warlike were rules. Talking about the grid design, it made us think more about the content and we noticed it was very typographic which we then focused quite heavily on it. Whilst doing that, we noticed that the your dissertation month typography was always very different. The Sioux? We then thought about how Weingart would have been trained and discussed how he would have been a typesetter, meaning that he would use traditional printing blocks and leading to create the basis of his designs.

After setting up the basic designs he would have printed it, cut it up and then re-arranged it into a new format, layering the designs which created a very different style to letters, what had been done previously. By thinking about this in more depth, it made my class and I think about how this became a starting point for this technique and how warlike essay how it later on developed a lot further. This was the start of the collage technique and it didn’t take long for essay, it to become a massive deal for everyone, and it to be used by loads of designers. We then thought about how warlike were essay, how Weingart would have trained. We discussed that he would have been a typesetter, using traditional printing blocks and brighton rock essay leading. The typographic elements such as the leading was consistent in the sioux essay some areas of research paper, his work and were he would have set up the design, printed, cut up and rearranged the design into a new format, the New Wave. The designs used layering, something very different to the international style.

The starting point to this technique was to use forms of photocopying and half tone print to add surface and texture. Collage techniques had been used that were starting to be seen in art and design in classification the same era. The International style was very legible and used for how warlike the sioux essay, advertising and corporate work where as the emphasis on New Waves design was not always legible. I feel that Weingart would have passed on his ideas about application, design, it could have been accidental by encouraging his students to try new ideas and style. His students then would have taken his ideas all over the world. We then realized that in the 1970s, punk was in fashion in the UK.

The artwork in New Wave reflects some of the fashion in the punk era. Ripped up clothes pieced together. This new style was also known a Post Modernism. Were The Sioux Essay? Weingarts students would eventually have gone on to start using some of the early digital techniques in classification design. Were Essay? Layering up images , photos and typography. David Carson a designer, went on to develop a similar style, breaking the rules of type and layout. His designs were less structured and bled off the page like the new wave design. He did not stick to the rules of grids either and he started to thesis, layer p his work. Overall, Weingart started a new style of design and that then developed into the design we see today. His work accidently became something that influenced his students and designers throughout the 70s and were the sioux 80s and his designs showed a more creative and experimental side of graphic design as it broke the rules against the international style.

Frank Pick and the London Underground Discussion. This week’s discussion for Unit 5 was about thesis grade, Frank Pick and how warlike essay the London Underground and to thesis cognitive, start the session off, I sat through a short presentation given by a student from my class who had researched the topic before to prepare for this discussion. The presentation included basic research such as the time, who done it, and how warlike were the sioux essay why etc. To help us get a good understanding of the London Underground and resume grade Frank Pick, we got shown some videos related to the topic. Whilst sitting through the presentation, I took the following notes: Frank Pick was responsible for the ideas of the underground design and was a british transport administrator Frank Pick was born 23rd November 1878 Edward Johnston was responsible for the logo and typeface Harry Beck designed the map The designs were used for inspiration to other transport systems around the world, such as planes, road maps, and trains The map was simple and were essay easy to resume grade, read and understand using bright and bold eye catching colours Designs were very versatile and recognisable The designs got re-designed after the end of the First Wold War in 1919, it marked a change and a new beginning Designs haven’t changed and are still used today Advertising on the underground was for inner city events, this was to get people to use the were the sioux underground more, by advertising London they were also encouraging people to use the underground. Frank Pick doesn’t get much praise for it Edward Johnston replaced te solid red circle in the underground logo, and made it white All the letters underground posters are underground style based Frank promoted the tube with posters to get people to how warlike the sioux, use the underground more often. After watching all of the clips and your month watching the were the sioux presentation, my class and marc chagall research paper I, thought of a question, that we wanted to ask. We fairly voted on our favourite question that we wanted to discuss as a group.

The question we decided to how warlike essay, discuss was: What is it about the designs that make it so successful? We thought about the writing in a month question and were the sioux tried to answer it to start with and we said that the design was really simple and easy to read. The use of bold and eye-catching colours for lines and stations made them easier. Resume Thesis Grade? And then we discussed the how warlike logo and thought about jobs application letters, how it was successful. That final outcome was the use of contrasting colours red, blue and white mean that the logo is seen from a distance and is easily recognisable which allows people travelling on the underground notice.

We then said that because the is used at every station on were the sioux essay, the system, people like it and jobs application letters know what to look for which is possibly why it’s so successful. The logo itself is also very versatile, it is often resized to fit where it is being placed, and this is because of the were the sioux essay simple shapes and minimal use of colour. We then went on to talk about the map, and how it has become such a massive influence to map designs all over the world in places such as Australia and Japan. The next thing we discussed was, why was it so successful and what was it about the design that made others want to use it as well? Which we then talked about and we come up with the conclusion that it is because the simple use of lines and your dissertation in a month colours make the the sioux essay map so easy to follow. We went on thesis cognitive, to talk about the actual typeface and why they used that specific one. After discussing this, we found out that the typeface was designed specifically for the underground by Edward Johnston it was an exclusive typeface. It was designed by Calligrapher, Edward Johnston who designed the typeface around geometric shapes such as circles and squares which then explained why the letter “O” in were the sioux the word “Underground” is a perfect circle.

I think that the typeface was designed so it was legible and suitable. We all felt, that the colours and lines worked really well together on the map and created a really strong and interesting piece of information graphics. We thought that it would be quite difficult to improve the design because it is so simple and it works across a range of different themes and esl writing classification essays is so known now, so it would make it hard due to trying to change something that is so popular and known. This tells me that the how warlike were logo and map is a timeless design as it has always been modern and resume thesis grade appealing starting from its early days. The designs could have been influenced by the function of the underground, for the sioux essay, example, the your lines represent the how warlike essay trains and the circles represent, the stations. It was then said that the designs were very relatable and really suited the type of the transport. We then went on to say that the designs could have also been influenced by several other design movements such as the esl writing Bauhaus and were the sioux Swiss Type which we have previously looked at chagall research paper in our discussions, we said this because they all use simple but bold and bright shapes, and were kept clean. We then went on to talk about the advertising that was used for were the sioux, the underground. By advertising using posters to promote the thesis city as a tourist attraction, more and more people wanted to how warlike essay, visit meaning that people would use the underground to go to the places advertised on the posters.

Also, the underground was affordable, making it accessible for application letters, people which was a bonus. Were The Sioux Essay? We then went on to discuss who created the posters and found out that Frank Pick got a variety of artists to design them which was a very effective method because it then promoted artists work. The posters that were designed would promote a various range of events and places around the jobs application London Underground stations, but the designs and layouts were always very similar to the layout of the map so everything was consistant, and because of this, designs were recognisable even more. After the were the sioux essay discussion, we all then took some time out to think about the question: What is it about the designs that make it so successful? I think that the writing your dissertation in a month London Underground designs are really successful, as it is so recognisable today as well as when it first was created. Because the designs are so simple and have included simple lines, shapes and colours, they have been able to be used across different transportation systems which tells me that the designs have spread a lot, making them more successful. I think that when you put all the designs together as an overall brand, everything works together, which shows that everything is how warlike were consistant throughout the Undergound making it how it is seen today. Swiss Style Typography Discussion. This week’s discussion for Unit 5 was about Swiss Style Typography and Jan Tschichold. We sat through a short presentation given by a student in essays my class, who had researched the subject ready for this discussion. Whilst watching the presentation with the the sioux clips, I took notes which are below:

It was developed by Jan Tschichold Switzerland in the 1920’s He was influenced by Soviet Constructivism, Russian Constructivism and the Bauhaus His style of work changed after visiting an exhibition held at the Bauhaus Famous designs that we see now were designed during this era (Kelloggs cereal, Budweiser) The clips we got shown are: After watching all of the clips and the presentation, we then sat and thought of thesis cognitive radio, a question each that we’d like to ask and essay the question we decided to discuss was was: What did the influences of Jan Tschichold do to make him reject traditional typography at the time? First off we talked about how Tschichold’s style changed as a result of the Bauhaus exhibition he visited, we all thought this was quite interesting as the Swiss Typography era is something that stands alone. We then said that maybe he took the Bauhaus style and developed it into thesis, his own style to how warlike, create something different.

El Lizzitsky was well known for Russian Constructivism and was a main influence for Tschichold so whenit came to comparing their work you can see that their designs were very similar, both using geometric shapes, and dissertation simple colours to how warlike were the sioux, send a message across. Essays? We soon realised that the principles of Swiss Style were very similar to those of the how warlike were the sioux essay Bauhaus as the Bauhaus wanted their designs to be clean and thesis grade structured. The main focus was to design something that could easily function, which was exactly what Tschichold wanted to do with type. Tschichold designed typefaces, but what was important to him at the time was designing typefaces that were legible for everyday use. So what he did was clean up and were tidy typefaces so that they were more suitable for chagall, things like posters and signs. These typefaces were mainly sans serif as they were bold and clear and they called these typefaces “universal”. We then discussed what happened years later as the Swiss style was constantly developing and growing in popularity. When the Nazi’s came into order in Germany, Tschichold was arrested, because his ideas weren’t good enough and were rejected. Were The Sioux? He was then put into a concentration camp where he was soon released from. Writing Your Dissertation Month? After being released, he moved to Switzerland as the country was not involved in the war that was going on. During the time Tschichold was in how warlike were essay Switzerland the typefaces he designed became very popular and used more often by a variety of companies.

During the time of this, businesses started using typography more to advertise. Typography in advertising then became popular. This was because the typefaces that had been used were more legible than ever. We then spoke about the International Style which we also discussed in our previous discussion on the Push pin Studios. We then went on to say how this was different to marc chagall paper, what was going on at the Pushpin as they rebelled against this design period and created their own. By talking about the International Style, it made us think more about Swiss Style because we had noticed similarities. We then realised that the Swiss Style was the International Style, and came t the conclusion that when the Swiss Style first started out in Switzerland, it wasn’t long before places of the world was using this way of design, because it was so popular it spread very quickly. We wanted to know how it spread to England in the first place, someone then mentioned that from the research they picked up that Tschichold himself actually came over to England and started working for Penguin Books. How Warlike The Sioux? He completely re-designed the look of their books and had a set layout that was used throughout every single publication.

He made a deal with the company and made them promise that they keep this design, which we know has stuck as the design is thesis still being used today throughout their publications. Were? In the application later 50’s it was then re-named and became the International Style because of how big it got. From one of the the sioux essay videos we was able to writing, pick up that the designs are heavily based on grids, which then have lines and shapes placed into were, them to build up the design. In another video we also picked up that the application letters grid they did use was in fact an how warlike, asymmetric one, this was “aligned left, ragged right” and they used this throughout designs to resume grade, style their text. Were The Sioux Essay? I then mentioned that the marc chagall research designs from this era looked very much like those being designed during the Bauhaus and essay Constructivist eras which then made us remember that the Swiss Style was in fact influenced by both of these. Josef Muller Brockman was responsible for resume grade, the grid system, this was in fact way ahead of his time but he designed and used this with a modern approach which quickly spread throughout the design industry. We then went on how warlike were, to say that we thought he did this because after the war it gave everyone a chance to change.

With everything changing around him, he thought that maybe introducing something new to design would be helpful, and eventually this proved to be successful. We then discussed what happened after the war and letters the design changing, and we mentioned that Pop Art soon developed as a result of music and how warlike the sioux essay popular culture becoming a main influence to designers. Through the designs of this era we know that it is yet again another development on what was already popular at the time with bright, bold colours and your in a shapes. After the discussion then thought about the how warlike were the sioux answer to the original question, What did the influences of Jan Tschichold do to make him reject traditional typography at the time? After taking in the points that we all discussed, I don’t think that Tschichold rejected the traditional typography of the marc paper time and I think that he took typefaces and made it better. I also think that the Bauhaus and Russian Constructivism era’s made Tschichold realise that something needed to change in order for design to move on so he used them as an influence to improve it and make things different. Overall, I think, that what he did really helped the design industry as it created a new style and it spread around the world. This week’s discussion for Unit 5 was based around the “Push Pin Studios”.

We sat through a short presentation given by a classmate, she told us briefly, about what push pin do etc and showed us some youtube videos to the sioux, su everything up. Brighton Rock Essay? Below are the video clips she chose to show: After watching all of the clips and sitting through the presentation, we then sat and thought of a question, that we wanted to ask. The question we finalised was, Why did Push Pin stick to the illustrative style and not the harsh style of the time? We started off the discussion, talking about why we all chose that question and it was said that we wanted to discuss this because we wanted to know if this was why the Push Pin had become so successful and well-known. I already knew, from the presentation that Push Pin were all about influencing others, and the sioux that was their main aim. We then found out that Push Pin started off as just a magazine designed by four graduates who eventually decided to start up their own design agency. After watching the videos in the presentaion, we discussed the film “Grease” because a few of us thought about the film when we were watching the clips, and from this we picked out a few key elements of paper, culture from the film that could influence the way of the push pin design, these included, music, cars, fashion, dance, juke box and the sioux essay diners. This then made us think about the whole idea of music and Push Pin designing record sleeves and how the esl writing essays music could have influenced the design of the sleeves. We then spoke about the were essay style of design at the time of Push Pin, and from watching the videos noticed that a theme was bright, bold colours and resume grade block shapes, which then led us to discuss the how warlike were the sioux essay “international style” and made us think about the previous design movements we have discussed previously throughout the weeks of doing Unit 5 and we finalised that this style is very similar to the Bauhaus and brighton rock Russian Constructivism in terms of the colours and shapes used.

We then thought about other designs that could have influenced the Push Pin design and how warlike were the sioux Paul Rand was a popular choice, because of the IBM logo being very simple as there is only one colour and it is made up of lines. The typography used on the posters designed by Push Pin, fit with and work within the international style as it is quite block-like and grade bold. Were? Looking at research paper a poster “end bad breath” shown below: we came to the conclusion, that the push pin was actually about war, which then led us to discuss the how warlike war going on at the time. This poster was all about a social comment which became a common theme throughout the designs being produced by radio Push Pin. After discussing the poster, we then talked about other issues in America at the time, and racism was a massive issue so a lot of the designs were commenting on how warlike were the sioux, this from a social aspect. We then spoke about what was it about the Push Pin, that changed at the time, and marc chagall paper it was that they became an agency and were not just a magazine. Push Pin was an agency designing to sell publications which made them different to thesis grade, everyone else at the time which could also be why they were so popular and well known. How Warlike? We then briefly talked about the brighton rock essay style they had and essay how it was heavily influenced by essay pop art and comic book strips, which you can see through the how warlike were the sioux essay designs produced through the use of colours and shapes. After the discussion we then took time out to think about the letters question and then go on to answer it for ourselves.

I would personally say, that the reason they chose not to how warlike the sioux essay, follow the trend, was because they wanted to stand out and influence people more than others. I think that by being different and letters standing for what they believed, influenced others to follow in their steps and do it themselves. This is why Push Pin has become so successful in the times. This weeks discussion for Unit 5 was based on Propaganda. A student from my class had the responsibility to tell us about this topic and how warlike were the sioux teach us what they knew about propaganda and how graphic design influenced the method to work and make it successful. During the presentation we go told a bit about the background of propaganda and how it all started. He also spoke a little bit about the impact that it gave people at that time of when propaganda was well known and used most. Some of the notes that I took from the presentation were: it got known more in WW2 propaganda tried to esl writing, get people to believe in the sioux essay political views and help out during the war by manipulating men to join the army They wanted to send emotional messages to get the point across and dissertation month give a bigger impact Graphic Design had a big influence in WW1 and the revolution of Russia The invention of the sioux essay, printing press, made things easier to publisise the types of posters.

This is the esl writing classification essays iconic Barack Obama ‘Hope’ poster Designed by artist Shepard Fairey. The poster is a stylised pencil drawing of Obama in colours very unusual to be used in modern day/politics. It was made to look from early 20th Century, in the sioux essay the era of the propaganda posters. The poster uses the same 3 colours used on most propaganda posters by rock the US Government during the Second World War. The Sioux Essay? The pop art and essays pencil Style is what makes the poster stand out, with also the facial expression by the President making you believe that there is “Hope”. During the presentation, we got shown a video which is below: Looking at this video, the things that stood out to me the most, what they said was that they say all the look as if they tell some sort of how warlike were the sioux essay, story, and its quite comic book like. The message that they say propaganda tries to tell the public, is said to have. Hit hard at home. which tells me more about how the propaganda method brainwashed people in a way, to believe in what the government wanted people to think was right and what shouldn’t be aloud.

Looking at another video: I noticed that they used the propaganda method to show the City of London. They used influential sayings and quotes like propaganda in WW1 and WW2 use, and that is why I know that they used that method. The quote that stood out to me the most was. this is because they use the application same technique to persuade others and how warlike were make them feel as if they can do things, which could possibly make them feel like they have achieved something, like how someone in WW1 or WW2 time, could feel like they have helped and writing dissertation in a have become some type of hero, for doing what the propaganda posters tell them. After the presentation we thought of a question to essay, discuss as a class to look more in depth. We decided to go for the question: Why was propaganda so effective in WW1 and WW2?

Here are some of the jobs notes and points we looked at are: propaganda started during WW1 It started in Russia Links to essay, our other discussion on Russian Constructivism and jobs letters we thought that propaganda was influenced by how warlike the sioux essay this because it had similarities as it was used to esl writing essays, get a main message across and used simular colours Was it used in WW1? It could have been when the how warlike were essay printing press was invented to make things alot easier Russian Revolution was in esl writing essays 1919 and this was when propaganda was used greatly Propaganda made more people join the army Not joining the army made other people look down on them and made them feel guilty Everybody believed that the government was right at this time We thought that propaganda, must have been an effective method as it is still used today Propaganda makes personal persuasive arguments and messages. We considered that army adverts use propaganda and the sioux also poverty TV advertisements use the method aswell to get the message across to thesis, make people looking at the advert want to how warlike were the sioux, donate money or joining the army but nowadays we have more of an option and free will so were not made to, and would feel attacked or looked down upon if we didn’t listen to the adverts. The adverts are below: persuasive language is used in esl writing classification the adverts propaganda just conceals some of the truth, not all lies we use it today in subliminal messaging we thought that people are easily persuaded by propaganda we view things very differently now and respect peoples choices whether they want to join a war or not. Error: Twitter did not respond.

Please wait a few minutes and how warlike were refresh this page.

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Analysis of how warlike the sioux Caius Cassius#8217; Character. The driving force behind the your dissertation in a month conspiracy is Cassius though there are others who are unhappy with the state of affairs under the prevailing system. Yet, they do not take an active part in the design to get rid of powerful Caesar. So, it is not incorrect to state that the chief protagonist of the assassination plot is no one but Caius Cassius. #8220;Let me have men about me that are fat; We will write a custom essay sample. on how warlike were the sioux essay Analysis of thesis Caius Cassius#8217; Character or any similar. topic specifically for how warlike, you. Sleek-headed men, and such as sleep o#8217;nights: Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too much: such men are dangerous. #8221; Act1. ii. In the Act 1 Scene ii of the play, we come across the above quotation where Caesar expresses, to Mark Antony, his assessment of Cassius’ personality although the latter plays down Caesar’s fear of Cassius stating that he is not a dangerous individual but a noble Roman. Caesar’s estimation of Cassius encapsulates in a nutshell the true face of a schemer who is out to deter, through jealousy or to gain personal advantages, the marc chagall advancement of others.

We do not know the how warlike were the sioux essay truth behind this assertion. But Caesar believes firmly that Cassius is a person with evil intentions. Let us find out, based on the facts in the play, whether what Caesar believes is true. The initial appearance of Cassius, in the play, is in the Act 1. ii where he meets Brutus and joins him in conversation. Being a subtle thinker who visualizes everything from all standpoints, it is reasonable to conclude that he had not failed to pre-plan minutely the plot prior to his implanting the embryo, against Caesar, in esl writing essays, Brutus’ mind. Cassius is crafty enough not to touch upon the topic directly. First he tries to find out Brutus’ personal opinion about Caesar’s authoritarian rule. So, he drifts the conversation towards that direction when Brutus drops the casual hint: “Nor construe any further my neglect Than that poor Brutus, with himself at war,” Act 1. How Warlike The Sioux Essay? ii. From this point onward, he manipulates on Brutus’ egotism by praising the noble role his ancestors had played in the. Page 2 Analysis of thesis Caius Cassius#8217; Character Essay. past in the affairs of the country, and also Brutus for the high respect that the Romans have towards him.

By means of this ingenious mechanism he tries to create in Brutus the normal human feeling “If people hold me in such esteem, I am better than Caesar. See the next question Cassius poses to Brutus: “Tell me, good Brutus, can you see your face? ” Act 1. ii. How skilfully he plays his card to win Brutus over to his side! He handles the whole subject as an expert at negotiation. Cassius’ endeavour does not stop here.

He pursues it still more vigorously. Now it takes a different turn. He presents to were the sioux essay, Brutus a Caesar who is not as courageous or valiant as people think him to be. To buttress his claim, he relates two incidents where Caesar showed his cowardice. One of which is the incident where Cassius and Caesar jumped into the raging Tiber to swim to the other side. Before being able to reach the bank, Caesar got into esl writing classification essays difficulties and screamed for help. How Warlike Were Essay? It was Cassius who saved him from drowning.

What is Cassius driving at? Here he compares Caesar with Brutus and implies that, when there are greater men like Brutus, in thesis, the Republic of Rome, why should they remain passive under the yoke of a tyrant? This argument succeeds partially to were, win over Brutus’ co-operation for Cassius’ plan. It is a great achievement for him, for marc, it is not a simple task to convince an idealist of the calibre of Brutus to commit an action that will spill out blood. After preparing the preliminary ground and getting Brutus’ consent to think over the subject, Cassius does not remain idle. He pursues the were the sioux issue relentlessly to ensure that Brutus will not change his mind. Application Letters? He writes some notes, under different hands, as if coming from several citizens and causes them to were the sioux, be thrown into his room at night for him to read. The general tenor of the writing is that Rome holds Brutus in high esteem and respect and he should not be silent when the country is in rock, dire need of how warlike the sioux his leadership to overthrow the tyrant. The strategy succeeds in obtaining Brutus’ whole-hearted involvement in chagall, the conspiracy when he says, “‘Speak, strike, redress! ’ Am I entreated To speak and strike? O Rome, I make thee promise, If the redress will follow, thou receivest Thy full petition at the hand of Brutus! ” Act 2. How Warlike Were Essay? ii.

Though the method employed to convert Brutus is quite unprincipled, it shows, no doubt, the skill of a practical man to achieve his objective by hook or by crook. Hence, it can be counted as a plus point in his character. Brutus’ patriotism and letters, self-love impede him from seeing the deep chasm to which he is pushed by artful manipulation. Unlike Brutus, Cassius is a far-sighted man. He is aware of the capability of Antony and his solid friendship with Caesar. An important item in his plan is to get rid of how warlike essay Mark Antony as well, along with Caesar since he concludes that he is a potential danger to their cause. But this is over-ruled by Brutus on the premise that it will foul their good intention. Jobs Letters? Brutus’ reaction to the suggestion is: “Let’s be sacrificers, but not butchers, Caius. ” Act 2 Scene i. Essay? What takes place later fully justifies the stand taken by Cassius with regard to Antony.

If Brutus agreed with Cassius, the conspiracy would have been a complete success. Brutus permits Antony to make a funeral oration at Caesar’s burial. Again Cassius objects to Antony being allowed to speak for he sees it dangerous, and this is his reaction: “You know not what you do. Do not consent That Antony speaks in his funeral. ” Act 3 Scene i. Why did such a far-sighted man as Cassius, who felt that there was a potential threat from Antony in thesis grade, the event of how warlike the sioux essay him being allowed to live and permitted to deliver Caesar’s funeral oration, meekly succumb to Brutus’ objections and keep mute? As this is a relevant question which bears on Cassius’ true character, it is cognitive radio important that there is some acceptable explanation to the position adopted by him. It is a well-known fact that Cassius’ endeavour to get the the sioux essay co-operation of Brutus to assassinate Caesar is based on the hypothesis that it can succeed only if Brutus is their chief co-conspirator. Thesis Cognitive Radio? Relying on this theory, he does not want to how warlike, commit anything that is liable to displease Brutus. He thinks that, if Brutus is annoyed and comes to the conclusion that the esl writing essays assassination is done to were, achieve some personal ends and not for the common good of the country, Brutus will not hesitate to wash his hands off the marc chagall research paper plot. In order to prevent this possibility, Cassius remains silent and this is the serious weakness in his character.

This finally becomes the fatal flaw in how warlike, the bid to get rid of the dictatorship. If Cassius explained to Brutus in greater detail the danger of permitting Antony to deliver the funeral oration, the esl writing fatal end of the conspiracy could have been avoided. How Warlike Were The Sioux Essay? This is not in keeping with the marc research manoeuvring skill of a man like Cassius. If he can convince Brutus to support the conspirators, it is not impossible for were, him to get Brutus to block Antony being given the opportunity of speaking at the funeral. Cassius is undoubtedly a superb schemer. He is able to win over to his side an idealist like Brutus to assassinate his good friend, Caesar. However, he fails in his endeavour to liquidate Mark Antony and block his delivering the funeral oration at Caesar’s burial. His failure to explain the resume thesis inherent dangers posed by Antony convincingly to Brutus, who does not see the essay reality due to his extreme idealism, is an indelible black mark on his character as a skilful schemer.

Though the conspirators succeed in letters, assassinating Caesar, yet they get themselves liquidated as a result of Mark Antony’s dexterous manipulation of the popular anger against them. So, Cassius and Brutus should be held responsible for were the sioux essay, the unnecessary massacre that ensues and both of them kill themselves by their own hands before they are captured by classification the forces commanded by Anton.

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Price of gold – global gold market. 1.1 Background of Study. The global gold market has recently attracted a lot of attention and the price of gold is the sioux, relatively higher than its historical trend. In 2008 and early 2009 most metal prices fell and the global economy was in recession. Many mining companies had difficulties surviving during this period. Letters! Some reduced their production rates and postponed projects while others switched to hedge instruments or long-term contracts to guarantee commodity prices.

Prerana,B. et al (2013) define the gold as the most precious metals and valuable. It’s become symbolic in how warlike were, life. Gold become symbol of purity, value, royalty and properties of combining these properties. Turk and Rubino (2008) define as gold become alternative for dollar since its collapse. Cash flows in mining projects are volatile and are significantly influenced by the fluctuation of mineral commodity prices. Grade! The price and production behavior of how warlike were essay gold differs from most other mineral commodities. In the 2008 financial crisis, the gold price increased by 6% while many key mineral prices fell and other equities dropped by around 40% (Shafiee S. and Topal E.,2010). In A Month! Like other goods, gold price depend on essay, supply and demand. Gold is storable and brighton rock essay, the supply is essay, accumulated over centuries. In global view, there are broad of jobs application studies on determinants that contribute to were the sioux, prices of gold.

According to Toraman C, Basarir C, and Bayramoglu M. Rock Essay! F., the variables that are thought affect the gold prices are oil prices, silver prices, USA exchange rate, USA inflation rates are analyzed from 1992 until 2010. Figure 1.1: Fluctuation gold price in Malaysia. The Figure 1 shows the were essay fluctuation gold price in Malaysia. We can see that along the price of gold increase from 2006 until it reached its peak at 2011 until 2013 and slowly decrease until this year. In Malaysia, nowadays many investors or people are good and educated enough to engage with gold. They will update the current gold prices in order to grab the chances where they can buy gold at lower prices and sell it at high price later on. So, in your month, our study, we want to determine the most important determinant of gold price. This study will begin with the problem statement and a little bit explanation of how warlike the sioux essay factors affecting gold price in thesis grade, the literature review. The following chapter will be discussed on the methodology that we have been used in order to determine the factors affecting gold price. We have four quantitative data and will try to model the gold price by using multiple linear regression. The result will be presented and the conclusion will be on the last chapter.

We will study the determinants of gold price in Malaysia by how warlike were, analyzing 9 years data from January 2006 until September 2015. 1.2 Problem Statement. Detrixhe (2011) highlighted that the thesis radio downgrade of S#038;P rating on US Treasury Bond from AAA to AA+ was the reason for the highest price of gold breakthrough. He mentioned that from the first quarter of 1980, gold price vigorously increased from USD 38.50 per ounce to USD 631.10 per ounce. Since this trend ongoing until the how warlike were the sioux essay gold price reached the peak level at August 2011. So, the gold price has the highest price of USD 1917 per esl writing classification ounce. Yi Tian (2011) said that, since the downgrade of were essay S#038;P rating on US Treasury Bond from radio AAA to AA+, it led to US debt crisis. So, many investors lost their confidence towards US Paper Currency. So, they tend to essay, shift their investment into gold that can protect their investment value. This is the thesis grade reason of gold have higher demand and the gold price increase until USD 1917 per ounce in August 2011.

Choong et. al (2012) mentioned that some investor become worried due to were, high gold price. Writing In A! This is because gold price may not stay long lasting at how warlike current increasing trend. In Malaysia, Datuk Meer Sadiq Habib said that the price of 916 gold has dropped to RM156 per gram previously in the early of 2013. Essay! Utusan (2013) highlighted that according to Datuk Louis Ng, the gold price vigorously decreased not a bad news but it is a chance to a new investor. He also said, although the gold price dropped to very low price but previously the gold price has increased and maintain for a long time. So, in how warlike were essay, our study, we would like to find out the factors that contribute to the gold price in Malaysia. 1.3 Theoretical Framework. Figure 1.2: Theoretical Framework of Gold Prices in Malaysia. We have decided to dissertation in a, use four independent variables to find the most significant variable that contribute to the gold price in Malaysia.

The first independent variable is inflation rate. Inflation rate is a worldwide macroeconomic problem owing to its adverse implication for economic expansion. Gold price have attracted considerable attention for their potential effect on inflation. Second independent variable refers to silver price. Silver price generally tends to exaggerate gold price and substitute goods of gold. Third independent variable is crude oil price. The main idea behind the gold and oil relationship is the increase in the price of oil result in increased prices of gasoline which is essay, derived from oil. If gasoline is more expensive, than it is more costly to transport goods and their prices go up.

Lastly, exchange rate means that a rate which one currency may be converted into another. Thesis! Gold is a prime candidate for were the sioux essay, a study of the esl writing effects on commodity prices of fluctuation in major currency exchange rates. 1.4 Research Questions. Below are the research questions for this study. The research questions consist of the sioux essay two questions which are; • What are the factors that affect the gold prices? • What is the most significant factor among inflation rate, silver prices, crude oil prices and exchange rate that contribute to gold prices?

1.5 Research Objectives. Below are the objectives that we want to radio, achieve. There are two objectives in this study. The objectives for this study are to determine: • The significant factor that affect the gold prices. • The most significant factor among inflation rate, silver prices, crude oil prices and exchange rate that contribute to gold prices.

1.6 Research Hypothesis. Below are the research hypotheses in this study. The hypotheses are: • There is at least one independent variable among inflation rate, silver prices, crude oil prices and exchange rate that affect to gold prices. • There is a significant relationship between inflation rate and gold prices. • There is a significant relationship between silver prices and gold prices. • There is a significant relationship between crude oil price and gold prices. • There is a significant relationship between exchange rate of one USD/MYR and gold price.

1.7 Scope and Limitation. This study focuses on the gold price for each month starting from January 2006 to September 2015. Essay! This means that it only involves 117 samples of data. The data that we used is the secondary data that are obtained from The Central Bank of Malaysia official portal and other international website. The data consists of four independent variables which are inflation rate, silver price, US exchange rate and crude oil price. Other variable that may affect gold price are not use.

In this study, we gathered some statistics about gold prices and marc chagall paper, the factors that affect it in the sioux, Malaysia. We are using multiple linear regression model to analyze the data. The major conceptual limitation of all regression techniques is rock essay, it can only ascertain relationships, but we can never be sure about the underlying causal mechanism. 1.8 Significance of were Study. Gold is the most precious metal that is popular for investment. Many investor buy gold as a way of diversifying risk especially through the use of future contracts and derivatives. Some people also buy gold not only brighton rock because of its value but it also because it is easy to store, easy to transport, and is very useful in many modern applications. How Warlike The Sioux Essay! In fact, all gold remains immensely valuable in the views of all governments. That is why every central bank of any significance buys and holds gold in reserve in a world of almost universal paper money.

So, this research will help the investor and your dissertation in a month, people to find the best time period to buy and how warlike were the sioux, trade the gold. Besides, they also can get better understanding about the factors that will affect gold price especially in Malaysia, 1.9 Definition of Terms. • Gold is a chemical element in its purest form; it’s a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable and ductile metal. Gold is jobs, a precious metal which has a long and illustrious relationship and continues to do so.

Gold served as money until other form of the sioux essay currency were devised and even now gold is writing your, used for how warlike were, an investment (Michael, 2007). • Inflation rate is when the prices of some goods and services are increasing while the purchasing power falls. • Exchange rate means that a rate which one currency may be converted into thesis radio another. It is how warlike the sioux, being used when simply converting one currency to another such as for the purpose of travelling to another country or engaging in speculation or trading in the foreign exchange market (Martin, 2011). • Crude oil is a mixture of naturally occurring hydrocarbon that is refined into resume thesis diesel, gasoline, heating oil and literally thousands of other products called petrochemicals. Crude oils are named according to their contents and origins and classified based on their per unit weight (specific gravity) (Martiani and Rahfiani, 2009). • Crude oil price refers to the gasoline. As the price of gasoline increases, the charge for transportation to transport goods also increases. • Silver price refers to were essay, the price of silver that always have a good combination with gold or as a substitute good to replace gold. There are several researchers who had done the research on determinants of gold prices and several variables. For example, Choong et al. (2012) has carried out the study on determinants of gold prices.

Ismail et al. Classification Essays! (2009) also had been done the research on how warlike were the sioux, forecasting gold prices using multiple linear regression model. So, this study concerns on the relationship between dependent variable which s gold prices and essays, the predictor variables such as silver price, inflation rate, exchange rate and were essay, oil prices. In this chapter, there will be some relevant researches that had been done recently by the researchers around the world. Most of them reported that all the predictor variables are significant in this study. 2.1 Gold price and silver price. There are some researchers who have done their research on gold and silver price. For example, Ciner (2001) reported that on the Tokyo Commodity Exchange in 1990s, there are no long-term steady relationship between gold and silver. This is show these two market cannot be approached on the same market . Escribano and Granger (1998) stated that based on their study, they found that in brighton essay, certain periods, especially during bubble and after bubble period, cointegration may existed. How Warlike Were! They found that there is classification, strong relationship found using the were essay actual return of gold as the dependent variable and silver as independent variable in the regression. Tulley and Lucey (2006) as cited by Choong et al. (2012) mentioned historically, long run the marc chagall research paper steady relationship observed between gold and silver are strong and the sioux, convincing. Thesis Cognitive Radio! According to Lee and Lin (2012) as cited in Choong et al. (2012), gold and silver can be substitute goods to each other.

Choong et al (2102) also reported using simple and multiple linear regression, it shows that silver and gold can be substitute goods to each other. So, they said that there is positive relationship between gold and how warlike the sioux, silver. According to Choong et al. (2012), they reported Solt and Swanson (1981) results. Solt and resume, Swanson (1981) mentioned that there is essay, positive relationship in United States between gold and writing your, silver markets. How Warlike Were The Sioux! Although they found that gold and writing your in a month, silver are positively related but they were not stable. So, they conclude that even though only weak correlation exists between gold and silver but there is still existed steady long-term relationship. 2.2 Gold price and inflation. The findings of the sioux essay relationship existed between gold and inflation was positively related. There are a few studies that have been done on the relationship between gold and esl writing classification, inflation. For example, Siti et al. The Sioux! (2013) had mentioned there is significant relationship between gold prices and inflation rates.

So they conclude that they had achieved their objective since they would like to study if there is relationship between gold prices and inflation rate. Resume Grade! According to Ismail et al. (2009), they found gold prices and inflation rates are positively relationship. According to Baur (2011) as cited by essay, Choong et al. Resume Grade! (2012), claims that in how warlike the sioux essay, simple linear relationship between gold price and inflation, positive coefficients can be found. Multiple linear relationship have more strong results compared to simple linear relationship. According to resume thesis grade, Tully and Lucey (2007), they claims that insignificant relationship between gold price and inflation was found using GARCH approach (Choong et al., 2012). Worthington and Pahlavani (2006) mentioned that gold price and inflation have strong cointegration relationship in their research findings. So they concluded when the long-run steady relationship existed between gold price and inflation, the gold becoming more effectiveness as inflation hedge. Choong et al. (2012) stated that using both simple linear regression and how warlike, multiple linear regression model and writing your, multiple linear regression model, they still found that positive and significant relationship existed between gold price and inflation.

They stated that the positive relationship was moving in same direction. This is show that gold are strong hedge against inflation. 2.3 Gold price and exchange rate. Choong et al. (2012) reported that between gold and USA dollar trade weighted show significant and negative relationship existed. This is when US dollar decreased against other currencies, gold price will become higher and vice versa.

Choong et al. (2012) also claims that majority transactions of gold were in US dollar. When US dollar decreased against other currencies, gold price in US dollar increased in its value. Soytas et al. (2009) as cited in Choong et al. The Sioux Essay! (2012) said that gold can be used to hedge against US dollar exchange rate. Levin and Wright (2006) as cited in thesis grade, Choong et al. How Warlike The Sioux Essay! (2012), said that they applied different cointegration regression techniques in esl writing classification essays, order to examine the key factors of how warlike essay gold price movements. They find out that between changes in gold price with changes in the US dollar trade weighted exchange rate and gold price lease rate, there are statistically significant relationships exited. This negative relationship between gold price and US dollar trade weighted also was supported by cognitive radio, Ismail et al. (2009). They mentioned that gold price should change inversely against the US dollar. Were The Sioux Essay! They stated that because majority of gold transactions in the world were quoted in US dollar. Marc Chagall Paper! Akar (2011) found the relationship between stock exchange, gold and how warlike were, foreign exchange returns in esl writing classification, Turkey from were period of 1990 to resume thesis, 2010 by using dynamic conditional correlations GARCH model. His result of the study stated that dollar to gold relationship was positive throughout the sampling period except for how warlike essay, 2010. Sujit K. S et al. (2011) said that through the simple relationship between currencies, there are no interconnection exists between exchange rate and rock essay, gold price.

Choong et al. (2012) concluded that based on some researchers studies before, the were results are seems to be mixed between gold price and US dollar exchange rate. So they stated that relationship is esl writing, still not clear between the variables. This issue will lead researchers to how warlike the sioux essay, investigate the relationship between gold price and brighton rock essay, exchange rate. 2.4 Gold price and crude oil. On the previous study, the essay relationship between gold price and crude oil prices are found to essay, be positive. However, some researchers claims that bilateral and how warlike the sioux essay, unilateral relationship existed among gold prices and crude oil prices. Month! Shafiee and Topal (2010) reported a positive correlation between gold and crude oil prices. The correlation are very high which means that when oil price increases the gold price will also increase (Choong et al., 2012). Soytas et al. How Warlike The Sioux! (2009) cited by letters, Choong et al. (2012), mentioned that gold price and oil price in the short run have positive significant relationship elasticity.

According to how warlike were essay, Narayan et al. Thesis! (2010), the long run relationship between gold and oil spot increase (Choong et al., 2012). There was highly correlated found in how warlike were the sioux, the result of marc chagall research cointegration test. Oil market can be used in order to forecast gold market price and vice versa and it is show that bilateral relationship existed among them. Zhang and Wei (2010) found significant unilateral linear Granger causality between crude oil and the gold markets existed increase (Choong et al., 2012). However, Liao and Chen (2008) reported that by using TGARCH model, gold price returns did not affect oil prices (Choong et al., 2012). Choong et al. The Sioux! (2012) concluded that using simple linear regression and multiple linear regression model, the relationship was positive and significantly between crude oil and gold price. When crude oil prices increase, the cost of gold mining will also increase. So crude oil can be served as the main cost in gold prices.

Sujit K. S et al. (2011) said that through the simple relationship between currencies, there are no interconnection exist between crude oil and gold price. Overall, the relationship of gold prices between silver price, inflation, exchange rate and crude oil are seems to be positively related. However, the relationship between gold price and crude oil price are still unclear and need to letters, study more. In this chapter, we will discuss the method that will be using to essay, determine the factors that affect the gold price in Malaysia. The method that we found to be the most suitable for this research is Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) method. Thus, further explanation will be elaborated from the beginning of analyzing the data until we find the best model and accurate result. For the purpose of this study, we are using secondary data that have been obtained from The Central Bank of Malaysia official portal and other international website. From the website, we are only interested in collecting data related to silver price, inflation rate, exchange rate (USD/MYR) and crude oil price as they are our independent variables for jobs application, this study. The data are recorded according to month.

The sampling period for this study covers a period of 10 years from January 2006 until September 2015. 3.3 Software used. In this study, we are using the latest versions (2015) IBM SPSS Statistics, Microsoft Word and were the sioux essay, Microsoft Excel. SPSS software is marc chagall research paper, used to essay, run automatic linear modeling regression to find the writing your dissertation in a month output for the significant variables. 3.4 Data Analysis Technique. In this topic, further explanation regarding to the process of how warlike were essay systematically applying statistical techniques to describe and evaluate data is carried out. We will analyze the marc research entire data and the findings will be reported in were the sioux essay, an appropriate way. 3.4.1 Descriptive Analysis.

Descriptive statistics is a basic analyze of the data like mean and standard deviation. The average value of data shows the mean while the deviation of value from application letters mean represent the standard deviation. The Sioux Essay! Descriptive statistics enables us to present the data in a more meaningful way, which allows simpler interpretation of the data. The formula is shows as below: Where, n = sample size. x = correspond to the observed value. Where, n = sample size. x = correspond to esl writing classification essays, the observed value. 3.4.2 Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient.

Correlation is used to determine the relationship or correlation between two numerical variables. How Warlike Were The Sioux! Correlation coefficient, r is a measure of the degree of linear relationship between two numerical variables. r = 0 means no correlation, r = +1 means a perfect positive relationship and thesis cognitive radio, r = -1 means a perfect negative relationship. According to Norleha and Norhasliza (n.d) they rate the r as below: • 0.50 – 0.70 : moderate. • ? 0.90: very strong. 3.4.3 Multiple Linear Regression. Multiple linear regression is a statistical technique that uses several explanatory variables to predict the outcome of a response variable. The goal of multiple linear regression is to model the relationship between the explanatory and response variables. We are using stepwise regression method because we want to were essay, improve a model’s prediction performance by reducing the variance caused by estimating unnecessary terms. For this study, the dependent variable is gold price while independent variables are silver price , inflation rate, US exchange rate, and writing dissertation in a month, crude oil price that used to determine the factors that affect the price of gold. The general model for Multiple Linear Regression : Yi = ?0 + ?1X1 + ?2X2 + …+ ?nXn + ? where i= 1,2, …, n. The model in this study:

Yi = ?0 + ?1X1 + ?2X2 + ?3X3 + ?4X4 + ?. Y : Gold price (USD/oz) X1 : Silver price (USD/oz) X2 : Exchange rate (USD/MYR) X3 : Inflation rate (%) X4 : crude oil prices (USD/barrel) 1. There is a linear relationship between dependent variable and independent variables. 2. How Warlike! The error terms are normally distributed. 3. It is thesis, assumed that the predictors are independent for one another.

4. The error terms are independent of how warlike were the sioux one another (Autocorrelation) 5. The error variance is constant (Homocedasticity) Firstly, multiple linear regression needs the relationship between independent variables and dependent variable to thesis cognitive radio, be linear. Were Essay! It is resume, also important to check for outliers since MLR is sensitive to outlier effects. The linearity assumption can best be tested with scatter plots between predicted versus residuals. It is said to be linear when all points are random and no pattern. Secondly, multiple linear regression analysis requires all variables to be normal. This assumption can best be checked with a histogram and a fitted normal curve or a Q-Q plot. Normality can be checked with the how warlike essay goodness of fit test, for example the Kolmogorof-Smirnof test. If the data is not normally distributed, a non-linear transformation might fix this issue.

However, it can introduce effects of cognitive multicollinearity. Thirdly, multiple linear regression assumes that there is how warlike essay, a little or no multicollinearity in the data. Multicollinearity occurs when the independent variables are not independent from writing your in a month each other. A second important independence assumption is that the error of the mean is uncorrelated. Multicollinearity is checked against 3 key criteria: i. How Warlike Were The Sioux! Tolerance – it measure the influence of one independent variable on all other independents variables. T 10, so multicollinearity exist. Fourthly, multiple linear regression analysis requires little or no autocorrelation in the data. Autocorrelation occurs when the residuals are not independent from each other.

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Concerns About CPA Letters to Third Parties. A CPA receives a request from a client to provide a letter to the client’s mortgage broker, lender, adoption agency, or other third party. The request seems simple enough and how warlike, harmless. All the client asks is that the CPA verify that this is her client, that she has been preparing the client’s income tax returns, and that the client is employed by classification, a particular employer or is self-employed. Is there any harm in the CPA signing the how warlike were the sioux, client’s suggested letter or writing one of her own? CPAs should remember that they prepare tax returns based on information provided by the taxpayer. It is essay, very likely that they did not audit or otherwise verify the how warlike the sioux essay, information used in the preparation of the returns. In fact, Circular 230 affirms that the CPA, in preparing a tax form, “may rely in good faith without verification upon information furnished by your in a, the client” but “may not ignore the implications of [other] information … actually known” by the CPA, and he or she must make reasonable inquiries if the information provided “appears to be incorrect, inconsistent … or incomplete” (Circular 230 §10.34(d)). Professional standards prescribe what CPAs can and cannot do in how warlike essay, these circumstances, and there are professional risks to signing these “comfort” letters. The third parties requesting these letters are not the CPA’s clients.

Tax preparers therefore should not convey any information to anyone without their clients’ written permission. This is a requirement under professional ethics standards, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Internal Revenue Code, and thesis cognitive, other federal and essay, state privacy statutes and regulations. Purpose of Comfort Letters. There are various reasons a client may request a comfort letter. Mortgage brokers may be collecting information needed for a loan approval, or other third parties may be trying to verify that clients applying for a particular service are who they say they are and jobs, have the resources and ability to how warlike were the sioux, pay for the service or items involved. (As used in brighton rock essay, this discussion, the term “comfort letter” does not refer to the letter a CPA issues in relation to a bond or stock offering.) Verification of Source Income.

Lenders do not normally need a comfort letter from a CPA unless there is some difficulty in qualifying the borrower using conventional information sources. The Sioux! This is usually the case in “stated income” loans, which qualify the borrower using the income the borrower states on the application form. Application Letters! This is not necessarily income the borrower can document. This type of were loan is designed for prospective borrowers who have the ability to make loan payments but do not meet traditional underwriting standards, which generally require borrowers to present W-2s or tax returns for the prior two years. Chagall Research Paper! Self-employed borrowers or those in professions with cyclical income may have difficulty meeting these traditional requirements. Others may want to use the stated income loan process so they can claim a recent salary increase that is not yet reflected on W-2s or tax forms. On a stated income loan, lenders agree not to attempt to verify the borrower’s stated income, but they will try to verify its source. How Warlike! They also use reasonableness tests in comparing the your month, borrower’s income from the stated profession with industry income averages. Applicants may be truthful about the total income amount because it can be verified by looking at income tax forms, but they may sometimes embellish the how warlike were essay, income source to make the esl writing, loan more likely to be approved.

Lenders take on a higher risk in approving stated interest loans and usually charge a higher interest rate. Were! In the process of reviewing the application and approving the brighton rock essay, loan, they might ask for a comfort letter from the borrower’s CPA. Most lenders will simply ask the CPA to write a letter indicating that the prospective borrower is self-employed or is were, employed in a certain profession. Others may attempt to shift the burden of responsibility for due diligence onto the borrower’s CPA and esl writing classification, provide a script of were the sioux essay what they want the letter to say (see Exhibit 1, below). This letter provides third-party verification of details in the application and could transfer some of the marc research paper, potential liability to the CPA in the event of default on the loan; it is not recommended that CPAs sign such a letter. Cautions for CPAs. There are a few issues with this type of letter that should concern CPAs. First, the proposed letter asks the CPA to attest, when the CPA has not specifically been engaged for that purpose.

The report would be issued to how warlike were, a third party that has not contracted with the preparer for that specific purpose. According to Auditing Standards Board Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements no. 10, Attest Engagements , an attestation engagement is called for if the client wants a written report providing assurance about a specific subject. Of course, performing an attestation engagement is not prohibited in thesis cognitive, the case of a lender’s comfort letter request, but CPAs must follow the procedures required in an attestation engagement. The client will likely not want to incur the expense of a formal attestation engagement. It is also important to know what is were the sioux, not permitted under the resume grade, standards. AT section 9101, Attest Engagements: Attest Engagements Interpretations of Section 101, No. 2 , paragraph 25 states that practitioners should not provide any form of assurance that an how warlike the sioux entity is essays, not insolvent or would not be rendered insolvent upon a proposed condition, or that an entity has the ability to how warlike essay, pay debts as they mature. A lender may want the CPA to make an assurance that the applicant’s withdrawal of the funds for a down payment or other purposes would not put a financial strain on the applicant’s self-employment business.

Any representation to that effect could be construed to be a comment on marc paper, solvency and were essay, would thus be prohibited under the esl writing essays, standards. The types of were the sioux essay services permitted in a CPA attest report include an audit, a review, or a compilation of the applicant’s personal financial statements. The CPA may also report on pro forma financial information or perform an agreed-upon procedures report, as long as those procedures do not provide any assurance on matters of solvency. The important thing to consider is that this type of engagement requires many procedural steps, which take time and brighton, result in significant fees to how warlike were essay, the client. Alternatives to writing your dissertation, Comfort Letters.

If the CPA takes the time to explain to the lender what is involved in presenting a comfort letter similar to the one in Exhibit 1, in light of CPA professional standards and the related cost to the applicant of were the sioux essay issuing any attestation letter, the lender may be convinced to withdraw its request. Another option is to offer to send a copy (with the client’s written authorization) of the chagall research paper, client’s tax forms directly to the lender with a simple cover page stating, “Please find attached the tax forms I prepared for the Client family for the past two years.” Sometimes the mortgage broker does not want the tax forms in the application file because they do not provide enough information, or they provide information that might cause the loan to be rejected. Some brokers can be very insistent on getting a letter from the CPA and how warlike, may even encourage the client to switch to a different CPA who will issue such a letter. Writing! In terms of minimizing risk, it is best to avoid confirming any information to a third party. However, refusing to do so may offend your good client. Exhibit 2, below, is a sample letter that may satisfy the lender’s file requirements. It provides the lender with a CPA letter but basically makes no assurances and should limit the CPA’s liability in the circumstance. The letter merely says that the CPA prepared the tax forms and that the lender should not construe the letter to the sioux, be an jobs audited CPA representation. In most cases, this should suffice. But CPAs should consult with their errors and omissions insurance company about the content of any such letter that they will be using in their practice. CPAs may be tempted to just send off a quick letter to the lender “confirming” that the client is were the sioux, self-employed, or retired, or earning a living from the activities addressed on the tax return.

But they should be careful about this. Do they really know everything that is occurring with that client? Does he or she have other activities on the side that the CPA is letters, not aware of and that conflict with the were the sioux essay, information on the tax forms? When considering all the possibilities, it is wiser to adhere to the comments in Exhibit 2. Dissertation! CPAs are certain about what they put on tax forms. Saying anything else in the letter advances the tax engagement to a new level.

Mortgage brokers may be very demanding about getting CPAs to use the specific language in their recommended letter. They may try to make the CPA the were the sioux essay, “villain” in the loan approval process, especially when the loan is difficult to approve. The most prudent course of action would be for CPAs to limit their response as outlined above, regardless of pressure from lenders or clients. Exhibit 1: Lender’s Preferred Wording for a CPA Comfort Letter. My clients, Mr. and marc, Mrs. Tax Client, have asked me to write you concerning their [loan, adoption, etc.] application with your company. They have asked me to provide you with the following information. I am John Accountant, CPA, State license #12345. How Warlike Essay! I have been preparing the federal and state income tax forms for the Clients for the last two years. The Clients are self-employed in the field of [occupation].

The Clients’ income has exceeded $X for writing in a month, each of the past two years, and were essay, the income from their self-employment business has provided for the needs of the Client family for those two years. The withdrawal of a down payment from the Clients’ business account will not adversely affect the conduct of the business. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions or concerns about this matter. Exhibit 2: Suggested Wording for a CPA Comfort Letter. I am writing to you in response to a written request of my tax clients, Mr. and Mrs. Tax Client.

This letter confirms to you that I prepared the federal tax forms for 200X and 200Y for the Client family. These forms included Schedule C, Profit or Loss From Business . If the Clients authorize me to do so, I can send you a copy of these tax forms so that you can perform your due diligence. If you are making such a request, please send my firm an authorization form signed by the Client authorizing me to release this information to you. I prepared the tax forms from cognitive radio information that was provided to how warlike were the sioux essay, me by letters, the Clients. As is essay, normal in this type of professional service by my office, I was not hired to perform and did not perform audit or other types of verification of the information provided to me. Thus, I cannot make any professional representation or assurance of the accuracy of this information or the essay, sufficiency of the tax form for your credit decision-making purposes. I prepared the Client tax forms in accordance with the applicable IRS rules and regulations solely for filing with the IRS.

The tax forms thus do not represent any assessment on essay, my part as to the creditworthiness of the resume thesis grade, Clients. The tax forms do not include any statement of financial position or income and expense for these years in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), and should not be construed to do so. How Warlike The Sioux Essay! I can provide a GAAP report, but it will require additional time and application, resources to prepare and will result in a significant fee to the Clients. The standards of how warlike the sioux essay my profession prohibit me from making assurances relating to solvency; however, I am permitted to present prospective or pro forma financial information. These, too, would require additional work and marc research paper, fees to the Clients. As you know, a credit-granting decision should be based on a lender’s exercise of due diligence in considering many factors. Your use of this letter from me, and the tax forms, in the exercise of your due diligence is solely a matter of were essay your responsibility and judgment. This letter is classification, not intended to establish a client relationship with you but is a response to a request from how warlike were essay my clients, the thesis cognitive, Clients.

This letter gives you all the information I can provide to you according to my professional standards. The Sioux Essay! If you need additional information relating specifically to the tax forms prepared by me, please let me know. Barton Black , CPA, is a sole practitioner in letters, Allen, Texas. This article was first published in The Tax Adviser , the AICPA’s monthly journal of were essay tax planning, trends and resume grade, techniques. AICPA members can subscribe to The Tax Adviser for a discounted price. Call 800-513-3037 or e-mail for a subscription to the magazine or to become a member of the were the sioux, Tax Section. Get your clients ready for application, tax season.

With the extended 2017 tax filing season drawing to a close, now is the time to get your practice and your clients ready for the 2018 season. Pronoun practice to help polish your prose. Using pronouns correctly in were essay, writing and resume, speech can help you make a good impression. Try our 10-question quiz. Get Journal of Accountancy news alerts. Be the first to know when the JofA publishes breaking news about tax, financial reporting, auditing, or other topics. Select to receive all alerts or just ones for the topic(s) that interest you most. How to add the JofA to your Apple News app. This quick guide walks you through the process of adding the Journal of Accountancy as a favorite news source in the News app from Apple.

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